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More and more use cases are described for Cloud Functions as well as StackDriver. 



App Engine Go Official Blog

Go 1.11 is now available on App Engine - Beta availability of the Go 1.11 runtime for the App Engine standard environment.

Official Blog Stackdriver

Introducing Stackdriver as a data source for Grafana - Beta release of the Stackdriver data source for Grafana.

Compute Engine Official Blog

Get more control over your Compute Engine resources with new Cloud IAM features - Introduction of two new Cloud IAM features, resource-level IAM and IAM conditions, to help better manage security and access control in Google Compute Engine.

Articles, Tutorials

Networking Official Blog

Cloud NAT: deep dive into our new network address translation service - Advantages of Cloud NAT vs other NAT offerings.

Networking Official Blog Security

Firewall rules logging: a closer look at our new network compliance and security tool - With firewall rule logging, its easy to track every connection that has been allowed or denied in VM instances, in near-real-time.

DevOps Google Kubernetes Engine Official Blog

Enhancing Spinnaker’s Kubernetes support to ease app deployments - Understanding CI/CD for Kubernetes with Spinnaker.

Kubernetes Official Blog

Best practices for building Kubernetes Operators and stateful apps - Best practices for writing your own operator to manage a Kubernetes application.


Why Istio - How to get started with Istio.

Cloud SQL Google Kubernetes Engine

How to setup a Kubernetes Cluster that can connect to SQL on GCP using Private IP’s - Setting up a Kubernetes Cluster that can connect to SQL on GCP using Private IP’s.

Google Kubernetes Engine Kubernetes

Deploy Keycloak to Kubernetes cluster on GCP - How to deploy Keycloak (open source identity and access management solution) to Kubernetes cluster on GCP.

Google Kubernetes Engine IAM

Simplifying Granular Access Control on Kubernetes (GKE) Using IAM and RBAC - Access control of GKE using Cloud Identity & Access Management (IAM) and RBAC.

Cloud IoT Official Blog

Mender and Cloud IoT facilitate robust device update management - Tutorial and reference integration to easily detect issues and the ability to remediate IoT devices with Cloud IoT Core and Mender.

Cloud Functions Official Blog

Serverless from the ground up: Building a simple microservice with Cloud Functions (Part 1) - Easy way to build a custom content management system using Google Cloud Functions.

Cloud Functions Javascript NodeJS Tutorial

Using Puppeteer in Google Cloud Functions - Article goes through setting up Puppeteer (headless Chrome) and using in Cloud Functions.

Cloud Functions Python

Creating Google Cloud Functions Running Python - Comparison of Google Cloud Functions with AWS Lambda on Python example.

Google Cloud Platform Java

How to publish a Spring Boot app (with a database) on the Google Cloud Platform - Publishing a Spring Boot app with a database on the Google Cloud Platform.

Cloud Storage

Using Chrome Dev Tools with Google Cloud - Article goes through steps of setting Cloud Storage for serving static content of a website and investigating results with Chrome Dev tools.

.NET Google Cloud Platform

Adding Social Login to your ASP.NET core 2.1 Google Cloud Platform Application - How to add Social Login to ASP.NET core 2.1 Google Cloud Platform Application.


Mining Your Actions History - Exploring Dialogflow's feature called History.


Application performance management with Stackdriver - Managing application performance with Stackdriver.


Reduce latency with Stackdriver Trace - How to reduce latency with Stackdriver Trace.

GPU Stackdriver

GPU Monitoring Agent For GCP StackDriver - Stack Driver Monitoring Agent that reports average GPU utilization and average memory GPU utilization.

Cloud Build

Yo dawg, I heard you like builders, so I put a builder in your builder so you can build your build - Using Cloud Build, you can create a docker image and then use that image as a custom step in the same build.

App Engine CI

Continuous Integration with Google Application Engine and Travis - Tips for continuous Integration with Google Application Engine and Travis.

App Engine DevOps

Full CI/CD Pipeline with Jenkins, Octopus and Google Cloud - Build CI/CD Pipeline with Jenkins, Octopus and Google Cloud.

Cloud Vision API

How to Build an Image Search Application Using Cloud Vision API? - Building an Image Search Application Using Cloud Vision API.

Cloud Natural Language API

Transform Voice of Customer to Insights by using Google Cloud APIs in 30 Minutes. - Explore opportunities to discover insights from unstructured data like customer service calls using Google Cloud APIs.

Cloud Spanner

spanner-cli, the Cloud Spanner command line interface - Interactive command line tool for controlling Spanner databases.

BigQuery Business

Google's BigQuery Brings GIS Into The Petascale Era - How BigQuery is making difference for big data analysis.

Slides, Videos, Audio


GCP Podcast - #151 Java & Jib with Patrick Flynn and Mike Eltsufin

Google Kubernetes Engine

Kubernetes Podcast - #25 GKE Container-Native Load Balancing, with Ines Envid and Neha Pattan


Puppetize Live San Francisco - Puppet + Google Cloud: Migrating to the Cloud with Puppet


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