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With Cloud Build it's possible to "build" lots of things and new datasets are coming to BigQuery on which new Machine Learning BigQuery feature can be used.



GPU Official Blog

Tesla V100 GPUs are now generally available - NVIDIA V100 graphics processing units (GPUs) with NVLink are general available.

Cloud Bigtable

Cloud Bigtable regional replication now generally available - Cloud Bigtable regional replication provides a primary–primary replication between clusters in different regions within a single Google Cloud Platform region.

Cloud Endpoints Official Blog

Automatic documentation for your Cloud Endpoints API, now in GA - Cloud Endpoints Portal is now generally available.

Cloud Speech API Official Blog

Announcing updates to Cloud Speech-to-Text and the general availability of Cloud Text-to-Speech - General availability of Cloud Text-to-Speech and it also offers now multilingual access to DeepMind WaveNet voices and speaker optimization.


Ethereum in BigQuery: a Public Dataset for smart contract analytics - Ethereum dataset (transaction history) is available in BigQuery.

Google Cloud Platform Machine Learning Official Blog

Expanding our Public Datasets for geospatial and ML-based analytics - Public Datasets for geospatial and ML-based analytics.

Google Cloud Platform Official Blog Security

Titan Security Keys: Now available on the Google Store - Titan Security Keys are available for purchase on the Google Store.

Google Cloud Platform

Data Science on the Google Cloud Platform - Online course introducing data science services on GCP.

Articles, Tutorials

Cloud Functions

Running End to End tests as Google Cloud Functions - Running functional test as cloud function.

Cloud Functions Go Tutorial

Google Cloud Functions for Go - Latest addition to Cloud Functions runtime is Go. Brief overview how to set and deploy Go code.

Compute Engine Firebase Python

Firebase: Using the Python Admin SDK on Google Cloud Functions - Deploy simple web service build using Python, Flask and Firebase Admin SDK with Google Compute Engine.

Google Cloud Platform Official Blog

Faster ServiceAccount authentication for Google Cloud Platform APIs - ServiceAccount oauth flows and optimization for Google Cloud Platform APIs.

Cloud Spanner

Search on Google Cloud Platform — Spanner - Implement Search on Google Cloud Platform using Spanner.

Cloud SQL

Moving from AWS Aurora to Google CloudSQL - Description of migration process from AWS Aurora to Google CloudSQL.

Cloud Build NodeJS

Serverless CI/CD — Google Cloud Build - Example of utilizing Google Cloud Build for a NodeJS express application.

CI Cloud Build

Working with multiple environments in Google Cloud Build - Using Cloud Build features to create generic pipelines that can adapt to multiple environments.

App Engine Cloud Build Go

Cloud Build, Golang & App Engine - Deploy App Engine apps using Cloud Build.


Bootiful GCP: Getting Started With Spring Cloud for Google Cloud Platform - Article describes setting up simple project using Spring Cloud GCP.

Container Registry

Setup Jenkins with Google Container Registry - Learn how to setup Jenkins with Google Container Registry


Date Partitioning and Table Clustering in Google BigQuery (and Looker PDTs) - Example on Date Partitioning and Table Clustering in Google BigQuery.


Using Google Datalab and BigQuery for Image Classification comparison - Using Google Datalab and BigQuery for image classification project.

BigQuery Official Blog

Using BigQuery ML and BigQuery GIS together to predict NYC taxi trip cost - Building a machine learning model using BigQuery ML and use BigQuery’s support for spatial functions.

Cloud Dataflow Cloud ML Official Blog

Pre-processing for TensorFlow pipelines with tf.Transform on Google Cloud - Example of using tf.Transform on Google Cloud Dataflow, along with model training and serving on Cloud ML Engine.

Official Blog TPU

What makes TPUs fine-tuned for deep learning? - Cloud TPU provides the benefit of the TPU as a scalable and easy-to-use cloud computing resource to all developers and data scientists running cutting-edge ML models on Google Cloud.

Cloud AutoML Cloud Functions Firebase

Query a custom AutoML model with Cloud Functions and Firebase - Prediction using AutoML with Cloud Functions and Firebase.


Kubernetes and Helm: Create Your Own Helm Chart - Using Helm to incorporate Helm Charts into Kubernetes Clusters.

Slides, Videos, Audio

Google Cloud Platform Google Kubernetes Engine

GCP Podcast - Mercari with Taichi Nakashima and Tonghui (Terry) Li. How Mercari is handling migrating from an on-prem monolithic infrastructure to cloud microservices architecture with GKE.


Kubernetes Podcast - Supporting Kubernetes, with Ken Massada

Compute Engine

Deep Learning Images for Google Compute Engine - Using Deep Learning images for Google Compute Engine.


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