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There is never too much improvements / articles on security, whether it is App Engine or Cloud Storage or generally Cloud.



App Engine Security

Introducing managed SSL for Google App Engine - Managed SSL for Google App Engine is service which provides certificates and automatic renewal for custom domains at no cost, currently in Beta

Google Cloud Platform

New German GCP region - After Great Britain and Belgium, Germany is next country in Europe to have Google datacenter


With Forseti, Spotify and Google release GCP security tools to open source community - Forseti is an open source toolkit designed to help give security teams the confidence and peace of mind that they have the appropriate security controls in place across Google Cloud Platform

Articles, Tutorials

Cloud Storage Security

4 steps for hardening your Cloud Storage buckets: taking charge of your security - Four tips on how to have secure Google Cloud Storage

App Engine

How to build a website on Google App Engine using a headless CMS like ButterCMS - This tutorial shows you how to manage the content for the online store in Butter, and later retrieve it using the Butter API.

Cloud Pub/Sub Cloud Storage Go

Creating GCS buckets with Slack bots in Go - Designing Slack bot to create Google Cloud Storage buckets

Cloud ML TensorFlow

Serverless predictions at scale - Short tutorial about how to serve TensofFlow models/predictions on Google Cloud ML.

DevOps Kubernetes

Blue/Green Deployments on Kubernetes - How to use Blue/green deployments when rolling update (built in Kubernetes functionality) is not always possible for some applications and cases.

Cloud Bigtable Cloud Storage Compute Engine Google Kubernetes Engine

Using OpenTSDB to Monitor Time-Series Data on Cloud Platform - This tutorial describes how to collect, record, and monitor time-series data on Google Cloud Platform using OpenTSDB running on Google Container Engine and Google Cloud Bigtable.

Cloud Storage

Free Self-Hosted Ghost Blog Part III (GCP Cloud Storage and Cloudflare CDN) - Setting website hosted on Google Cloud Storage and Cloudflare.

Compute Engine GPU Python

Jupyter+Keras+ Nvidia Docker with GPU on Google Cloud in an instant - Kit to create an environment with Jupyter notebook, Keras and Nvidia docker with GPU on google cloud

Cloud Functions

Beyond mobile tracking with Firebase Cloud Functions! - Tracking users with Firebase Cloud Functions


Schlumberger chooses GCP to deliver new oil and gas technology platform - Read how Schlumberger (oil company) is using products from Google Cloud Platform

BigQuery Cloud Dataflow Cloud Datastore

Export BigQuery to Google Datastore with Apache Beam/Google Dataflow

Slides, Videos, Audio


GCP Podcast - Have you ever wanted to know what powers BigQuery under the hood?


BigQuery: Managed storage for analytics - @Scale conference 2017, Jordan Tigani, Software Engineer, Google


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