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Official Blog

New homepage and improved collaboration features for AI Hub - New AI Hub features to make collaboration for data science and ML teams even easier, and let GCP users to build on each other’s work.

Articles, Tutorials

Infrastructure, Networking, Security, Kubernetes

AWS Networking Terraform

Connect GCP and AWS with Cloud VPN HA - How to use Cloud VPN in HA to connect AWS and GCP with a 99,99% SLA coverage.

Cloud Endpoints Cloud Functions Cloud Run Security

Authenticating using Google OpenID Connect Tokens - An in-depth article about getting, using and verifying OIDC tokens for Google Cloud products.

App Development, Serverless, Databases, DevOps

Cloud Storage Official Blog Storage

Best practices for Cloud Storage cost optimization - Tips on optimizing Cloud Storage buckets or objects based on performance, retention, and access pattern requirements.

Cloud Firestore Firebase Javascript

Nearby Location Queries with Cloud Firestore - Querying for nearby places with GEO data in Firestore.

Cloud Functions

Reactive Event-Driven Systems and Recommended Practices - This article discusses how to build reactive event-driven systems and their recommended practices.

Docker Monitoring

Centralized logging for Docker containers using Elasticsearch, fluentd,and Kibana (EFK) on GCP - Centralized logging is with ElasticSearch as an alternative to Stackdriver logging.

App Engine

A domain is already mapped to another application Mapping Custom Domains Issues - Overriding custom domain in App Engine webapp which is mapped in another project.

Knative Kubernetes Serverless

Build serverless application on top of Kubernetes - Presentation slides and comments about Knative as serverless solution on top of Kubernetes.

Big Data, Analytics, ML&AI

BigQuery Cloud Dataprep Data Analytics Data Studio

Understanding Self-Service Analytics on BigQuery with Cloud Dataprep - Using Google Cloud products for analytics.

BigQuery Cloud Dataprep Data Studio

Self-Service Analytics on BigQuery live in 30 min, stopwatch in hand! - How to leverage BigQuery, Cloud DataPrep, and Data Studio to turn raw data into beautiful reports.

Beginner Big Data BigQuery

The Caveat of Loading Data to Partitioned Table on BigQuery - Table Partitioning and Why

Beginner BigQuery

BigQuery Drop or Change Column - Dropping columns in BigQuery table with DDL statements.

Cloud Dataflow Cloud Functions Cloud Scheduler Python

Serverless architecture to deploy and run google dataflow pipelines - Using Cloud Scheduler, Cloud Functions to run Dataflow jobs.

Cloud Run Machine Learning Serverless TensorFlow

Portable prediction with Tensorflow and Cloud Run - Deploying Tensorflow model on Cloud Run to make predictions.

BigQuery GCP Experience

Using The Cloud To Explore The Linguistic Patterns Of Half A Trillion Words Of News Homepage Hyperlinks - Analyzing text data with BigQuery.


Google Cloud Platform

One Year in Cloud Developer Relations - Sharing experience of being DevRel for Google Cloud

Cloud AutoML GCP Experience Official Blog

How Moorfields is using AutoML to enable clinicians to develop machine learning solutions - Using Google Cloud AutoML, clinicians without prior experience in coding or deep learning at Moorfields Eye Hospital were able to develop ML models to accurately detect common diseases from medical images.


Is Google Cloud eyeing up Nutanix? - Nutanix is a cloud computing software company that sells what it calls hyper-converged infrastructure appliances and software-defined storage.


Google Is Turning to SAP Veterans in the Cloud Computing Race

Slides, Videos, Audio

GCP Podcast - #193 Devoted Health and Data Science with Chris Albon

Kubernetes Podcast - #69 kind, with Ben Elder



Cloud Pub/Sub - Custom-managed encryption keys (CMEK) are available at the General Availability release level.

Cloud Bigtable - The Python client library for Cloud Bigtable is now generally available. Detailed descriptions and examples of write requests are now available in the Cloud Bigtable documentation.

Cloud Dataproc - New sub-minor versions of Cloud Dataproc images: 1.1.120-debian9, 1.2.83-debian9, 1.3.43-debian9, 1.4.14-debian9, 1.3.43-ubuntu18, 1.4.14-ubuntu18.


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