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BigQuery Data Analytics Machine Learning Official Blog

What’s new in BigQuery ML: non-linear model types and model export - Check out new non-linear machine learning (ML) model types built into cloud data warehouse BigQuery, along with ML model export capabilities.

Billing Official Blog

Money matters: Automating your Cloud Billing budgets - Cloud Billing’s new budgeting and automation capabilities make it easier to create, track and enforce custom budgets across Google Cloud.

Google Cloud Platform Official Blog

Five behaviours for digital diffusion in EMEA—Google Cloud Public Sector Summit - Many governments across Europe, the Middle East, and Africa (EMEA) followed a common set of behaviours that helped the public sector diffuse digital technology within their organisations.

Articles, Tutorials

Infrastructure, Networking, Security, Kubernetes

AWS Azure Google Cloud Platform

Are native cloud migration and DR tools so ideal or why do independent vendors still exist? - A bit critical look at migration tools offered by cloud providers.

Anthos Terraform

Deploying to Microk8s with Anthos Config Management - Connecting Anthos to Microk8s Kubernetes platform.

Anthos Official Blog

You do you: How to succeed in a distributed, multi-cloud world - How a CIO should prepare developers for a multi-cloud feature.

Beginner DevOps Docker Google Kubernetes Engine Java Kubernetes

A Kubernetes Tale: Part II — Gotta Kubernetise ’em all - This tutorial helps you to create your first cluster on GKE and deploy Java application.

Secret Manager Security

Share your secrets between your teams and applications with Secret Manager on Google Cloud Platform - Explanation of how to use Secret Manager on GCP to share your secrets between your teams and applications.

App Development, Serverless, Databases, DevOps

Cloud Run Official Blog Serverless Terraform

Serverless load balancing with Terraform: The hard way - What Cloud Load Balancer integration means for Cloud Run, and how to build a load balancer from scratch using Terraform resources.

Database Migration Service Official Blog

Closing the gap: Migration completeness when using Database Migration Service - Learn what is and isn't included when migrating a MySQL database to Cloud SQL using Database Migration Service (DMS).

Cloud IoT IoT

Pharma Manufacturing with Google Cloud - Architectural decisions and how to implement one of the lowest latency architectures on the Google Cloud platform for a manufacturing use case.

Cloud Load Balancing

GCP Managed SSL and Cloudflare [Basic] - Managed SSL Certificate GCP for external HTTPS Load Balancer with Cloudflare DNS.

App Engine CI Cloud Build

Automated CI/CD Deployment to App Engine with Cloud Build - Automated CI/CD Deployment to App Engine with Cloud Build for GitHub repository.

AWS Cloud Storage

Move data from AWS S3 to GCP Cloud Storage using AWS Lambda and GCP Storage Transfer Service - Using two different methods to synchronize data from an AWS S3 bucket to a GCP Cloud Storage bucket.

Google Cloud Platform

Google Cloud Console Color Changer - This Chrome extension makes it easy to configure different GCP projects to have their own color so you don't confuse Dev and Prod environments.

BigQuery Cloud Storage

Tool for GCP to Backup BigQuery Datasets and GCS Buckets - Penelope is a tool, which allows you to backup data stored in GCP automatically. You can create backups from BigQuery datasets and tables as well as from Cloud Storage buckets within Google Cloud Storage.

Big Data, Analytics, ML&AI

Apache Beam Cloud Dataflow

Dataflow /Apache Beam— Almost all you need to know - Use a unified programming model for both batch and streaming use cases — and run in a serverless fashion on Google Cloud.

Billing Data Science

Isolating trends in public cloud costs using time-series analysis - AWS or Google Cloud costs can be often somewhat confusing and it’s hard to “cut through the noise” to see what really matters.

Compute Engine Kubeflow Kubernetes

Kubeflow on a GCP’s VM with minikube - Beginner’s Step-by-Step guide to get Kubeflow running in a GCP’s VM with minikube.

