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Windows Server containers are landing to GKE,  new Certification, Config Connector, and more interesting articles and releases.



Google Kubernetes Engine Official Blog Windows

Windows Server applications, welcome to Google Kubernetes Engine - You can now run Windows Server containers on Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE).

Anthos DevOps GCP Certification Official Blog

Announcing new certifications for technical leaders and DevOps engineers - Introducing new resources for Google Cloud customers and partners: Google Cloud Certified Fellow and DevOps certification.

Anthos Official Blog

Expanding our alliance with Cisco in hybrid cloud and the contact center - Anthos 1.2 is now available on Cisco Hyperflex, plus we’re bringing Contact Center AI to our Cisco partnership.

Config Connector Kubernetes Official Blog

Unify Kubernetes and GCP resources for simpler and faster deployments - The new Config Connector lets you manage GCP resources as if they were in Kubernetes.

BigQuery Data Analytics Official Blog

What’s happening in BigQuery: New federated queries, easier ML, and more metadata - An enterprise cloud data warehouse should be flexible and forward-looking. See new federated queries, better ML options and more metadata in BigQuery.

Data Studio

New Enterprise IT Controls for Data Studio - Three free enterprise features providing IT administrators new visibility and control over Data Studio in their organization.

Articles, Tutorials

Infrastructure, Networking, Security, Kubernetes

Official Blog

Identifying and tracking toil using SRE principles - Identifying and tracking toil can help teams become more efficient and automated. See how Google SRE principles apply to toil.

Cloud Armor Google Kubernetes Engine Istio Security

How-To DDOS protection with Google Cloud Armor for GCP GKE Managed Istio Add-on Service - Setting Cloud Armor on Google Kubernetes Engine for DDOS protection.

AI Platform Notebooks Cloud Identity Aware Proxy Security

Moving to the BeyondCorp Model With Cloud IAP and IAP Connector - Securing applications using Identity Aware Proxy.

App Development, Serverless, Databases, DevOps

Firebase Official Blog

How the Google Doodle team used the Realtime Database to build a multiplayer game - Using Firebase Realtime database to create Doodle game.

DevOps Secret Manager

GCP Secret Manager - First Look - A first look at the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Secret Manager currently in Beta.

Knative Kubernetes Serverless

Knative v0.12.0 update - Changes related to the new Knative 0.12 release.

Cloud Functions Go

Structuring Go code for Google Cloud Functions: Root-level references - Discussion about Google Cloud Functions constraints on code structure to make sure that the source can be compiled successfully.

Cloud Functions Go

Structuring Go code for Google Cloud Functions: The builder pattern - Rather than writing HTTP handlers directly we’re going to write builder functions that return HTTP handlers.

App Engine CI Cloud SQL Gitlab Java

Using Gitlab CI/CD to deploy a Spring Boot application in Google Cloud - Setting up Gitlab CI/CD to deploy Java application to App Engine.

Big Data, Analytics, ML&AI

Cloud Pub/Sub Data Analytics Official Blog

Exploring an Apache Kafka to Pub/Sub migration: Major considerations - Yes, it’s possible to migrate from Apache Kakfa to Google Cloud Pub/Sub.

Apache Beam Cloud Dataflow Scala

Streaming pipelines with Scala and Kafka on Google Cloud Platform - Starting with streaming pipelines in Scala for Apache Beam on Cloud Dataflow.

BigQuery Data Analytics Official Blog

10 top tips: Unleash your BigQuery superpowers - The BigQuery data warehouse offers a lot of analytics superpowers. Check out how you can take advantage of teleportation, time travel, and super speed.

Big Data BigQuery Data Loss Prevention API Data Studio

BigQuery, PII and DLP: The Perfect Match - Analyzing PII data in BigQuery with Data Loss Prevention and viewing results in Data Studio.


Snowflake or BigQuery — which one is better ? - Comparison of BigQuery and Snowflake features.

BigQuery GIS

OpenStreetMap BigQuery Public Dataset - The OpenStreetMap planet-wide dataset loaded to BigQuery.

BigQuery GIS

BigQuery Geography Clustering - Example of using clustering with geo data in BigQuery.

