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BigQuery Data Analytics Official Blog

Announcing preview of BigQuery’s native support for semi-structured data - With BigQuery’s native JSON support, customers can now write to BigQuery without worrying about future changes to their data.

Business Official Blog Security

Raising the bar in Security Operations: Google Acquires Siemplify - Google has acquired Siemplify, a leading security orchestration, automation and response (SOAR) provider. Siemplify will join Google Cloud’s security team to help companies better manage their threat response.

Articles, Tutorials

Infrastructure, Networking, Security, Kubernetes

Anthos Official Blog

Five do’s and don’ts CSPs should know about going cloud-native - Expert advice from operators and network provider partners on how to do cloud-native right.

Cloud Load Balancing Networking Traffic Director

Understand GCP 7+ types of load balancers and their limitations in less than 10 minutes - Make Google Cloud Platform networking technologies much easier to understand.

Cloud Armor Cloud Load Balancing Cloud Run Cloud Storage

Geofencing a Globally Load Balanced service on GCP using Cloud Armor - Using Cloud Armor to geofence a website/service running on GCP using Cloud Run, Google Cloud Storage and the Global HTTP(S) Load Balancer.

Cloud Armor

Configure Google Cloud Armor using OpenAPI - A tool for generating Cloud Armor security policies from OpenAPI 3 specifications.


GCP — Cloud Security Best Practices for Enterprises - A list of security best practices.

Artifact Registry Cloud Build Docker

Cloud Build, Docker and Artifact Registry: CI/CD Pipelines with Private Packages - Accessing Artifact Registry from the Docker container.

Cloud Code GKE Autopilot

GKE Autopilot and Cloud Code - Working with GKE Autopilot from Cloud Code.

App Development, Serverless, Databases, DevOps

Beginner Cloud Logging Python Stackdriver

How to Write Logs to Google Cloud Logging in Python? - This tutorial explains how to write logs from the application to Cloud Logging with Python.

App Engine

Understanding and optimization of Google App Engine’s automatic scaling - This article examines Google App Engine’s automatic scaling configuration options.

Cloud Scheduler Docker R

Automate R code in the Cloud - In this tutorial, you will learn how to create a Docker container containing R script and schedule it.

Big Data, Analytics, ML&AI

Big Data Data Analytics

10 reasons why you are not ready to adopt data mesh - The goal of this article is to encourage constructive conversations around Data Mesh adoption by describing where Data Mesh may not be the right solution.

CI Cloud Dataflow

Dataflow CI/CD with Github actions - CI/CD of Dataflow pipeline job using Gitub actions.

Cloud Data Fusion

Cloud Data Fusion: Customizing Compute Profiles at Runtime - This article explains how to set up compute profiles for Dataproc used in Data Fusion.

BigQuery Data Analytics

SQL String Templating in BigQuery: Four Methods - Powerful foundational techniques to help unlock the power of BigQuery scripting and automation.

Airflow BigQuery Python

Why I built the python-bigquery-validator package - A tool to verify Jinja templated SQL queries used in Apache Airflow.

Airflow Compute Engine

Setup Apache Airflow in Multiple Nodes in Google Cloud Platform - Set up manually multinode Airflow instance on Compute Engine.

Machine Learning Official Blog PyTorch TPU

PyTorch/XLA: Performance debugging on TPU-VM part 1 - We present the fundamentals of the performance analysis of PyTorch on Cloud TPUs and discuss a performance analysis case study.

Docker Vertex AI

Vertex AI custom containers for the deployment of ML models - This blog post shows how to create your own custom container and deploy it on Vertex AI.


Anthos GCP Certification Official Blog

Are you a multicloud engineer yet? The case for building skills on more than one cloud - Multicloud fluency — proficiency and certification in two major cloud providers (Google Cloud, AWS, Microsoft Azure) — can help your career.

Machine Learning

A Comprehensive Study Guide for the Google Professional Machine Learning Engineer Certification - How to prepare for one of the top certifications for Machine Learning Engineers.

GCP Certification

Book Review: Professional Cloud Architect Google Cloud Certification Guide


BigQuery - BigQuery standard SQL now supports the JSON data type for storing JSON data.

Cloud Monitoring - You can now collect MySQL metrics from the Ops Agent, starting with version 2.8.0. You can now collect Memcached metrics from the Ops Agent, starting with version 2.8.0. You can now collect MariaDB metrics from the Ops Agent, starting with version 2.8.0. Starting with version 2.8.0, the Ops Agent supports Ubuntu 21.10.

SAP Solutions - Storage Manager for SAP HANA Standby Nodes version 2.3 Version 2.3 of the Storage Manager for SAP HANA Standby Nodes is now available.

Vertex AI - You can now use a pre-built container to perform custom training with PyTorch 1.10.

Virtual Private Cloud - By default, Google Cloud blocks egress packets sent to TCP destination port 25 of an external IP address (including an external IP address of another Google Cloud resource).

Workflows - Workflows can invoke Cloud Functions or Cloud Run services that have ingress restricted to internal traffic.


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