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Main topics for this issue: BigData and Machine Learning. Enjoy



Official Blog Stackdriver

Drilling down into Stackdriver Service Monitoring - Introduction of Stackdriver Service Monitoring, a new tool for drilling down into to the underlying infrastructure.

Google Cloud Platform Java Official Blog

Access Google Cloud services, right from IntelliJ IDEA - With the Cloud Tools for IntelliJ plugin, it is now possible to discover APIs, consume them, and test against them locally, all without leaving your IDE.

Google Cloud Platform Official Blog

Istio reaches 1.0: ready for prod - Istio open-source project has reached the 1.0 milestone.


Google is named a leader in the 2018 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Public Cloud Storage Services - Gartner recently named Google as a Leader in the 2018 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Public Cloud Storage Services.

Articles, Tutorials

Google Cloud Platform

Insights from Google Next ‘18 - Highlights from Google Next ‘18.

Google Cloud Platform

Cloud Next 2018— a whirlwind week at Google’s annual cloud conference - Sharing personal experience from Cloud Next 2018.

Official Blog SRE

Repairing network hardware at scale with SRE principles - Google’s SRE principles to guide developers and operations teams toward better systems reliability.

Kubernetes NoSQL

Launching Neo4j on Google’s Kubernetes Marketplace - Running Cypher in Neo4j inside of a Kubernetes cluster.


Kubernetes: Run A Pod Per Node With Daemon Sets - Running Deamon Set Pod in each node of Kubernetes cluster.


NFS Persistent Volumes with Kubernetes — A Case Study - NFS Persistent Volumes with Kubernetes .


Creating a Dashboard with Stackdriver SLI Monitoring Metrics - Stackdriver dashboard for an app which includes metrics using the Stackdriver SLIs.

Cloud SQL

How To Configure MySQL Replication Between CloudSQL To CloudSQL - Configure replication between CloudSQL to another CloudSQL.


Performing large-scale mutations in BigQuery - Article explains why DML statement quotas are in place and goes through some approaches for accomplishing large scale mutations without going over DML quotas.


Configure BigQuery ODBC Driver On Linux - How to configure BigQuery ODBC driver on Linux.


Tips for using BigQuery in the enterprise - Tips for using BigQuery in the enterprise.

Java Storage

Hazlecast on Google Cloud Platform part 1 - The process of deploying, securing Hazlecast cluster in to the GCP.

BigQuery Google Cloud Platform Python

Aggregated Audit Logging with Google Cloud and Python - Aggregating all of logs into Google BigQuery Audit Logs.


Firebase - a way to develop real time applications quickly - Overview on Firebase and things you need to be aware of before choosing Firebase.

Cloud Dataprep

5 Principles You Need to Know Before Using Google Cloud Dataprep for Data Preparation - 5 principles important to know before your data preparation with Dataprep.

Apache Beam

A review of input streaming connectors for Apache Beam and Apache Spark - Current state of support for input streaming connectors in Apache Beam and Apache Spark.

Apache Beam Cloud Dataflow Cloud Pub/Sub

Building a real time quant trading engine on Google Cloud Dataflow and Apache Beam - Creating data pipeline that analyzes real time stock tick data streamed from Pub/Sub, running them through a pair correlation trading algorithm, and output trading signals onto Pub/Sub for execution.

Cloud Dataflow Machine Learning

Scaling Game Simulations with DataFlow - Using Dataflow to run AI agents simulating Tetris game.

Compute Engine TensorFlow

TensorFlow GCE Deep Learning Images With Anaconda, HowTo - How to use our custom GCE binaries of TensorFlow within the Anaconda environment.

Compute Engine

GCE DeepLearning Images As A Backend For Google Colaboratory - Using GCE images as Colab (Colaboratory Jupyter notebook environment) backend.

Machine Learning

Preparing and curating your data for machine learning - List of common guidelines for assessing and preparing data for Machine Learning.

Cloud ML

How to do serverless machine learning with scikit-learn on Google Cloud ML Engine - Using scikit-learn on Google Cloud ML Engine.

Cloud ML

Deploying scikit-learn models at scale - Getting trained scikit-learn model and deploying it on Cloud ML Engine.

Cloud Storage Compute Engine Security

How to SignURL on GCE|GKE|anywhere without a key (locally, that is!) - Learn how to SignURL on GCE/GKE without a key.

Cloud SDK

How to run gcloud command line using a service account - Run gcloud command line using a service account


Google is Switching to a Self-Driving Data Center Management System - Google’s use of AI to optimize data center efficiency has entered a new phase .

Slides, Videos, Audio


GCP Podcast - #140 Container Security with Maya Kaczorowski. Learn about main pillars of container security.


Kubernetes Podcast - Knative, with Oren Teich.


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