Welcome to issue #45 August 7th, 2017

In this issue, winner of the most fun article is Using Google BigQuery, Google Cloud Natural Language API and Looker to Work-Out Exactly How Much Mail Online Readers Hate Me. Otherwise as usually different topics related to various Google Cloud Platform products 



Google Cloud Platform

Google Cloud Platform has added a new region in Frankfurt. - After London, Frankfurt is next region in Europe

Compute Engine GPU

Google Cloud Platform at SIGGRAPH 2017 - Related mostly to ZYNC Render Service

Articles, Tutorials


CRE life lessons: What is a dark launch, and what does it do for me? - Dark launch sends a copy of real user-generated traffic to your new service, and discards the result from the new service before it's returned to the user.

Compute Engine

Profiling GCP’s Load Balancers - Analyzing performance of different Load Balancers on Google Compute Engine

Cloud Bigtable Cloud Dataflow

How WePay uses stream analytics for real-time fraud detection using GCP and Apache Kafka - Architecture of WePay (payment company) on Google Cloud Platform

BigQuery Cloud Dataflow

Life of a Cloud Dataflow service-based shuffle - Shuffle implementation (currently in beta) is in the Cloud Dataflow SDK for Java version 2.0. In this post, it's explained and demonstrated the practical impact of the new shuffle on data pipelines using the Opinion Analysis project as an example.

BigQuery Data Studio

The most famous reddit accounts (analyzed with BigQuery) - Analyzing Reddit content to get most influential Reddit users using BigQuery and displaying in Data Studio

BigQuery Cloud Dataflow Cloud Pub/Sub

Traveloka’s journey to stream analytics on Google Cloud Platform - Traveloka recently migrated this pipeline from a legacy architecture to a multi-cloud solution that includes the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) data analytics platform.

BigQuery Cloud Natural Language API

Using Google BigQuery, Google Cloud Natural Language API and Looker to Work-Out Exactly How Much Mail Online Readers Hate Me - Analyzing users comments of article using Natural Language API and displaying results in Locker.


TensorFlow Tutorial For Beginners - Long post explaining basic concepts of Tensorflow

Cloud Vision API

Labelling instagram photos with Google Vision API - Analyzing instagram pictures using Google Cloud Vision using R

Python TensorFlow

TensorFlow Photo x-Ray Object Detection with App Engine - In this part of serial, description how to set up Tensorflow on Google App Engine Flexible is described.

App Engine Go

Deploying scalable Go APIs on Google Cloud - Experience with running Go application on Google App Engine

Cloud Storage

Uploading to Google Cloud Storage using Arc and Phoenix - Simple web application for uploading file to Google Cloud Storage with Phonenix framework (Erlang)


Google DLP API — Sample Groovy (Java) integration client code - Setting up DLP (Data-loss prevention) API with Groovy

Slides, Videos, Audio


GCP Podcast - #88 Kubernetes 1.7 with Tim Hockin

How Bieber broke Google Cloud at Spotify


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