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Elixir on Google Cloud Platform - Erlang has now official support on Google Cloud Platform with samples and tutorials.

Articles, Tutorials

Cloud Functions Cloud ML Cloud Pub/Sub

How we built a serverless digital archive with machine learning APIs, Cloud Pub/Sub and Cloud Functions - Learn how to build a serverless digital archive with machine learning APIs, Cloud Pub/Sub and Cloud Functions.

Cloud Shell

Cloud Shell Tutorials: Learning experiences integrated into the Cloud Console - Know about Cloud Shell tutorials which increases learning experiences by integrating right into the Cloud Console.

Cloud ML

A guide to machine learning for the chronically curious: ML Explorer - A guide to machine learning

Machine Learning TensorFlow

Getting your music recommendation groove on with Google Cloud Platform! Part 2 - Second article regarding building music recommendation system using Google Cloud Platform products.


Keys to faster sampling in Cloud Dataflow - Quick overview of key aspects to achieve faster sampling in Cloud Dataflow.

Cloud Dataproc

Updating Cloud Dataproc for faster speeds and more resiliency - Take a look at how Cloud Dataproc now supports high availability (HA) and offer an option for greater performance.

Cloud Dataproc

Google Cloud Platform POC Part 1 — hadoop distcp to Google cloud storage - Using Cloud Dataproc: challenges faced and solutions.

Cloud Dataproc

Google Cloud Platform POC Part 2 — Create hive schema, run a spark job, scale the cluster - Using Hive and Spark on Dataproc cluster.

Google Kubernetes Engine

Deploying a container to the Cloud using Google Cloud Platform and Kubernetes Engine - Guide on deploying a container to the GCP Cloud and Kubernetes Engine

Google Kubernetes Engine

Getting Play Framework running on Kubernetes with Google Cloud Platform - Eight Part Series: Getting Play Framework running on Kubernetes with Google Cloud Platform


Reporting Errors from Control Plane to Applications Using Kubernetes Events - Learn how to use Kubernetes Events to report errors from Control Plane to Applications.

BigQuery Cloud Functions Cloud Pub/Sub Cloud Storage

Carefully calculating Google Cloud Storage Buckets size with Cloud Functions & Pub/Sub - Find an easy way to analyze all of your Google Cloud Storage buckets sizes with just a few clicks using Pub/Sub, Cloud Functions and BigQuery.

BigQuery Data Studio

The best code is no code! Using Google Cloud’s new automated services - Digesting and analyzing data from Internet Service Provider.

Cloud Speech API Javascript

Convert speech from an audio file to text using Google Speech API - Tutorial on converting speech from an audio file to text using Google Speech API

Cloud Spanner

Practical Tradeoffs in Google Cloud Spanner, Azure Cosmos DB and YugaByte DB - Deep dive on practical tradeoffs of modern cloud-native databases such as Google Cloud Spanner, Azure Cosmos DB and YugaByte DB

IAM Security

How to make your Google Cloud Platform project more secure: IAM - Tips on practical, actionable settings you can modify in the IAM which will greatly improve the security.

Cloud Storage Cloud Vision API Dataflow GCP Experience

Digitizing and cataloging the Boekentoren (Book Tower) - Short description on how Cloud Vision API was used for digitizing and cataloging the Boekentoren (Book Tower).

Container Registry

Google Container Registry - Quick overview of Google Container Registry

Cloud Functions Tutorial

Google Cloud Functions Best Practices — Using Runtime Configurator to Manage Config Variables - Using Runtime Configurator with Google Cloud Functions.

Cloud Functions

Streamline your TypeScript development of Cloud Functions code - Know about using TypeScript for Cloud Functions

Compute Engine Dialogflow Docker

How I got my Google Home To Send Texts - Step by step tutorial to create Google Home application which sends texts.

GCP Experience

Pantheon Moves to Google Cloud Platform - Pantheon is website management platform which migrated from Rackspace to Google Cloud Platform.

Business Machine Learning

AI Becomes the Game Changer in the Public Cloud - Learn how AI is key game changer in the Public Cloud and how they are interdependant

Slides, Videos, Audio

Google Cloud Platform

GCP Podcast - #111 Talk with Sam Ramji about Google Cloud Platform, Open Source, Distributed Systems and Philosophy and how they are all interrelated.

Google Cloud Platform

Data Engineers panel with Reddit, Thumbtack, Tapjoy, and Google - Reddit, Thumbtack, and Tapjoy to discuss how they manage their big data with Google Cloud.


Cloud Dataflow and the Tram Challenge - Using Google Cloud Dataflow to attempt challenge to process 10.6 billion rows of data while traveling on a tram.


Print Statements in TensorFlow - Yufeng explains how to properly use print statements in your TensorFlow graph.


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