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Official Blog Secret Manager Security

Introducing Google Cloud’s Secret Manager - Secret Manager is a new GCP product that securely and conveniently stores API keys, passwords, certificates, and other sensitive data.

Data Analytics Official Blog

New GA Dataproc features extend data science and ML capabilities - Data scientists can now use features like autoscaling, notebooks, logging and monitoring, and attaching GPUs to clusters in cloud Dataproc.

Official Blog

Cheaper Cloud AI deployments with NVIDIA T4 GPU price cut - A significant price reduction for NVIDIA T4 GPUs makes ML inference workloads more affordable.

Anthos Business Official Blog

4 ways Anthos delivers ROI to customers, according to new Forrester Consulting Study - Anthos delivers up to 4.8X ROI, Forrester Research found.

Articles, Tutorials

Infrastructure, Networking, Security, Kubernetes

Google Kubernetes Engine Networking Security

How-To: Kubernetes Cluster Network Security - A brief overview of Pod network security on Google Kubernetes Engine.

DevOps Monitoring Stackdriver

SLOs with Stackdriver Service Monitoring - Using Stackdriver monitoring API for Service Level Objectives.

Secret Manager Security

Let Google do Secret Management - A brief overview of Secret Manager

App Development, Serverless, Databases, DevOps

Istio Knative Kubernetes

Knative and Cloud Run, portability in action - Istio and Knative come with the promise of portability and serverless. Is it true? Let’s go to validate this on GCP and AWS.

CI Cloud Build Cloud Run Cloud Source Repositories Serverless Terraform

Deploy a Serverless CI/CD Pipeline on GCP using Cloud Run, Cloud Build & Terraform - Deploying CI/CD pipeline with Terraform on Google Cloud.

App Engine Cloud Identity Aware Proxy Security

GAE, XHR, CORS, and IAP - Configuring web app on App Engine to use Identity Aware Proxy for Ajax requests.

Cloud Functions Go NodeJS Python Secret Manager Serverless

“Init” Cloud Functions - Code samples for initializing Cloud Functions with data from Secret Manager.

CI Cloud Functions Tutorial

How To Deploy Google Cloud Functions from CircleCI - Step by step tutorial to set up Cloud Functions deployment with CircleCI.

Cloud Run R

Introducing googleCloudRunner - serverless R on Google Cloud Platform - As easy as possible R scripts in the cloud, via Cloud Run, Cloud Build and Cloud Scheduler. Continuous Development and Integration tools on Google Cloud Platform.

Big Data, Analytics, ML&AI

BigQuery Cloud Pub/Sub

How to replay time series data from Google BigQuery to Pub/Sub - This is a tutorial article explaining how to replay time-series data from a BigQuery table into a Pub/Sub topic.

BigQuery GIS

A Continent On Fire - Visualizing wildfires with BigQuery Geo Viz.

Apache Beam BigQuery Data Science

Fastai batch prediction on a BigQuery table - From this article, you will get to know how to perform a batch prediction on a BigQuery table using a fastai model.

BigQuery Data Science Data Studio

Interactive: The top 2019 Wikipedia pages - Going deeper into Wikipedia most popular pages for 2019 with BigQuery and Data Studio.


Where inventions happen: Geo-locating global intellectual property - Getting to know where on the glob the inventions happen based on patents public data set.

BigQuery Data Science

Inequality: How to draw a Lorenz curve with SQL, BigQuery, and Data Studio - Analyzing the popularity of Wikipedia pages based on public data set.

API Cloud Run Docker Machine Learning TensorFlow

TensorFlow serving warmup file - Solving a warm-up issue when deploying a model for Google Cloud Run using the TensorFlow serving container.


AWS GCP Experience Machine Learning

Why we built our ML platform on AWS — and why that may have been a mistake - TLDR; Google Cloud offered more attractive offerings for Machine Learning than AWS.


Activision Blizzard And Google Enter Into Multi-Year Strategic Relationship To Power New Player Experiences - Google Cloud will serve as the preferred provider for Activision Blizzard's game hosting infrastructure.

Slides, Videos, Audio

Kubernetes Podcast - #87 Multitenancy at Cruise, with Karl Isenberg



BigQuery - BigQuery is now available in the Seoul (asia-northeast3) region. The BigQuery Storage API is now available in all BigQuery regional and multi-regional locations.

BigQuery ML - BigQuery ML is now available in the Seoul (asia-northeast3) region.

BigTable - Cloud Bigtable is now available in the asia-northeast3 (Seoul) region.

Data Catalog - IAM policies are no longer available for individual entries, but still are available for tag templates and entry groups.

Cloud Dataflow - Cloud Dataflow is now able to use workers in zones in the asia-northeast3 region (Seoul).

Dataproc - Dataproc is now available in the asia-northeast3 region (Seoul).

Cloud Filestore - Cloud Filestore is now available in the Seoul (asia-northeast-3) region.

KMS - Cloud KMS resources can now be created in the asia-northeast3 region.

Google Kubernetes Engine Rapid - 1.16.4-gke.22 is now available in the Rapid release channel.

Google Kubernetes Engine Regular - 1.14.8-gke.33 is now available in the Regular release channel.

Google Kubernetes Engine Stable - v1.13.11-gke.23 is the default for new Stable channel clusters.

Cloud Memorystore - Added new Cloud Memorystore for Redis region: Seoul (asia-northeast3).

AI Platform - Creating an AI Platform Prediction custom prediction routine that uses runtime version 1.15 and Python 3.7 might fail due to a problem with a dependency. AI Explanations no longer supports AI Platform Prediction runtime version 1.13.

Recommender - Recommender API is now generally available.

Cloud Run - You can now allocate 2 vCPUs to for Cloud Run (fully managed) services.

Cloud Spanner - Cloud Spanner regional instances can now be created in Seoul (asia-northeast3).

Cloud SQL Postgres - Support for asia-northeast3 region (Seoul).

Cloud SQL Server - Support for asia-northeast3 region (Seoul).

Cloud Storage - Seoul region (asia-northeast3) launched.

Virtual Private Cloud - For auto mode VPC networks, added a new subnet for the Seoul asia-northeast3 region.

Cloud VPN - Cloud VPN is now available in region asia-northeast3 (Seoul).


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