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We've got almost all topics covered in this issue: setting up infrastructure, app development,  monitoring, data analysis.



App Engine Official Blog

Now, you can deploy your Node.js app to App Engine standard environment - Node.js 8 runtime is supported for App Engine Standard environment.

Cloud Dataflow Official Blog

Introducing Cloud Dataflow’s new Streaming Engine - Launching Cloud Dataflow Streaming Engine in beta.

GPU Official Blog

Introducing improved pricing for Preemptible GPUs - Preemptible GPUs are generally available (with lower prices).

Networking Official Blog

Introducing QUIC support for HTTPS load balancing - GCP has now QUIC support for our HTTPS load balancers which makes connections faster, stream-based multiplexing, improved loss recovery, and no head-of-line blocking.

Networking Official Blog

Partner Interconnect now generally available - Partner Interconnect lets you connect your on-premises resources to Google Cloud Platform from the partner location of your choice, at a data rate that meets your needs, not it's Generally Available.


Try full-stack monitoring with Stackdriver on us - GCP offers full power of Stackdriver, including premium monitoring, logging and application performance management (APM) for all customers—new and existing—for free starting Jun 18.

Google Cloud Platform

On CRM: Pega Now Works on Google's Cloud Platform Because Why Choose Sides?

Articles, Tutorials

Google Cloud Platform Official Blog

Labelling and grouping your Google Cloud Platform resources - Deeper look at types of annotations for labelling and grouping your Google Cloud Platform resources.

GCP Experience Google Cloud Platform Official Blog

Behind the scenes with the Dragon Ball Legends GCP backend - How BNE worked with Google Cloud to build the infrastructure for Dragon Ball Legends.

Go Google Cloud Platform

What a Go developer needs to know about Google Cloud Platform - Google Cloud Platfom products for Go developers for building web apps.

Cloud SDK

Safer `gcloud` and `kubectl` - Tips on using `gcloud` and `kubectl`.


3 Ways to Customize your Firebase Dynamic Links - Different ways to create custom Firebase Dynamic Links.

Cloud Functions NodeJS Stackdriver

Stackdriver Debugger on Google Cloud Functions - Steps to make Stackdriver Debugger work on Google Cloud Functions.


How to connect Stackdriver to your smart home server for error logging - Using Stackdriver for connecting to your smart home server for error logging.


Combining correlated Log Lines in Google Stackdriver - Techniques you can employ to combine separate Stackdriver log lines such that they appear nested.


Manual partition tables in BigQuery - Partitions strategies in BigQuery.

BigQuery Dataflow Machine Learning

Making World Cup Sausage with Cloud Dataflow and BigQuery - Making World Cup predictions with Cloud Dataflow and BigQuery.


BigQuery Public Datasets - Why BigQuery public datasets are awesome.

BigQuery Business GCP Experience

Why Migrating your Data Warehouse to Google Big Query can be the Next Big Thing for your Enterprise? - What BigQuery is and examples of companies which have migrated their data to BigQuery.

Cloud Pub/Sub

1 hour migrations #1: SQS to GCP’s Cloud Pub/Sub - How to migrate your application from using Amazon’s SQS to Google’s Pub/Sub.

Cloud Dataprep

Data Pre-Processing with Google Cloud Dataprep - How to use Dataprep for quicker data cleansing.

Apache Beam Cloud Dataflow Python TensorFlow

Customer segmentation using DataFlow and TensorFlow - Using DataFlow and TensorFlow for retail Customer segmentation.

Big Data Cloud Dataflow Cloud Datalab Python Serverless

Analyzing Reddit’s Top Posts & Images With Google Cloud (Part 1) - Analyzing everything from Reddit.

Beginner Cloud ML TensorFlow

Hello World on GCP ML Engine - Setting up simple Hello World on GCP ML Engine.

Google Cloud Platform Machine Learning

How to use Google Cloud Platform with your favorite Machine Learning Framework - Google Cloud Platform has a lot of options to let you run your favorite Machine Learning frameworks/algorithms.

GPU TensorFlow

Setting up Tensorflow and GPUs on Google Cloud Platform to run your neural network implementations - Step by step procedure on how to set up GPUs and Tensorflow on Google Cloud Platform.

Beginner DevOps Kubernetes

Terraform is Amazing — The power of Trial and Error - Example of using Terraform to create Kubernetes cluster on GCP.

Google Cloud Platform

Ansible GCP module bootstrap - Steps to quickly bootstrap a working environment for Google Compute Engine.

Google Kubernetes Engine

Setting up the private Kubernetes cluster on GKE. - Setting up the private Kubernetes cluster on GKE.

Google Kubernetes Engine Kubernetes Tutorial

Deploy a Multicluster Ingress on Google Kubernetes Engine - Deploying application to federated Kubernetes cluster and exposing it via global ingress endpoint.

Google Cloud Platform Kubernetes

Cloud Deployment Manager & Kubernetes - Using Cloud Deployment Manager to create Kubernetes cluster.


Skaffold and Kaniko: Bringing Kubernetes to Developers - Developing apps which will be deployed on Kubernetes locally without Docker.


Scaling Kubernetes for 25M users - Problems involved when moving more than 500 containers to Kubernetes.


Google's employee uproar has forced cloud boss Diane Green to ditch a lucrative business — and Amazon must be loving it - View on how Google's AI cooperation issue with Department of Defense affected Google Cloud Platform.

Slides, Videos, Audio

App Engine NodeJS

Deploying Node.js on App Engine standard environment - How you can quickly and easily deploy a node.js application on App Engine standard environment.

Google Cloud Platform

GCP Podcast - #131 Actions on Google with Mandy Chan, Intricacies of building user Voice user interfaces with Actions on Google, developing with SSML and more!


Slides: Kubernetes Security Best Practices


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