AI Platform Machine Learning Python

Pipelines for production ML systems - You’ll see how to train a model using open-source components, deploy a model for serving, and create a pipeline for this workflow.


GCP Certification

Strengthen your resume with Qwikquest for Certifications! - Qwik series of lab sessions where experts cover topics which are useful for preparing for the Google Cloud Certifications.

Slides, Videos, Audio

Kubernetes Podcast - #88 VMs, Edge, and Platform9, with Madhura Maskasky



Access Approval - The v1 endpoint is available and functionally equivalent to v1beta1. AccessApprovalSettings now includes the configuration of enrollment at the project, folder or organization level. DeleteAccessApprovalSettings api has been added.

Anthos - Anthos 1.2.1 is now available. GKE On-Prem release notes.

Cloud Build - The Build history page and Build details page in the Google Cloud Platform Console are updated.

Data Catalog - Data Catalog users, when creating a tag template, can now specify an attribute as required (Beta release).

Dataproc - Announcing the General Availability (GA) release of Dataproc Scheduled Deletion.

Dialogflow - Beta launch of mega agents to combine multiple sub-agents agents into a single mega agent.

Cloud Functions - Cloud Functions has added the network settings feature at the Beta release level. Cloud Functions now supports VPC Service Controls at the Beta release level. Cloud Functions is now available in the following region: europe-west3 (Frankfurt) See Cloud Functions Locations for details.

GKE on Prem - GKE on-prem version 1.2.1-gke.4 is now available. This patch version includes the following changes: Adds searchdomainsfordns field to static IPs host configuration file. Adds a preflight check that validates an NTP server is available. gkectl check-config now automatically uploads GKE on-prem's node OS image to vSphere. Adds a --cleanup flag for gkectl check-config. Fixes a known issue from 1.2.0-gke.6 that prevented gkectl check-config from performing all of its validations against clusters in nested resource pools or the default resource pool. Fixes an issue that caused F5 BIG-IP VIP validation to fail due to timing out. Fixes an issue that caused cluster upgrades to overwrite changes to add-on configurations. Affected versions: 1.2.0-gke.6 In some cases, certain nodes in a user cluster fail to get routing updates from the route reflector.

Google Kubernetes Engine - GKE cluster versions have been updated as detailed in the following sections. Masters and nodes with auto-upgrade enabled will be upgraded: Rollouts are phased across multiple weeks, to ensure cluster and fleet stability. The following Kubernetes versions are now available for new clusters and for opt-in master upgrades and node upgrades for existing clusters. No channelv.1.13.x There are no new 1.13 versions this week. The following version is no longer available for new clusters or upgrades. 1.14.7-gke.40. Config Conector is now generally available. Config Sync is now generally available. GKE Sandbox is now generally available. The ability to create clusters with node pools running Microsoft Windows Server is now in Beta.

Google Kubernetes Engine Rapid - 1.16.4-gke.25 is now available in the Rapid release channel. The ability to create clusters with node pools running Microsoft Windows Server is now in Beta.

Load Balancing - Network Load Balancing monitoring is now available in General Availability.

Marketplace Partners - If you sell Managed Services on Google Cloud Marketplace, you can now monitor your solution's analytics and track your marketing campaigns on the Solution Analytics page.

AI Platform - AI Platform Prediction documentation has been reorganized. AI Platform Training documentation has been reorganized. AI Platform Training runtime version 1.15 now supports training with TPUs using TensorFlow 1.15.

Stackdriver Monitoring - Stackdriver Monitoring agent version 6.0.0 is now available for the SUSE and SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES) Linux distributions.

AutoML Natural Language - AutoML Natural Language now supports entity analysis in over 100 languages.

Resource Manager - VPC Service Controls (VPC SC) helps you to set up a secure perimeter to guard against data exfiltration.

Cloud Run - Cloud Run is now available in the following regions: asia-east1 (Taiwan) europe-north1 (Finland) europe-west4 (Netherlands) us-east4 (Northern Virginia) us-west1 (Oregon).

Cloud SQL - PostgreSQL version 10 is now generally available.

VPC Service Controls - Beta stage support for the following integration: Cloud Functions.

Network Intelligence Center - The Network Management API for Connectivity Tests is in Beta.

Apache Beam 2.18.0 Release


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