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Apigee Official Blog

Google Cloud named a Leader in the 2019 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Full Life Cycle API Management for the fourth consecutive time - Google Cloud’s Apigee is once again a Leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Full Life Cycle API Management.

Official Blog

Compute Engine or Kubernetes Engine? New trainings teach you the basics of architecting on Google Cloud - New trainings are available to help developers and IT practitioners learn the fundamentals of running virtual machines on demand using Compute Engine

Articles, Tutorials

Infrastructure, Networking, Security, Kubernetes

Data Loss Prevention API Official Blog Security

Take charge of your data: Scan for sensitive data in just a few clicks - Cloud Data Loss Protection (DLP) now includes a user interface from which you can easily protect sensitive data.

Official Blog Resources Manager Security

Protecting your GCP infrastructure at scale with Forseti Config Validator part two: Scanning for labels - Learn how to create and use GCP labels with Forseti and Config Validator to scan for unsafe infrastructure configurations that violate your security policies

.NET Google Kubernetes Engine Kubernetes

Zero downtime deployments of .NET Core Web API on GKE - Deploying .NET Core APIs with zero downtime on GKE.

Compute Engine DevOps Terraform

Updating instances in a GCP Managed Instance Group with Terraform - Using Terraform to update the Instance Group configuration for a group of Compute Engine VMs.

App Development, Serverless, Databases, DevOps

App Engine Go

Surviving traffic spike from Hacker News: my dreaded Google Cloud invoice - What is the real price of handling Hacker News traffic spike?

App Engine NodeJS

How-To deploy a Single Page Application and its backend to Google App Engine - Deploying frontend and backend NodeJS application on Google App Engine.

App Engine Cloud Functions Cloud Run Serverless

Journey to Serverless on Google Cloud Platform - Overview of Serverless compute possibilities on GCP.

Cloud Run Docker Gitlab NodeJS Serverless

Serverless Docker using Google Cloud Run - Deploy your Docker containers in the cloud effortlessly using Cloud Run and GitLab CI / CD.

Cloud Run Docker gRPC

☁️Serverless gRPC with Cloud Run - Using newly introduced support of gRPC in Cloud Run.

DevOps Docker Firebase

Deploying a site to Firebase Hosting using Google Cloud Build, Hugo, and Docsy - Using Cloud Build to deploy a static website on Firebase.

Cloud Pub/Sub Java Official Blog

Push configuration with zero downtime using Cloud Pub/Sub and Spring Framework - Learn how to use Cloud Pub/Sub to keep configuration up to date with Spring Cloud Config and Spring Cloud Bus.


Explore Knative Eventing - Experimenting with Knative Eventing by processing events from Minio object storage.

Istio Knative

Enable HTTPS of Knative Serving Services for On-Prem OpenShift - Enabling HTTPS for the services of Knative Serving in the OpenShift.

Go Knative Kubernetes Serverless

Deploy Knative Service directly from source code using Kaniko / Ko - Using kaniko and ko, to deploy Kantive serverless cluster directly from source code without building image locally.

Big Data, Analytics, ML&AI

BigQuery Google Maps Platform Official Blog

How to build your first Google Maps Platform integration with deck.gl - This walkthrough shows you how to build your first Google Maps Platform integration with deck.gl and leaves you with boilerplate code to work from for future visualizations.

Big Data IoT

IoT Data Pipelines in GCP, multiple ways — Part 1 - Three part series about IoT Data pipelines in Google Cloud Platform.

BigQuery Cloud Data Fusion

How I used Google Cloud Data Fusion to create a data warehouse — Part 1 - Experience with using Google Data Fusion.

BigQuery Cloud Pub/Sub

Live Ethereum and Bitcoin Data in Google BigQuery and Pub/Sub - The crypto_ethereum and crypto_bitcoin datasets in BigQuery are now updated in near real-time and possible to subscribe to public PubSub topics.

Big Data BigQuery

Plus Codes (Open Location Code) and Scripting in Google BigQuery - A closer look at why Plus Codes are important, and using Google BigQuery scripting to encode them!

Predicting Taxi fares in NYC using Google Cloud AI Platform(Billion + rows) Part 1 - Creating a Machine Learning model to estimate taxi fares in New York City using a dataset corresponding to taxi rides which is hosted in BigQuery.



Cloud Naming Convention - Tips for clear naming of cloud resources.

Data Analytics GCP Experience Official Blog

S4 Agtech picks Google Cloud to transform agricultural risk management - See how S4 Agtech is using Google Cloud to speed up data analytics for farmers to improve crop yields and other agricultural innovations.

AWS Billing

AWS vs Google Cloud Pricing — A Comprehensive Look - Comparison of AWS and GCP pricing.

Slides, Videos, Audio

GCP Podcast - #198 SeMI Technologies with Laura Ham

Kubernetes Podcast - #74 Community and Contributor Experience, with Jorge Castro



Access Context Manager - Access Context Manager's v1alpha API is re-enabled.

Cloud DNS - Private DNS User Facing Query Logging and Monitoring is available in General Availability.

Cloud Composer - New versions of Cloud Composer images: composer-1.7.7-airflow-1.9.0, composer-1.7.7-airflow-1.10.1, and composer-1.7.7-airflow-1.10.2. The ODBC Linux driver (unixodbc-dev) is now included by default in the Cloud Composer images. New environments will use regional buckets instead of multi-regional.

Config Connector - New gcp category in CRDs, so you can view Config Connector resources via kubectl get gcp.

Google Cloud Memorystore for Redis - Added new Cloud Memorystore for Redis regions: Osaka (asia-northeast2) and Zurich (europe-west6).

AI Platform - M36 release TF 2.0 image is out of experimental. What-If Tool (witwidget) upgraded to 1.4.2 for TF 1.x images.

Cloud AutoML Vision - Image Classification Beta Refresh Image Classification Beta Refresh has been released. Model deployment & undeployment Starting with this release, users must deploy their trained models before they are able to make predictions with them.

Cloud Dataflow - Python streaming for Apache Beam SDK 2.16 or higher is generally available. Python 3 support for Apache Beam SDK 2.16.0 or higher is now generally available. Cloud Dataflow Shuffle and Streaming Engine are now available in two additional regions: us-west1 (Oregon) asia-east1 (Taiwan).

BigQuery - The RANGE_BUCKET mathematical function has been added.

Kubernetes Engine - 1.14.6-gke.1 is now available in the Regular release channel.

Kubernetes Engine - v1.13.10-gke.0 is now available in the Stable release channel.

Compute Engine - You can now create a VM instance from a persistent disk snapshot in the API or the gcloud tool.

Cloud Life Sciences - Cloud Life Sciences (formerly Google Genomics) is available in beta today with release version v2beta. Cloud Life Sciences is available in the us-central1 (Iowa) region.


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