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Google Cloud Platform Official Blog

Introducing Private DNS Zones: resolve to keep internal networks concealed - Now, you can use Google Cloud DNS as the authoritative name server to resolve your domains on the Internet through public DNS zones.

Cloud KMS Official Blog

Introducing the Cloud KMS plugin for HashiCorp Vault - Announcement for the Cloud Key Management Service (KMS) secrets engine for HashiCorp Vault.

Cloud Storage Official Blog

Protecting Cloud Storage with WORM, key management and more updates - New capabilities for improving the reliability and performance of data in Cloud Storage.

Google Cloud Platform

Google Cloud Specializations on Coursera Free for 1 month - Coursera is offering 1 month of free access to most of the Google Cloud Specializations on the platform.

Articles, Tutorials

Cloud SDK Official Blog

Scripting with gcloud: a beginner’s guide to automating GCP tasks - Simple scripts that utilize gcloud’s functionality, to create a collection of automated, predefined, easily reusable GCP tasks.


Knative — Extending Kubernetes to Build, Deploy & Manage Applications and Modern Serverless Workloads - This post explores Knative architecture and components.


Creating an Inter-Kubernetes-Cluster services using an Internal LoadBalancer - Building an Inter-Kubernetes-Cluster services.

Google Kubernetes Engine Terraform

“Cloud Recipes”: Use Terraform to create Kubernetes clusters and MemoryStore (Redis) instances on Google Cloud Platform (GCP) - Using Terraform to create Kubernetes clusters and MemoryStore (Redis) instances on Google Cloud Platform.

DevOps Terraform

Terraform in GCloud Shell: Learning Infrastructure Automation Made Simple - Tutorial on how to start with Terraform on Google Cloud Platform.

Compute Engine

Recommendations for IP address failover for high availability on Google Compute Engine - High availability approach for IP address failover on Google Compute Engine.

Kubernetes Stackdriver

Stackdriver Beta Support for Kubernetes - Beta release of Stackdriver Kubernetes Monitoring is an add-on to Kubernetes 1.10.6 or 1.11.2 that provides integrated monitoring and logging support with Stackdriver.


Getting Started on GCP: Billing Accounts - Understand Billing Accounts on Google Cloud Platform.

Cloud Storage

Analyzing Google Cloud Storage Usage - How to analyze Google Cloud Storage Usage.

App Engine Cloud SDK

Serverless Google App Engine Flex Custom Docker Runtime & Cloud SQL Backend with Swift & Vapor Web API - Using Google App Engine Flexible Custom Runtime to build a Swift Vapor Backend Web Framework server using Docker and deploy it live in the Cloud using Google Cloud SDK.

App Engine

Deploy A Backend App As An Android Engineer — Part 2 - Run a Kotlin Ktor app on Google App Engine Standard.

App Engine Go

Build Go Restful API in App Engine - Example of creating and deploying Golang web server on App Engine.

Cloud Functions

Google Cloud Functions Tutorial : Deploying from a Source Repository - How to deploy Cloud Function from a Source Repository.

Cloud Functions

Google Cloud Functions Tutorial : Using Environment variables - Using Environment variables with Google Cloud Functions.

App Engine Compute Engine

Kotlin on Google Cloud Platform - Exploring Google App Engine and Google Compute Engine for deployment of Kotlin app.

BigQuery Cloud Dataflow

How to transfer BigQuery tables between locations with Cloud Dataflow - Article explains process (with code sample) of copying data in BigQuery from one region to another

BigQuery Cloud Dataflow

Analyzing the Game of Baseball on GCP - Series of articles describing baseball data analysis using producs on Google Cloud Platform


Inference On GPUs At Scale With Nvidia TensorRT5 On Google Compute Engine - How to do an in inference at a big scale on GPUs with TensorRT5.

Cloud Datastore Cloud ML

Zombies & Model Rot (with ML Engine + DataStore) - Build Model Rot with ML Engine and DataStore.

Google Cloud Platform Python

Deep Learning with Python and fast.ai, Part 0: Setup GPU Virtual Machine on Google Cloud - Setup a Google Cloud virtual machine for fast.ai 1.0.

Google Cloud Platform

Building a Sentiment Detection Bot with Google Cloud, a Chat Client, and Ruby. - How to create a chat bot that is capable of detecting sentiment, analyzing images, and finally having the basis of a evolving personality.

Cloud Shell

Persistent GCP backdoors with Google’s Cloud Shell - Understand persistent GCP backdoors with Google’s Cloud Shell.

GCP Experience

LiveRamp Is Migrating to Google Cloud Platform - LiveRamp is Migrating Current Platform with 97 petabytes storage to Google Cloud Platform

Slides, Videos, Audio

Google Cloud Platform

GCP Podcast - #152 AI Corporations and Communities in Africa with Karim Beguir & Muthoni Wanyoike


Kubernetes Podcast - #26 Agones, with Cyril Tovena and Mark Mandel


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