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Google Kubernetes Engine Official Blog TPU

Cloud TPUs in Kubernetes Engine powering Minigo are now available in beta - Google-designed Cloud TPUs are publicly available in beta on Google Kubernetes Engine. GKE also supports Preemptible Cloud TPUs that are priced 70% lower than the standard price of Cloud TPUs.


Access Transparency logs now generally available for six GCP services - Access Transparency (logs which gives visibility when Google is accessing user's data manually) is available to Platinum and Gold customers, or their equivalents on Role-Based* or Enterprise Support packages.

Official Blog Stackdriver

Using Stackdriver Workspaces to help manage your hybrid and multicloud environment - Announcing Stackdriver Workspaces, (which are renamed from “Stackdriver Accounts” to better reflect their purpose), a place to organize all the Stackdriver resources (GCP, other clouds, on-prem).


Multi-Tab Offline Support in Cloud Firestore! - Extending Cloud Firestore offline support for web on multiple tabs.

Google Cloud Platform Official Blog

Google Cloud AI: Andrew Moore joining Google Cloud; Fei-Fei Li becoming advisor - Dr. Andrew Moore, Dean of the School of Computer Science at CMU, will be joining Google Cloud to head up Google Cloud AI at the end of 2018 and advising in the meantime. Dr. Fei-Fei Li will be returning to her professorship at Stanford, as originally planned, and she will transition to being an AI/ML Advisor for Google Cloud.

Articles, Tutorials

Official Blog Security SRE

Trust through transparency: incident response in Google Cloud - White paper which explains how Google Cloud manages incidents.

Official Blog Security Storage

Deleting your data in Google Cloud Platform - White paper explains what happens when data is deleted in GCP.

Google Kubernetes Engine Kubernetes Security

Letsencrypt and GCE HTTPS Loadbalancers, via Kubernetes CronJobs - Setting LetsEncrypt certificates on Kubernetes Engine.

Firebase Kubernetes

Kubernetes: ConfigMaps and Secrets (With Firebase) - Using Kubernetes Secrets to store Firebase Service Account key.

Cloud SQL

How to use cloud_sql_proxy on docker-compose - Configuring proxy for Cloud SQL in docker compose.

App Engine Firebase

Firebase: Developing an App Engine service with Python and Cloud Firestore - Deploying basic CRUD application on App Engine (second generation Python 3) and Cloud Firestore.

Advanced Cloud Datastore

Internals Of Google DataStore And Technical Overview - In depth overview of how Cloud Datastore works.

Beginner Cloud Functions NodeJS

Using a simple CORS Node.js Google Cloud Function for returning Header information. - How original client devices header information can be read with a simple Google Cloud Function.

Cloud Dataflow Official Blog

How Distributed Shuffle improves scalability and performance in Cloud Dataflow pipelines - Explanation of significant performance and scalability benefits when shuffle operation is moved from Persistent Disk and Worker nodes (part of current Cloud Dataflow service) to a specialized distributed, in-memory Shuffle service component.

Advanced Cloud Dataproc Official Blog Tutorial

A flexible way to deploy Apache Hive on Cloud Dataproc - Tutorial shows how to use Apache Hive on Cloud Dataproc in an efficient and flexible way by storing Hive data in Cloud Storage and hosting the Hive metastore in a MySQL database on Cloud SQL and with that providing certain advantages.

BigQuery Cloud Composer

Ethereum in BigQuery: how we built this dataset - Overview of how architecture behind BigQuery Ethereum Public Dataset is designed.


BigQuery: level up your queries with these advanced tricks - Exploring some of BigQuery features using public dataset for Metropolitan Museum of Art of New York.

BigQuery Cloud Functions Cloud Storage Tutorial

Loading Data Into BigQuery With Cloud Functions - Setting up Cloud Functions to upload file to BigQuery when file is uploaded to Cloud Storage.


Introduction to BigQuery Geographic Information Systems (GIS) - BigQuery GIS allows you to analyze and visualize geospatial data in BigQuery by using geography data types and standard SQL geography functions.

BigQuery GCP Experience

Moving to BigQuery — Data at our Fingertips - Description of migrating to BigQuery for hike.in (chat app).

Cloud AutoML

AutoML and the Rise of Advanced Machine Learning Platforms - Overview of Cloud AutoML.

Compute Engine GPU Tutorial

Semi-Managed Jupyter Lab With Access To Google Cloud Resources - Setting Jupyter Lab on Google Compute Engine.

Compute Engine Machine Learning

DeepLearning Images Revision M7. Chainer 4.4.0. Jupyter No Longer Using Root. - New version of deep learning images for Google Compute Engine.

Google Cloud Platform

The Google Cloud Developer Cheat Sheet - A comprehensive list of all of the Google Cloud products and online resources with concise and succinct descriptions.

GCP Experience Serverless

Google Cloud Next 2018: Is this the year that Google embraces serverless? - Experience with using serverless solutions on Google Cloud Platform.

Slides, Videos, Audio

Machine Learning

GCP Podcast - #146 Google AI with Jeff Dean.


Kubernetes Podcast - #20 Cloud Native Patterns for Ops, with Justin Garrison


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