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Google Kubernetes Engine Official Blog

Regional clusters in Google Kubernetes Engine are now generally available - General availability of one of Google Kubernetes Engine's most requested enterprise-grade features: regional clusters.

Google Compute Engine Official Blog

Introducing sole-tenant nodes for Google Compute Engine — when sharing isn’t an option - Beta availability of sole-tenant nodes on Google Compute Engine.

Google Kubernetes Engine Official Blog

How to deploy geographically distributed services on Kubernetes Engine with kubemci - New command-line interface (CLI) tool called kubemci to automatically configure ingress using Google Cloud Load Balancer (GCLB) for multi-cluster Kubernetes Engine environments.


Articles, Tutorials

Official Blog Security

7 tips to maintain security controls in your GCP DR environment - Tips to help you maintain your security controls in your cloud DR environment.

Google Cloud Platform Official Blog

A closer look at the HANA ecosystem on Google Cloud Platform - Evolution of SAP HANA on GCP and take a deeper look at the ecosystem we’ve built to support our customers.

Google Cloud Spanner Official Blog

What DBAs need to know about Cloud Spanner, part 1: Keys and indexes - Key differences that DBAs need to know when moving from traditional RDBMS to Cloud Spanner.

Google Cloud Datastore

Building Scalable Web Applications with Cloud Datastore - Article presents an overview of how to build large web applications with Cloud Datastore.

Google App Engine Google Cloud Functions Google Compute Engine Google Kubernetes Engine NodeJS Official Blog

Time to “Hello, World”: VMs vs. containers vs. PaaS vs. FaaS - Build a “Hello, World” web application on each of GCP’s compute offerings—Google Compute Engine (VMs), Google Kubernetes Engine (containers), Google App Engine (PaaS), and Google Cloud Functions (FaaS).

Go Google Cloud Pub/Sub

Publish-Subscribe in Google Cloud Platform using Go Client Libraries - How to implement pub-sub using Google Cloud using Go Client Libraries.

BigQuery Google Cloud Dataflow Google Cloud Pub/Sub

Serverless and realtime Data Analytics for a retailer on GCP - GCP customer journey from scale issues to serverless and from once a day refreshed dashboards to realtime analytics.


4 Years of K8s - Reflections on starting Kubernetes project from Joe Beda.

Google Kubernetes Engine

Kubernetes: Cluster Autoscaler - Ways to control cluster autoscaling and best practices.

DevOps Google Kubernetes Engine

Deploy Kubernetes Apps with Terraform - Spinning up a Kubernetes cluster on Google Cloud using GKE.

Beginner DevOps Google Kubernetes Engine Tutorial

Learn Terraform by deploying a Google Kubernetes Engine cluster - Guide to getting started with Terraform.

Google Kubernetes Engine

Fabric on Google Cloud Platform - Fabric on Google Cloud Platform.

DevOps Infrastructure

Test Driven Infrastructure on GCP - Testing created infrastructure on GCP using InSpec.

Google Cloud ML Google Kubernetes Engine

Adding Persistent Storage to Kubernetes for GCP Web UI users. - Making Persistent Storage available to Kubernetes for GCP Web UI users.

DevOps Google Kubernetes Engine

Deploying to Google Kubernetes Engine - Detailed overview of how Etsy makes deployments to Google Kubernetes Engine.

Google Cloud Functions NodeJS

Serverless node.js REST API with Google Cloud Function & Firestore - How to build a simple CRUD node.js Express REST API using Google Cloud Function and store the data using Firestore NoSQL database.

BigQuery Firebase

Making sense of Google Analytics for Firebase BQ data - Querying data from Firebase in BigQuery.

BigQuery Machine Learning

Explaining the joke: “Half the time when companies say they need ‘AI’, what they really need is a SELECT clause with a GROUP BY” - Deeper look at the claim.


Right Disk Type for performance - Comparing different disks offerings on GCP and their performance.

Google Cloud Platform

A few helpful CLI snippets when developing with Docker, Git, & Google Cloud Platform - CLI snippets used while developing dockerized apps with Node.js, deployed on Kubernetes.

AWS Azure Google Cloud Vision API

Extracting Text from Images:- Google a notch better than Azure and AWS! - Comparison of OCR methods from Google, AWS, Azure in different cases.


TensorFlow Estimator & Dataset APIs - Using TensorFlow Estimator & Dataset APIs.

Google Cloud ML Machine Learning

Training a Keras Model on Google Cloud ML GPU - How to train a Keras Model on Google Cloud ML GPU.

Business Official Blog

OCTO: Google Cloud’s two-way innovation street - Story of the "Office of the CTO", or OCTO, a team made up of senior Google technology experts and former enterprise CTOs.

Slides, Videos, Audio

Machine Learning

GCP Podcast - #130 Data Science with Juliet Hougland and Michelle Casbon. Discussion about methodology, applications, tools, pipelines, challenges and resources for data science.


Kubernetes Podcast - #6 Skaffold, with Matt Rickard

Dialogflow Google Cloud Platform

Building a Chatbot with Diaglogflow - Take5 - How quick and easy it is to create a full chatbot for your customers using Dialogflow and the power of Google Cloud Platform.


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