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Cloud Run is Generally Available, the introduction of Batch solution to run batch jobs on GKE, Network Intelligence Center and many interesting news and articles.



Cloud Run Official Blog Serverless

Cloud Run, a managed Knative service, is GA - Cloud Run, based on Knative, is available on GCP and for Anthos.

Official Blog

Deliver an exceptional customer experience with Contact Center AI, now GA - Contact Center AI is generally available, with updates and enhancements to the technology that underpins it.

Google Kubernetes Engine HPC Official Blog

Introducing Batch on GKE—modernizing HPC with Kubernetes in the cloud - Batch onGKE lets you run batch workloads on Google Kubernetes Engine

Networking Official Blog

Announcing Network Intelligence Center—towards proactive network operations - Introducing Network Intelligence Center, network operations tooling for your Google Cloud environment

Data Analytics Official Blog

Leave manual cluster resizing behind with Cloud Dataproc’s autoscaling - New autoscaling capabilities help cluster admins right-size their clusters for data analytics projects and deal with traffic spikes.

API Apigee Official Blog

Advanced API Ops: Bringing the power of AI and ML to API operations - The new Apigee Advanced API Ops use AI and ML to monitor the security and performance of your APIs.

Infrastructure Official Blog

Curie subsea cable set to transmit to Chile, with a pit stop to Panama - Google’s Curie private subsea cable is ready for service between the U.S. and Chile, with a branch to Panama

Official Blog

Honoring—and learning from—Google Cloud veterans - Many Googlers, including those working in Google Cloud, started their careers by serving in the military. Here are some of their stories.

Articles, Tutorials

Infrastructure, Networking, Security, Kubernetes

Official Blog

Monitor cloud costs and create budgets at scale - You can monitor cloud costs and create budgets, including alerts, with Google Cloud’s Budget API, now available in beta.

DevOps Official Blog

4 steps to a successful cloud migration - A white paper to help guide your migration to Google Cloud.


SRE Best Practices, For People in a Hurry - 20 simple rules for building a Google-Grade Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) practice.


Hot Disaster recovery on Google Cloud for applications running on-premises - The article goes through process of creating a Hot Disaster recovery on GCP for on-premise applications.

DevOps Security

5 “pillars” for securing a cloud environment of agile working teams, without centralized IT - The article discusses issues in handling security complexities within an organization with various autonomous working teams.


Security Bulletin - Web page contains various security vulnerabilities and how GCP products are affected by them.

Container Registry Security

Best practices for containers - This page provides information about best practices for building and securing container images.


Getting started with Terraform and Google Cloud Platform - Series on Getting Started with Terraform and GCP.

Data Science Kubernetes Machine Learning

MiniKF is now available on the GCP Marketplace - MiniKF is the fastest and easiest way to get started with Kubeflow. With just a few clicks, you are ready for experimentation, and for running complete Kubeflow Pipelines.

App Development, Serverless, Databases, DevOps


Go Functions Framework - Learn about the open-source Go Functions Framework that enables you to develop Go Google Cloud Functions on your computer.

App Engine CI

CI/CD: Automate the deployment from Gitlab CI to Google App Engine. - Everyone wants magic to happen just like that :D but it’s not as simple as that. Let’s make the magic of automated deployment.

Cloud Run Serverless

Google promises to be good with Knative as it releases Cloud Run serverless containers - A look at Cloud Run's perspective.

Cloud Run Serverless

Three Reasons Why Google Cloud Run is Different - Thoughts on the advantages of Cloud Run.

Big Data, Analytics, ML&AI

AI Machine Learning Official Blog Security

Exploring the machine learning models behind Cloud IAM Recommender - Learn about the machine learning techniques that power Cloud IAM’s recommendations.

Big Data BigQuery Data Science GCP Experience

Batch Processing Pipelines for Better Data Analysis - An overview of how Gojek is using batch processing to generate useful insights from our data warehouse.

App Engine BigQuery Data Science Python

Python / Pandas & BigQuery in 7 minutes - Using BigQuery in Django app.

Big Data BigQuery Data Science

BigQuery workflow from the Jupyter notebook - In this article, you will get to know how to create and schedule the BigQuery workflow using the Jupyter Lab and the Cloud Composer.

Data Catalog Data Science

Boosting the Data Governance journey with Google Cloud Data Catalog - Thoughts on data discovery and metadata management in Google Cloud.


Google Maps Platform Official Blog

Shifting gears: How the cloud drives digital transformation in the automotive industry - Megatrends in the automotive industry like autonomous driving and ridesharing are driving digital transformation. Here how Google Cloud is helping.

Official Blog

Our partnership with Ascension

GCP Certification

Pluralsight’s Content Partnership with Google Cloud - You can find at this moment 41 courses from Google Cloud on Pluralsight learning platform.

GCP Certification

My Journey to Google Certified Professional Cloud Architect - Passing the Cloud Architect exam with no prior GCP experience.

GCP Certification Security

Google Cloud Security Engineer Exam - Topics to study when preparing for security certification.

Slides, Videos, Audio

GCP Podcast - #203 Cloud Run GKE with Donna Malayeri

Kubernetes Podcast - #79 Cloud Native Rejekts, with Chris Kühl



Asset Inventory - Export to BigQuery GA The ability to export asset metadata to BigQuery is now generally available.

AutoML Tables - Support for up to 500 distinct values for Categorical target column. The AutoML Tables Python client library now includes additional methods that simplify using the AutoML API for common AutoML Tables tasks.

BigQuery - Support for omitting column names in INSERT and MERGE statements is now Generally Available (GA).

Cloud Billing - Cloud Billing data export to BigQuery now reports all service usage at an hourly granularity. The Cloud Billing Budget API is now available in Beta.

Cloud Dataproc - Cloud Dataproc Component Gateway is broken for new clusters using the latest images ever since completion of the 20191105-1 rollout (completion on Nov 15th Friday).

Dialogflow - We are extending the V1 API shutdown deadline to March 31st, 2020.

Cloud Functions - Cloud Functions now supports Cloud IAM policies to control access to HTTP functions at the General Availability release level.

Kubernetes Engine - After November 11, 2019, new clusters and node pools created with gcloud have node auto-upgrade enabled by default.

GCP Marketplace - Private Pricing is now Generally Available (GA).

Stackdriver - The Service Monitoring API is now in Beta release.

Cloud Run - Cloud Run for Anthos on GCP is now Generally Available (GA).

Cloud Run - Cloud Run (fully managed) is now Generally Available (GA).

Cloud Security Command Center - Cloud SCC now supports full JSON with arrays and JSON objects as potential property types.

Cloud Storage - JSON API requests should now be made through the storage.googleapis.com endpoint. New display for bucket lists in the GCP Console.

Cloud AutoML Vision - GA pricing published The new pricing for Image Classification is effective the day after GA release later this year. Old prediction service live through February 20, 2020 with beta pricing We’ve migrated your datasets to the GA (Integrated) UI.

Virtual Private Cloud - For VPC Network Peering, importing and exporting custom routes are now General Available. Packet MIrroring is now available in Beta.


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