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Cloud IoT IoT

The thing is . . . Cloud IoT Core is now generally available - Cloud IoT Core, managed service to help securely connect and manage IoT devices at scale, is generally available.

Compute Engine Official Blog

Managing your Compute Engine instances just got easier - Learn about a new feature called instance templates, that helps creating instances from existing instance templates, and creating instance templates based on existing VM instances.

Cloud Dataflow

Regional Endpoints in Dataflow - You can minimize network latency and network transport costs by running a Cloud Dataflow job from the same region as its sources and/or sinks.

Apache Beam

Apache Beam 2.3.0 - New release of Apache Beam with list of functionalities and fixes.

Machine Learning

Machine Learning with TensorFlow on Google Cloud Platform: code samples - New course on Coursera about Machine Learning & Google Cloud

Articles, Tutorials

Cloud Spanner Cloud Storage Official Blog

How Google Cloud Storage offers strongly consistent object listing thanks to Spanner - Secret behind the strong list consistency offered by Google Cloud Storage.

AWS Google Kubernetes Engine Official Blog

Creating a single pane of glass for your multi-cloud Kubernetes workloads with Cloudflare - How to enable a multi-cloud configuration using Cloudfare load balancer to front Kubernetes-based workloads in both Google Kubernetes Engine and Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Compute Engine

Google Compute Engine SSH Browser Options - Overiew of interesting features when connecting to Google Compute Engine from browser through SSH.

Compute Engine

HTTP to HTTPS using Google Cloud Load Balancer - Explore basics of Google Cloud Load Balancer (GCLB).

App Engine Python

Building a REST API on Google App Engine based on web scraping - Learn to build a REST API on Google App Engine based on web scraping.

App Engine Python

The Nitty-Gritty of OAuth 2.0 Flow - Take deep dive to understand the inner workings of handling the OAuth 2.0 flow using Google’s REST API.

App Engine DevOps

Use of Bitbucket Pipelines to Deploy Spring Boot Application in Google App Engine - Explore how to use of Bitbucket Pipelines to Deploy Spring Boot Application in Google App Engine.

App Engine PHP

PHP Application Logging in Google App Engine — Analyze Them in Smart Way - Improving logging in PHP and Google App Engine for better analysis.

Javascript Stackdriver

Real-time JavaScript error reporting with Stackdriver - Learn how to implement real time javascript error reporting with the stackdriver-errors-js library.

Firebase Official Blog

Where is the best place to get help with Firebase? - Where to get help regarding Firebase from community.


Cloud Messaging with Firebase Admin SDK - Know more about recently released a set of new Cloud Messaging APIs with Firebase Admin SDK.


Have You Met Cloud FireStore, Firebase’s More Scalable Older Brother? - Brief overview of FireStore and its automatic scaling benefits.

Cloud Datastore

Getting started with Google cloud datastore - Introduction to Google cloud datastore.


Terraforming GCP Part 1: Creating an Admin Project - Learn how to use Admin project pattern for use with Terraform.

Cloud ML

How To Scale Up a ML Algorithm with Google Cloud ML Engine - Learn about basic of Google Cloud ML Engine and scale up with a ML Algorithm.

Machine Learning

Of Machine Learning And Prisons: Simulating User Ratings for Nigerian Prisons Using Google Cloud Platform - Explore simulating User Ratings for Nigerian Prisons Using Google Cloud Platform.

Advanced Cloud Functions Cloud Pub/Sub

Google Cloud PubSub background job queue with Cloud Function workers - Learn how to use Google Cloud PubSub framework as a message queue and Google Cloud Functions as workers to service the queued jobs.

Cloud Pub/Sub Tutorial

How to stream data from Google PubSub to Kafka with Kafka Connect - Explore how to stream data from a Google PubSub subscription to an Apache Kafka topic using Kafka Connect.

Cloud Endpoints

Using Google Cloud Endpoints - Explore basics of Google Cloud Endpoints on Google App Engine.

Cloud IoT

Your Intro to Cloud IoT Core - Know how to use Google’s Cloud IoT Core to quickly scale and deploy IoT solutions.

Docker Google Kubernetes Engine NodeJS Tutorial

Deploying your NodeJS app with Docker and Kubernetes on GCP - Learn how to deploy NodeJS app with Docker and Kubernetes on GCP.

Cloud Storage

Google Cloud Storage: Pros/Cons and how to use it with Javascript - Overview of prons & cons of Google Cloud Storage.

Cloud Functions Cloud Pub/Sub Cloud Storage

Optimising Rates Data Imports — a Case Study - End to end data event driven solution using Google technologies and microservices.

Business Cloud Spanner GCP Experience

Making the jump to Google Cloud Spanner - Transition from Oracle to Google Cloud Spanner


GCP’s Standard Tier networking performance - Explanation of difference between Standard and Premium network tier in Google Cloud Platform.


Debugging “FROM scratch” on Kubernetes - How would you debug a Docker container that has no shell, no tools, but a single statically-compiled executable? This article explains how.

Cloud Functions Kubernetes

Extending the Swagger-Codegen project - Process of migrating from Kubernetes to Google Cloud Functions.

BigQuery Cloud Datastore

Bigquery-to-datastore with homebrew - Homebrew library for bigquery-to-datastore utility.

Google Cloud Platform

Web Application Prototyping on Google Cloud Platform with “No” money - Utilize free resource on Google Cloud Platform.

AWS Google Cloud Platform Python

Moving a Python app from AWS to GCP - Checklist to help migrate your Python app from AWS to GCP.

Business IoT

What Google’s Acquisition of Xively Taught Us About the IOT Market - Know about Google's announcement about a deal to acquire internet of things(IOT) platform pioneer Xively.


What You Need to Think About Before Going Multi-Cloud - Take a look at benefits and risks before you move to a multi-cloud environment.


Why Cloud APIs on GCP is Awesome by leveraging Apigee? - Overview of benefits of using Apigee.

AWS Business Google Cloud Platform

What are your Spot Instance options on AWS, Azure, and Google? - Know about Spot Instance options on AWS, Azure, and Google.

Slides, Videos, Audio

Google Cloud Platform

GCP Podcast - #115 Google Play Marketing with Dom Elliott and Stewart Bryson

Google Cloud Platform

GCP Online meetup - Running Elastic on GCP.

Cloud ML Cloud Natural Language API Cloud Vision API Machine Learning

From Zero to ML on Google Cloud Platform


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