Welcome to issue #57 October 30th, 2017

More videos than usually in this issue. Also lots or articles about #bigquery (but that's usual).



Google Cloud Platform

Cisco and Google partner on a new open hybrid cloud solution spanning on-premises environments and Google Cloud Platform - Since for some companies it's not easy to move to cloud, Google wants to meet them half way, i.e. on premises.

App Engine

Announcing Go 1.8 on App Engine Standard Environment - Go 1.8 is now default version deployed for Google App Engine Standard apps

Articles, Tutorials

Google Cloud Platform

GCP Podcast hits 100 episodes — here are the 10 most popular episodes - Top 10 episodes for Google Cloud Platform Podcast.


Creating custom interactive dashboards with Bokeh and BigQuery - Bokeh is a Python interactive visualization library that targets modern web browsers for presentation. In tutorial, data from BigQuery is displayed on web application deployed on Google Container Engine.

BigQuery Cloud Storage Data Studio

How I Created a Better Google Analytics in 3 Hours - Creating user website tracking analytics using Google Cloud Platform.

BigQuery Cloud Datastore

Airflow meets bigquery-to-datastore - Using Apache Airflow to export data from BigQuery do Datastore.


Who contributed the most to open source in 2017? - Analyzing Github data with BigQuery to get the answer

BigQuery Cloud Dataflow

Big Data Processing at Spotify: The Road to Scio (Part 2) - Description of Scala wrapper for Apache Beam Java SDK created in Spotify.


Get to know your trees: US Forest Service (FIA) dataset now available in BigQuery - Dataset from the US Forest Service (USFS) Forest Inventory and Analysis (FIA) program (ongoing forest measurement program that provides a nationwide inventory of the forest resources in the United States and its territories) is publicly available in BigQuery.

Cloud Dataproc

The Data Engineering team at Cabify - Article describes first thoughts of using Google Cloud Dataproc and BigQuery.

Cloud Dataprep

My views on Google Cloud Dataprep - Brief description of using Dataprep.


Building good SLOs - CRE life lessons - Practicle tips how to formulate Service Level Objectives for Service Level Indicators


Using Terraform with Google Cloud Platform — Part 1/n - Simple example on how to set up a barebones VM instance in Google Cloud Platform using Terraform.

Kubernetes Networking

Understanding kubernetes networking: pods - In depth article explaining several layers of networking operating in a Kubernetes cluster.

Google Kubernetes Engine Kubernetes

Kubernetes Canary deployments for mere mortals - Step by step tutorial about how to set canary deployment process with Kubernetes.

Cloud ML TensorFlow

Distributed training in the cloud: Cloud Machine Learning Engine - Article explains setting and running training on Google Cloud ML.

Cloud Storage

Improving Our Video Experience - Article about New York Times migrating videos to Google Cloud Storage and steps to improve video experience.

Cloud Storage

Google Cloud Storage & Sequential File Names - Avoiding upload congestion to Google Cloud Storage with proper filenames.

Cloud Storage

Google Cloud Storage on a shoestring budget

Slides, Videos, Audio

GCP Podcast - #100 Vint Cerf: past, present, and future of the internet

Cloud Spanner

Google Cloud Spanner: Going global with relational database - GDG DevFest Ukraine 2017

Cloud Dataflow

Apache Beam and Google Cloud DataFlow - GDG DevFest Ukraine 2017


Data Warehouse in Google Cloud - GDG DevFest Ukraine 2017

Cloud Bigtable

Google Cloud Bigtable: petabyte-scale NoSQL database for scalable computation - GDG DevFest Ukraine 2017

Cloud Storage Choosing the Best - GDG DevFest Ukraine 2017


Automating Google Cloud Platform with Chef

Multi-region messaging with Apache Pulsar on Google Cloud Platform

Google Kubernetes Engine

Kubernetes in the Cloud w/ Puppet + Google Container Engine

Puppet & Google Cloud: From Nothing to Production in 10 min


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