AI Platform Data Science Machine Learning

Google Cloud AI Platform: Human Data labeling-as-a-Service Part 2 - Exploring Google’s (human) Data Labelling Service for Advanced Video Labelling.

AI Platform Cloud AutoML Data Science Kaggle

Kaggle: Man vs Machine - Using AI Platform to identify healthy plants in Kaggle competition.

DevOps Kubeflow Machine Learning

How to efficiently grow your all-around ML capability, from R&D to production! - This blog post explores the current MLOps landscape, open-source tools, and various offerings available on Google Cloud Platform.


GCP Certification

GCP Professional Data Engineer Guide — Autumn 2020 Pattern - Topics to focus on when preparing for the Data Engineer certification exam.

AI Platform GCP Certification Machine Learning TensorFlow

Google Professional Machine Learning Engineer Exam: What to Expect - Sharing experience of preparing and taking Machine Learning certificate exam.

GCP Certification

How to Crack the Google Cloud Professional Data Engineer Exam in 1 Month (December 2020) - Which resources to use when preparing for the Data Engineer certification exam.

Slides, Videos, Audio

AI Document AI

Google Doc AI Case Study: Taking AI to Product - Sudheera Vanguri, Head of Product Management for Language & Document AI at Google Cloud! Sudheera shares her journey to become a PM at Google and her process for taking early stage AI and putting it into products at Google Cloud.


Productionizing ML with ML Ops and Cloud AI - Productionizing ML with ML Ops and Cloud AI - Kaz Sato, Google.

Cloud Run Serverless

CloudConf 2020 - Serverless Containers with Knative and Cloud Run - by Mete Atamel Developer Advocate @ Google.



BigQuery ML - BigQuery ML integration with AI Platform for Boosted Tree models is now generally available (GA). BigQuery ML integration with AI Platform for Deep Neural Network (DNN) models is now generally available (GA). Exporting BigQuery ML models to Cloud Storage and using them for online prediction is now generally available (GA).

Cloud Composer - Cloud Composer is now available in Los Angeles (us-west2).

Compute Engine - New sole-tenant node types: GA: c2-node-60-240 m1-node-160-3844 m2-node-416-11776 n2-node-80-640 n2d-node-224-896 Beta: m1-node-96-1433.

Config Connector - Config Connector version 1.31.0 is now available. Added support for the ComputeTargetGRPCProxy resource. Added support for the ResourceManagerLien resource. Fixed issue where IAMPolicyMember and IAMPolicy resources cannot be deleted if an invalid configuration is applied (such as referencing a non-existent resource). Fixed issue where notificationConfig.pubsub.topicRef was not usable.

Dialogflow - The Dialogflow CX test cases feature is now launched and documented.

IAM - IAM Conditions: Starting on February 26, 2021, if a permission check encounters an unsupported attribute in a conditional role binding, it will never interpret that part of the condition as granting access.

Istio on GKE - 1.4.x & 1.6.x. Upgrading the cluster to GKE versions 1.17 and higher causes the built-in ingress gateway to be unavailable for approximately 5 minutes during the upgrade process.

Google Kubernetes Engine - The November 17, 2020 release removed the following GKE versions. Version 1.16.13-gke.401 is no longer available. Version 1.19.3-gke.1500 is no longer available. Version 1.16.13-gke.401 is no longer available in the Stable channel. Version 1.17.12-gke.1504 is no longer available in the Regular channel. Version 1.18.10-gke.1500 is no longer available in the Rapid channel. This note was updated on November 24, 2020. GKE cluster versions have been updated. The following Kubernetes versions are now available for new clusters and for opt-in master upgrades and node upgrades for existing clusters. No channel Note: Your clusters might not have these versions available. You can now use balanced persistent disks (pd-balanced) as a GKE node boot disk type.

Cloud Monitoring - If you created Slack notification channels after October 25, 2020, your channels are not receiving notifications.


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