Welcome to issue #54 October 9th, 2017

Hottest topic for last week in Google Cloud was definitely introduction of Cloud Firestore, enjoy.



Compute Engine

Now shipping: Compute Engine machine types with up to 96 vCPUs and 624GB of memory - VMs are getting bigger and bigger.

Firebase NoSQL

Introducing Cloud Firestore: Our New Document Database for Apps - What you get when you mix Cloud Datastore and Realtime Firebase? Cloud Firebase!!!


Introducing custom roles, a powerful way to make Cloud IAM policies more precise - With custom IAM roles, it's easier to organize access control to various products and services on Google Cloud Platform.


Partnering on open source: Managing Google Cloud Platform with Chef - Comprehensive cookbooks for Chef users to manage Google Cloud Platform resources.

Articles, Tutorials


Cloud Firestore for Realtime Database Developers - In depth article explaining differenses between "old" and "new" realtime database for Firebase


Getting Started with Firebase Firestore - Article about new Firestore database with some code snippets to get started


Firebase Cloud Firestore Impressions : It’s finally here! - Brief article explaning key features of Cloud Firestore


Using Stackdriver Logging for dedicated game server instances - Tutorial outlines how to use Google Stackdriver Logging instead of a logging server for application-specific logging.


Load Testing with Locust (Part 2) - Deploying Locust (load testing framework) on Google Container Engine

Cloud Storage

Google Cloud Storage Performance - Article explains different ways to test Google Cloud Storage write/read speed


Using GCP Stackdriver Logging on Google Compute Engine - Step by step tutorial about how to set Stackdriver logging on Google Compute Engine

Cloud Functions

Writing MicroServices with Google Cloud Functions - Tutorial about how to start with Google Cloud Functions


Profiling Kubernetes init time: Google Cloud Performance Atlas - Article describes things that can effect on boot time for containers.


The move to Kubernetes - Thoughts on process of moving infrastructure from AWS / Ansible to Google Cloud Platform / Kubernetes


Big data for training models in the cloud - When there is lots of data to use for training, it's best to use Cloud.

Machine Learning TensorFlow

Intro to text classification with Keras: automatically tagging Stack Overflow posts - Article describes how to build a simple model to predict the tag of a Stack Overflow question.

Cloud ML

Serverless Transfer Learning with Cloud ML Engine and Keras - Using Keras models on Google Compute Engine to classify images.

Cloud Dataprep

Technology Fridays: DataPrep Completes Google Cloud Data Science Pipeline - Few thoughts about Cloud Dataprep and why it is unique offering in PaaS market.

AWS Google Cloud Platform

Serverless Superheroes: Lynn Langit on big data, NoSQL, and Google versus AWS - Thoughts about Serverless, AWS, GCP and related stuff.


Carousell runs online classifieds marketplace that supports millions of MAUs on GCP - Description of how Carousell (mobile classifieds marketplace) is using Google Cloud Platform products

Slides, Videos, Audio


GCP Podcast - #97 Cloud Firestore with Dan McGrath and Alex Dufetel


GCP Online Meetup - 29: Building Dynamic Single Page Apps with GCP & Firebase

Kubernetes Python

Moving our Django Monolith to Google Cloud


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