Welcome to issue #84 May 7th, 2018

New services and projects released last week as well as many other news and interesting articles.



Compute Engine Google Kubernetes Engine Official Blog

Expanding our GPU portfolio with NVIDIA Tesla V100 - NVIDIA Tesla V100 GPUs are now publicly available in beta on Compute Engine and Kubernetes Engine, and NVIDIA Tesla P100 GPUs are now generally available.

Docker Kubernetes Official Blog

Open-sourcing gVisor, a sandboxed container runtime - gVisor, a new kind of sandbox that helps provide secure isolation for containers, while being more lightweight than a virtual machine (VM).

Cloud Bigtable Official Blog

Regional replication for Cloud Bigtable now in beta - Regional replication now in beta for Cloud Bigtable which enables asynchronous replication across zones within a Google Cloud Platform (GCP) region.

Kubernetes Official Blog Stackdriver

Announcing Stackdriver Kubernetes Monitoring: Comprehensive Kubernetes observability from the start - Beta release of Stackdriver Kubernetes Monitoring, which lets you observe Kubernetes.

Cloud Composer Official Blog

Cloud Composer is now in beta: build and run practical workflows with minimal effort - Beta launch of Cloud Composer, a managed Apache Airflow service, to make workflow creation and management easy, powerful, and consistent.

Container Registry Official Blog

Introducing Asylo: an open-source framework for confidential computing - Asylo is an open-source framework and SDK for developing applications that run in trusted execution environments (TEEs).

Google Cloud Platform Official Blog

Announcing SAP CodeJams for Google Cloud Platform: learn to integrate SAP HANA with GCP - SAP CodeJams are events designed by developers for developers, and they’re free to attend.

Kubernetes Official Blog

Introducing the Kubernetes Podcast from Google - Launch of Kubernetes Podcast from Google from this week.

Google Cloud Platform

Grakn KGMS is now on Google Cloud - Grakn, a Knowledge Graph Management System is available on Google Cloud!

API Business Official Blog

Apigee named a Leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Full Life Cycle API Management for the third consecutive time - Gartner has recognized Apigee as a Leader in the 2018 Magic Quadrant for Full Life Cycle API Management.

Articles, Tutorials

Google Cloud Platform Official Blog

Queue your questions: common queries from Google Cloud customers - Common queries from Google Cloud customers.

Google Kubernetes Engine Official Blog

Exploring container security: Using Cloud Security Command Center (and five partner tools) to detect and manage an attack - How to detect, respond to, and mitigate suspected threats for containers running in production.

Kubernetes Official Blog

Kubernetes best practices: Setting up health checks with readiness and liveness probes - Kubernetes Best Practices for setting up health checks with readiness and liveness probes.

Google Kubernetes Engine

Stateful Services on Preemptible Nodes with Google Kubernetes Engine - Using GKE with cost optimization under preemptible nodes without sacrificing statefulness!

Google Kubernetes Engine

Up and Running: Cockpit for Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) - Setting Cockpit dashboard for Google Kubernetes Engine.


Mega8s: A Complex Kubernetes Cluster - Working with Complex Kubernetes Cluster.

Container Builder

Sending Build Status Notification From Google Container Builder to Github - Get a status events from Google Container Builder back to Github.


GCP Infrastructure as Code with Deployment Manager - Using Google Cloud Deployment Manager to automate the configuration of all your GCP resources.

Google Cloud Platform Kubernetes

Google Cloud Platform: redirecting HTTP traffic to HTTPS - Redirecting HTTP traffic to HTTPS using nginx.


The truth behind Google Cloud egress traffic - Using beta feature VPC Flow Logs.


All You Need to Know About MongoDB on Google Cloud - MongoDB deployment on Google Cloud.

Firebase IoT Official Blog

Music in motion: a Firebase and IoT story - A project with Firebase and IoT


Effective Cloud Firestore — Part 1 - The pros and cons of Cloud Firestore.

AWS BigQuery

FileZilla: 3 Simple Steps To Load Data to Google BigQuery, Amazon Redshift, Amazon Redshift Spectrum or Amazon Athena - Loading CSV files to Google BigQuery and AWS warehouses using FileZilla.


The Missing Guide To Setting Up Google Cloud Service Accounts For Google BigQuery - Setting Up Google Cloud Service Accounts For Google BigQuery.

Cloud Composer

Airflow by Google: A first impression of Cloud Composer - Brief look at Cloud Compose, new hosted solution for Airflow.

App Engine Cloud Vision API Official Blog

Building an image search application using Cloud Vision API - How Cloud Vision API's label detection feature can be used in conjunction with App Engine.

App Engine Python

Code that debugs itself: Fixing a deadlock with a watchdog - Debug deadlock scenarios for Python web application running on Google App Engine.

App Engine

Consuming and validating GSuites Audit Push notification on AppEngine - Get events from Gsuite updates in more ‘realtime’.

App Engine Cloud Functions

Extend GCP Service Account Identity and Token Scope on AppEngine and Cloud Functions - Service account GAE/GCF use cases and how to overcome the identity and scope limitations.

Cloud Functions Stackdriver

Getting Google Cloud Functions times in Stackdriver - How to get Google Cloud Function's latency time into Stackdriver.

Cloud Functions

Generate a Pdf with Google Cloud Functions - Simple example of using Google Cloud Functions to generate PDF file.


How to make your Google Cloud Platform project more secure: Built-in GCE security - Utilizing built-in GCE security.

Compute Engine Security

How to Make Your Google Cloud Platform project more secure: GCE Network Security - Using network-level protection tools available for your Google Compute Engine instances.


How to Make Your Google Cloud Platform project more secure: GCE OS Security - OS protection techniques in Google Cloud.

GCP Experience

A brief overview of why we chose Google Cloud Platform for SwiftViews - SwiftViews, a community based help service runs on GCP.

GCP Experience Official Blog

Scale big while staying small with serverless on GCP — the Guesswork.co story - Guesswork which is a machine learning startup evolved GCP application architecture to support the changing needs of his growing customer base while still staying cost-effective.

Slides, Videos, Audio


Kubernetes Community, with Paris Pittman - Interview Kubernetes community manager Paris Pittman.

Google Cloud Platform

GCP Podcast - #125 Open Source at Google Cloud Platform with Sarah Novotny, all about Open Source, the Cloud Native Compute Foundation and their relationships to Google Cloud Platform.


Playlist of videos from KubeCon conference


Kubernetes Podcast - #1 Kubernetes Community, with Paris Pittman


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