Welcome to issue #36 June 4th, 2017

In Google Compute Engine, number of CPUs and maximum available RAM is now decoupled, so for example now it's possible to create instance with 1 vCPU and 455 GB :) !!!



Google Kubernetes Engine

Compute Engine updates bring Skylake GA, extended memory and more VM flexibility - Lots of exiting news regarding Compute Engine: Newest server generation of Intel processors (Skylake) is Generally Available on Google Cloud, 64 vCPUs machine types are available in all regions, extended memory


Enhancing the Python experience on App Engine - Updating supported Python's versions both for Standard and Flexible GAE

Google Cloud Platform

Oregon region (us-west1) adds third zone, Cloud SQL and Regional Managed Instance Groups

Google Cloud Platform

Google Cloud services are switching Certificate Authority

Articles, Tutorials

Cloud Spanner

From NoSQL to new SQL: How Spanner became a global, mission-critical database - Story of how Spanner was developed

Cloud Dataflow

After Lambda: Exactly-once processing in Cloud Dataflow, Part 2 (Ensuring low latency) - Using graph optimization and Bloom filters, Cloud Dataflow reduces latency of streaming data

Google Kubernetes Engine Kubernetes

Profiling GKE startup time - Investigating startup time for Kubernetes Pods

BigQuery Data Studio

Visualize GCP Billing using BigQuery and Data Studio - Creating detailed billing reports of Google Cloud Platform with Data Studio

BigQuery Cloud Dataflow

BigQuery partitioning with Beam streams - using TableReference functions


Life of a BigQuery streaming insert - In depth article about how streaming inserts work in BigQuery

Cloud Vision API

Exploring the Cloud Vision API - Overiew of things you can do with Cloud Vision API


Benchmarking Firebase IndexOn - Time difference of indexed / not indexed queries in Firebase

Cloud Storage

Console, Json API, gsutil, Cloud Functions - Different ways to interact with Google Cloud Storage

Cloud Functions Firebase

Express.js on Cloud Functions for Firebase - to use middleware


Running Redis Cluster on Kubernetes - How to setup Kubernetes Redis cluster

Cloud SDK

Makefile – Get dynamic values from gcloud - How to easily parse values from gcloud output

Slides, Videos, Audio

Container Builder

GCP Podcast - #79 Container Builder with Christopher Sanson and David Bendory

App Engine

AppEngine: I was serverless, before it was cool Riga Dev Days


Continuous Delivery for Kubernetes on GCP


Native Go Development on GCP with the Context Package

Simple fast way to deploy lamp server on google cloud for wordpress web

Apache Beam and Google Cloud Dataflow

Machine Learning

Machine learning at scale with Google Cloud Platform


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