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Cloud Source Repositories

Cloud Source Repositories: now GA and free for up to five users and 50GB of storage - With General Availability for Google Cloud Repository (hosted Git version control system) new changes are introduced, like bigger storage for free (from 1GB to 50GB) and more


Istio: a modern approach to developing and managing microservices - Istio is joint project of Google, IBM and Lyft to provide open platform to connect, manage and secure microservices

Google Kubernetes Engine

Google Container Engine Course - Course on LinuxAcademy regarding Google Cloud Container

Cloud Speech API

Twilio adds Google’s speech recognition to its voice platform

Articles, Tutorials


Know thy enemy: how to prioritize and communicate risks - CRE life lessons - This time how to identify and mitigate risks in your system

Compute Engine

How we got the most from our build boxes on Google Cloud Platform and also saved money - Running auto scaling Jenkins jobs on Google Compute Engine

Compute Engine

Improving GCE boot times with custom images - Tips and tricks how to improve Google Compute Engine boot time

Compute Engine

Hosting multiple websites on Single Google Cloud Compute Engine

BigQuery Data Studio

Analyze your Amazon Web Services (AWS) Bills w/Google BigQuery & Data Studio - Step by step tutorial about how to export billing data from AWS to GCP, load to BigQuery and display in Data Studio


How To Make Learning Google Cloud and BigQuery Easy - Pre-built Docker Image With Google Cloud SDK and BigQuery goodness

Cloud Functions

Server Side Rendered React on Google Cloud Functions


Beware Firebase project limits


BigQuery now has 10 GB of free storage, and 1 TB of free monthly queries (try it today) - In free BigQuery tier is now included 10GB of data storage

Docker Google Cloud Platform

Rewriting moviegolf.com - Rewriting website on Google Cloud Platform


The Delightful Stackdriver Debugger

Slides, Videos, Audio


GCP Podcast - #78 Firebase at I/O 2017 with James Tamplin and Andrew Lee


Controlling Your Organization With HashiCorp Terraform and Google Cloud Platform


RailsConf 2017: Google Cloud Love Ruby by Remi Taylor

Compute Engine

Faster Compute Engine boot time with custom images


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