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Google Cloud will have new CEO beginning 2019. What will that bring?



Business Google Cloud Platform

Transitioning Google Cloud after three great years - Diane Greene statement regarding leaving role of CEO for Google Cloud.

GPU Official Blog

Google Cloud first to offer NVIDIA Tesla T4 GPUs - Alpha availability for the NVIDIA Tesla T4 GPU which is optimized for machine learning (ML) inference, distributed training of models, and computer graphics.

Official Blog Storage

Introducing Transfer Appliance in the EU for cloud data migration - Transfer Appliance is available in beta in the EU market.

Business Official Blog

Subatomic particles and big data: Google joins CERN openlab - Google has signed an agreement to join CERN openlab.

Articles, Tutorials

Kubernetes Official Blog

Getting started with Kubeflow Pipelines - AI Hub and Kubeflow Pipelines, tools that help you build and share models and ML workflows within your organization and across teams, for integration into different parts of your business.

Google Kubernetes Engine

Host your application on Google Kubernetes Engine - Process of deploying an application to an Infrastructure as a Service for example Google Kubernetes Engine.

Google Kubernetes Engine

Deploying a Stateful Application on Google Cloud Kubernetes Engine - Process of deploying a stateful, Dockerized Node.js app on Google Cloud Kubernetes Engine.

Compute Engine NoSQL

Auto-healing MongoDB replication with Terraform - How to provision MongoDB replica set on GCP compute engine using Terraform that will be capable of self-healing in case of node failure.

Cloud Deployment Manager

Automate Infrastructure as Code with GCP Deployment Manager - How to use GCP Deployment Manager to automate the configuration of all your GCP resources.

Networking Security

Secure Google Cloud Platform Connections and TLS 1.0 - Disabling and mitigating TLS 1.0 authentication to Google Cloud Platform.

Google Cloud Platform Networking

How to create the Google Cloud VPN Tunnel to connect subnetworks - How to connect two networks in your different Google Cloud projects.


How to import a pfSense firewall into Google Cloud Platform - Import a pfSense firewall into Google Cloud Platform.

Cloud Functions Official Blog

Cloud Functions pro tips: Using retries to build reliable serverless systems - Key aspects of building reliable production systems with Cloud Functions: retrying executions.

App Engine

Dynamic AppEngine Configurations using Gradle Part 1 - How to set up these configurations for AppEngine using Gradle.

App Engine

Deploying a Nuxt.js (v2) App to Google App Engine - Deplyoing a Nuxt 2.0 application to Google’s App Engine .

Cloud Scheduler

Task Scheduling made easy by Google Cloud Scheduler — A managed cron service - Cloud Scheduler is an enterprise grade job scheduler that will help you automate your jobs across various Google Services.

CI Cloud Build DevOps Kubernetes

Modern Frontend CI/CD Architecture — The Missing Guide (Part. 1): The CI. - Set up a complete CI/CD using Github, Google Cloud Build and Kubernetes.

Cloud Dataproc Stackdriver

Get more value out of your application logs in Stackdriver - How to get your individual application logs into Stackdriver Logging and tagged separately into their own logger using Google Dataproc 1.2 and google-fluentd.


How to Query Balances for all Ethereum Addresses in BigQuery - Beta availability of transaction traces in GCP's public Ethereum dataset in BigQuery.

Cloud Dataproc Official Blog

New report examines the economic value of Cloud Dataproc’s managed Spark and Hadoop solution - ESG recently published a blog and an Economic Value Validation (EVV) report commissioned by Google, which examines the value delivered by Cloud Dataproc.

Cloud Dataproc Official Blog

Help for slow Hadoop/Spark jobs on Google Cloud: 10 questions to ask about your Hadoop and Spark cluster performance - How to improve your Hadoop and Spark job performance on Google Cloud Platform.


Data pipelines for everyone with CRMint - Automate BigQuery SQL queries with this elegant GCP pipeline application.

Data Loss Prevention API Official Blog

Taking charge of your data: Using Cloud DLP to find and protect PII - How to leverage solutions like the Cloud Data Loss Prevention API to discover, protect, and make use of your sensitive data.


Handling Sensitive Data on the Google Cloud Platform - Guide on handling Sensitive Data on the Google Cloud Platform


How we set up port scanning to secure our cloud data - How to build a port-scanner to run a periodic check for any vulnerabilities and report them to the concerned authorities.

Google Cloud Platform

Writing and Passing the Google Cloud Associate Engineer Certification - Tips and notes for Google Cloud Associate Engineer Certification.


Google Cloud CEO Diane Greene to Leave; Kurian Steps In

Business Google Cloud Platform

5 Ways Diane Greene Transformed Google Cloud Business - Article describes what was done in Google Cloud Platform under Diane's leadership.


Google May Have to Get Used to Third Place in the Cloud - Never ending comparisons between major cloud providers.

AI Business

Let’s talk AI: Customers meet in San Francisco to show how AI is helping their businesses

Slides, Videos, Audio

Google Cloud Platform

GCP Podcast - #155 Confluent and Kafka with Viktor Gamov


Kubernetes Podcast - #29 Workloads API and KubeCon, with Janet Kuo


Google Serverless : Cloud Functions and beyond - Video from Devoxx conference.


Bring serverless to Kubernetes with new open source tools - Video from Devoxx conference


Google Open Source Container Tools: Life of a happy developer in a container world - Video from Devoxx conference.


DevOps in a serverless world best practices and tools


JHipster microservices with Istio service mesh on Kubernetes - JHipster 5 What's new and noteworthy by Deepu K Sasidharan, Julien Dubois


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