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Anthos Official Blog

Anthos simplifies application modernization with managed service mesh and serverless for your hybrid cloud - The latest Anthos release includes Anthos Service Mesh, expanded support for Cloud Run and new security capabilities.

Google Kubernetes Engine Kubernetes Networking Official Blog

Container-native load balancing on GKE now generally available - Container native load balancing is a feature that allows you to create services using network endpoint groups (NEGs) so that requests to your service get load balanced directly to the containers serving the requests, now Generally Available on GKE.

Compute Engine Official Blog Windows

Virtual display devices for Compute Engine now GA - You can now display Google Cloud VM instances to a VGA port with Compute Engine’s new virtual display device feature.

CI Cloud Build Official Blog

Cloud Build named a Leader for Continuous Integration in the Forrester Wave - Cloud Build from Google was named the leader in the Forrester Wave: Cloud-Native Continuous Integration Tools, Q3 2019 report

Articles, Tutorials

Infrastructure, Networking, Security, Kubernetes

Cloud Security Command Center Official Blog

3 steps to detect and remediate security anomalies with Cloud Anomaly Detection - Cloud Anomaly Detection is a built-in feature to Cloud Security Command Center (Cloud SCC) that lets you discover and fix potential security issues before bad things happen.

Official Blog Security

Protecting your GCP infrastructure at scale with Forseti Config Validator

Compute Engine Security

Google Cloud Firewall Rules Logging: How and why you should use it - The article goes through the basics of Firewall Rule Logging, looking at an example of how to use it to identify mislabeled VMs and refine firewall rules with minimal traffic interruption.

Anthos Official Blog

A CIO’s guide to cloud success: decouple to shift your business into high gear - Decoupling monolithic applications into a microservices architecture can help organizations realize the promise of cloud computing.

Cloud Deployment Manager Kubernetes Python

GCP Goodies Part 1 — Google Deployment Manager Basics - When setting up cloud infrastructure consisting of more than a single server and a database the Infrastructure as Code (IaC) solutions are very important. Here is a toolset from Google to help.

Cloud Deployment Manager Kubernetes

GCP Goodies Part 2— Google Deployment Manager with Kubernetes Type Provider - Using Google Deployment Manager to manage Kubernetes resources as an alternative to Helm.

Cloud Deployment Manager Kubernetes

GCP Goodies Part 3— Google Deployment Manager — Type Providers with Custom API - Google provides Kubernetes API and you don’t need to worry about it much, but what if you want to use your own API server for provisioning tasks outside the GCP resources? Here’s a solution.

Google Kubernetes Engine Kubernetes

Kubernetes Cluster Autoscaler: More than scaling out - Things to look out when setting Cluster autoscaling in Kubernetes cluster.


What’s Going on with GKE and Anthos? - A look at where Google Cloud could be heading with Anthos.

Anthos Kubernetes

Getting started with using Anthos for application management - Common patterns for service management and templated application configuration for Anthos.

App Development, Serverless, Databases, DevOps

Compute Engine Docker Official Blog

How to deploy a Windows container on Google Compute Engine - Learn how to deploy an app to a Windows container on Windows Server 2019 on Google Cloud Compute Engine.

Cloud Functions Firebase Security

Patterns for security with Firebase: offload client work to Cloud Functions - Boosting the security of Firebase client app by pushing more of its functionality to a Cloud Functions backend.

Cloud Pub/Sub Go

Handling Asynchronous Errors on GCP with go-cloud and Pub/Sub - The article demonstrates how to handle failed async messages.

Cloud Functions

How to establish a VPN connection from your Cloud Functions to your On-premise network on GCP - Step by step tutorial about configuring VPN connection from on-premise network to Cloud Functions.

CI Compute Engine

Jenkins on Google Compute Engine - Integration of Jenkins with Google Compute Engine with Ubuntu so that Jenkins is always available for automation.

Tell me more Internet of Things — Part 6— Google Cloud — User input & push subscription - Another article in a series about IoT application on Google Cloud, this time how to push notifications to the users.

Big Data, Analytics, ML&AI

Data Analytics Official Blog

Moving a publishing workflow to BigQuery for new data insights - Using BigQuery from Google Cloud can help streamline an internal process, like web publishing, to get better data insights faster.

AI Cloud AutoML Machine Learning Official Blog

Building a document understanding pipeline with Google Cloud - Create an end-to-end pipeline with Google’s Document AI Solution, including sample code and detailed instructions.

Cloud Dataflow Cloud KMS Security

Using Google Cloud Key Management Service with Dataflow Templates - Using Google Cloud KMS to store sensitive data and use it Cloud Dataflow templates, since otherwise, they are visible in Dataflow UI.


How to improve the performance of BigQuery queries by optimizing the schema of your tables - Three tips to improve BigQuery performance at the storage level: Nested fields, Geography types, and Clustering.


NEXRAD L3 real-time and archive data - BigQuery open data set: NEXRAD Level 3 products are used to remotely detect atmospheric features, such as precipitation, precipitation-type, storms, turbulence and wind, for operational forecasting and data research analysis.

BigQuery Data Analytics

Using MySQL as a Cache Layer for BigQuery - Using MySQL as a cahing layer BigQuery in Cube.js, open-source analytics framework.

Big Data BigQuery Teradata

Teradata to Google BigQuery Migration. Converting the code - This article provides instructions on how to extract the schema of tables, views and SQL Queries from Teradata and convert it into BigQuery.

BigQuery Machine Learning Python TensorFlow

ML Design Pattern #1: Transform - Illustration of Transform design pattern using BigQuery ML & SQL.

BigQuery Machine Learning

Predict propaganda twitter accounts using Machine learning on Google Cloud BigQuery - Using BigQuery ML to create a model based on Twitter data to detect whether message is posted by a bot.

Machine Learning TensorFlow

Down to Earth with AI Platform - You can now connect Earth Engine directly to your TensorFlow models on AI Platform, enabling training and inference at scale, with deep learning models powered by Google Earth Engine data.

Slides, Videos, Audio

GCP Podcast - #195 Conversational AI Best Practices with Cathy Pearl and Jessica Dene Earley-Cha

Kubernetes Podcast - #71 containerd, with Derek McGowan



Cloud Bigtable - The PHP client library for Cloud Bigtable is now generally available.

Dialogflow - Beta launch of Agent Validation to check your agent for quality and correctness. You can now use System entity extension to extend system entities with custom values.

Cloud Composer - Cloud Composer is now available in Zurich (europe-west6.).


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