Welcome to issue #150 August 12th, 2019

With the 150th issue of GCP Weekly, AMD processors are coming to Google Cloud.



Compute Engine Official Blog

AMD EPYC processors come to Google—and to Google Cloud - Google is using the new 2nd Gen AMD EPYC processor for its own workloads, and will offer VMs based on the chip to Google Cloud customers.

Networking Official Blog

Cloud IAP enables context-aware access to VMs via SSH and RDP without bastion hosts - Cloud Identity-Aware Proxy’s TCP forwarding feature now allows secure SSH and RDP access to VMs without bastion hosts or VPN. It is now generally available.

Compute Engine Google Kubernetes Engine Official Blog Security

Web application vulnerability scans for GKE and Compute Engine are generally available - Cloud Security Scanner helps you find vulnerabilities in your web applications running on Google Cloud.

Articles, Tutorials

Infrastructure, Networking, Security, Kubernetes

Networking Official Blog

Google Cloud networking in-depth: Series digest - A guide to Google Cloud networking features to help you connect, scale, secure, optimize and modernize your infrastructure.

API Apigee Official Blog

How secure are your APIs? Apigee API security reporting can help - A new API security reporting for Apigee API management platform protects APIs, helps you meet compliance regulations, and troubleshoot security incidents.

Infrastructure Kubernetes Networking Terraform

Creating reusable infrastructure with Terraform on GCP - This blog post deals with the infrastructure of an entire project to be built on the Google Cloud Platform with Terraform and creating the necessary infrastructure for serving in Kubernetes.

Cloud Deployment Manager Google Kubernetes Engine

Regional GKE Clusters with Google Cloud Deployment Manager - Using Cloud Deployment Manager to create and manage a Regional GKE Cluster.

Kubernetes Spinnaker

Spinnaker on GCP with GKE - Setting Spinnaker and creating a build process.

App Development, Serverless, Databases, DevOps

Beginner Cloud Vision API Java Tutorial

Getting Started with Google Cloud Vision API with java - Step by step tutorial to starting using Cloud Vision API in Java.


Configure External Listener For Always On Availability Groups in GCP - Managing SQL servers in GCP.


How to authorize an user after authenticate with Firebase - A brief overview of authentication and authorization on Firebase.

Compute Engine IAM

How to share/access GCP project and it’s VM Instances between Google Cloud Platform - Using Identity and Access Control Management in GCP — Share the GCP old account to the new GCP account to copy/move the Google Compute Engine instances.

Big Data, Analytics, ML&AI

Big Data BigQuery Data Analytics Official Blog

Migrating Teradata and other data warehouses to BigQuery - Migration framework and architecture when moving data warehouse, like Teradata, to Google Cloud BigQuery.

BigQuery Cloud Functions Data Analytics Official Blog

Streaming data from Cloud Storage into BigQuery using Cloud Functions - See how to move stored data easily into BigQuery from Google Cloud Storage using Cloud Functions to build a pipeline.


Taking BigQuery HLL to the extreme - How Permutive has optimised it’s analytics workloads using Google BigQuery, HyperLogLog and the inclusion-exclusion principle


An Adventure with my twitter feed using BigQuery - Loading and analysing Twitter data in BigQuery.

BigQuery Data Studio Machine Learning

BigQuery and Data Studio for Model Monitoring - Monitoring machine learning model performance with BigQuery and Data Studio.

BigQuery Cloud Vision API

Detecting Traffic congestion using Google Cloud Vision API and Analyzing using BigQuery - Detecting traffic congestion with Cloud Vision API.


Authenticating to BigRQuery on GCP AI Platform Notebooks - When you’re using Jupyter Notebooks with R, authenticating with BigQuery can be tricky. Here’s how to do it.

Cloud AutoML Python

Working with Google Cloud AutoML in Python - Process of extracting images from the video and using that to build machine learning model with AutoML.

Data Science

4 Data Studio tricks - UX and UI tips for Data Studio.


AI Official Blog

The age of Deployed AI is here: See how Google Cloud customers transform their businesses with AI - The emergence of sophisticated tools, best practices, and a rapidly growing community of builders has ushered in the era of Deployed AI. Here’s how customers are putting it to work for them right now.

AWS DevOps

Top 7 things to learn for the GCP Cloud Architect certification exam - In this article I will try to summarise and highlight the most essential things that the Cloud Architect exam will focus on.

Slides, Videos, Audio

GCP Podcast - #189 NetApp with Alim Karim and Dean Hildebrand

Kubernetes Podcast - #65 Attacking and Defending Kubernetes, with Ian Coldwater

Cloud AutoML

Image Classification with Google Cloud AutoML Vision



Stackdriver - Stackdriver Monitoring has two new uptime check features: SSL certificate validation and regex negation content matching.

VPC Service Controls - General availability for the following integrations: Cloud Dataflow.

Cloud Spanner - The Google Cloud Platform Console no longer provides a chart that shows the stacked throughput, by region, for instances with multi-region configurations.


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