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Google Kubernetes Engine Official Blog

Regional clusters in Google Kubernetes Engine are now generally available - General availability of one of Google Kubernetes Engine's most requested enterprise-grade features: regional clusters.

Compute Engine Official Blog

Introducing sole-tenant nodes for Google Compute Engine — when sharing isn’t an option - Beta availability of sole-tenant nodes on Google Compute Engine.

Google Kubernetes Engine Official Blog

How to deploy geographically distributed services on Kubernetes Engine with kubemci - New command-line interface (CLI) tool called kubemci to automatically configure ingress using Google Cloud Load Balancer (GCLB) for multi-cluster Kubernetes Engine environments.

Articles, Tutorials

Official Blog Security

7 tips to maintain security controls in your GCP DR environment - Tips to help you maintain your security controls in your cloud DR environment.

Google Cloud Platform Official Blog

A closer look at the HANA ecosystem on Google Cloud Platform - Evolution of SAP HANA on GCP and take a deeper look at the ecosystem we’ve built to support our customers.

Cloud Spanner Official Blog

What DBAs need to know about Cloud Spanner, part 1: Keys and indexes - Key differences that DBAs need to know when moving from traditional RDBMS to Cloud Spanner.

Cloud Datastore

Building Scalable Web Applications with Cloud Datastore - Article presents an overview of how to build large web applications with Cloud Datastore.

App Engine Cloud Functions Compute Engine Google Kubernetes Engine NodeJS Official Blog

Time to “Hello, World”: VMs vs. containers vs. PaaS vs. FaaS - Build a “Hello, World” web application on each of GCP’s compute offerings—Google Compute Engine (VMs), Google Kubernetes Engine (containers), Google App Engine (PaaS), and Google Cloud Functions (FaaS).

Cloud Pub/Sub Go

Publish-Subscribe in Google Cloud Platform using Go Client Libraries - How to implement pub-sub using Google Cloud using Go Client Libraries.

BigQuery Cloud Dataflow Cloud Pub/Sub

Serverless and realtime Data Analytics for a retailer on GCP - GCP customer journey from scale issues to serverless and from once a day refreshed dashboards to realtime analytics.


4 Years of K8s - Reflections on starting Kubernetes project from Joe Beda.

Google Kubernetes Engine

Kubernetes: Cluster Autoscaler - Ways to control cluster autoscaling and best practices.

DevOps Google Kubernetes Engine

Deploy Kubernetes Apps with Terraform - Spinning up a Kubernetes cluster on Google Cloud using GKE.

Beginner DevOps Google Kubernetes Engine Tutorial

Learn Terraform by deploying a Google Kubernetes Engine cluster - Guide to getting started with Terraform.

Google Kubernetes Engine

Fabric on Google Cloud Platform - Fabric on Google Cloud Platform.

DevOps Infrastructure

Test Driven Infrastructure on GCP - Testing created infrastructure on GCP using InSpec.

Cloud ML Google Kubernetes Engine

Adding Persistent Storage to Kubernetes for GCP Web UI users. - Making Persistent Storage available to Kubernetes for GCP Web UI users.

DevOps Google Kubernetes Engine

Deploying to Google Kubernetes Engine - Detailed overview of how Etsy makes deployments to Google Kubernetes Engine.

Cloud Functions NodeJS

Serverless node.js REST API with Google Cloud Function & Firestore - How to build a simple CRUD node.js Express REST API using Google Cloud Function and store the data using Firestore NoSQL database.

BigQuery Firebase

Making sense of Google Analytics for Firebase BQ data - Querying data from Firebase in BigQuery.

BigQuery Machine Learning

Explaining the joke: “Half the time when companies say they need ‘AI’, what they really need is a SELECT clause with a GROUP BY” - Deeper look at the claim.


Right Disk Type for performance - Comparing different disks offerings on GCP and their performance.

Google Cloud Platform

A few helpful CLI snippets when developing with Docker, Git, & Google Cloud Platform - CLI snippets used while developing dockerized apps with Node.js, deployed on Kubernetes.

AWS Azure Cloud Vision API

Extracting Text from Images:- Google a notch better than Azure and AWS! - Comparison of OCR methods from Google, AWS, Azure in different cases.


TensorFlow Estimator & Dataset APIs - Using TensorFlow Estimator & Dataset APIs.

Cloud ML Machine Learning

Training a Keras Model on Google Cloud ML GPU - How to train a Keras Model on Google Cloud ML GPU.

Business Official Blog

OCTO: Google Cloud’s two-way innovation street - Story of the "Office of the CTO", or OCTO, a team made up of senior Google technology experts and former enterprise CTOs.

Slides, Videos, Audio

Machine Learning

GCP Podcast - #130 Data Science with Juliet Hougland and Michelle Casbon. Discussion about methodology, applications, tools, pipelines, challenges and resources for data science.


Kubernetes Podcast - #6 Skaffold, with Matt Rickard

Dialogflow Google Cloud Platform

Building a Chatbot with Diaglogflow - Take5 - How quick and easy it is to create a full chatbot for your customers using Dialogflow and the power of Google Cloud Platform.


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