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Artificial Intelligence is everywhere, including Google's datacenters... to suggest more secure and cost-effective usage. And AutoML gets various updates. Enjoy the rest of the articles.



AI Machine Learning Official Blog

Announcing updates to AutoML Vision Edge, AutoML Video, and Video Intelligence API - Enhancements to AI vision and video intelligence portfolio to help even more customers take advantage of machine learning.

Google Cloud Platform Official Blog

Optimize your Google Cloud environment with new AI-based recommenders - Google Cloud offers several recommends to help you optimize your environment for cost, security and performance.

Official Blog Stackdriver

Extending Stackdriver Logging across clouds and providers with new BindPlane integration - Stackdriver Logging, with BlueMedora’s BindPlane, can now pull in lots of new log sources, including generic logs, so you can gather metrics across clouds and sources.

Articles, Tutorials

Infrastructure, Networking, Security, Kubernetes

Official Blog SRE

Transitioning a typical engineering ops team into an SRE powerhouse - Moving a network operations team to an SRE-driven model took some time, but was well worth the effort, as teams can focus on reliability rather than hardware.

Official Blog

Take time for discovery and assessment—and consider a partner—for a successful cloud migration - Cloud migration partners can help smooth the discovery and assessment path to set you up for successful cloud migration.

Data Loss Prevention API Official Blog

4 steps to stop data exfiltration with Google Cloud - How to enable and use Cloud DLP to stop data exfiltration.

Official Blog Security

Don't get pwned: practicing the principle of least privilege - 5 tips for minimizing the surface area of exposed resources on GCP, using the principle of least privilege and other techniques, and defending against attacks.

Cloud Security Command Center Official Blog Security

Detect and respond to high-risk threats in your logs with Google Cloud - Event Threat Detection—a feature in Cloud Security Command Center—lets you detect and respond to high-risk and costly threats in your logs.


What is Google Cloud Anthos’ promise for hybrid & multi-cloud environments? - Overview of Anthos.

App Development, Serverless, Databases, DevOps

Cloud Storage Official Blog

Archive media for the long term with preservation masters - Find best practices here for creating media preservation masters using Google Cloud Storage to store media for the long term, even if formats become obsolete.


Demo of Application Routing of Knative Serving - This article describes a sample application and how to visually demonstrate the Knative serving routing features with it.

Cloud SQL

Moving to Google Cloud SQL the right way - Overview of things to consider before migrating database to Cloud SQL.

Cloud Run Go Serverless

Hacking Google Cloud Run - Using Cloud Run to run long background tasks.

API Cloud Endpoints Cloud Functions Cloud Run

Share and Secure your Cloud Services: An Introduction to Cloud Endpoints - The article goes through step by step process of exposing APIs through Cloud Endpoints.

Cloud Storage

Using the gsutil command - The article goes through performing basic tasks in Cloud Storage using the gsutil command-line tool.

Kubernetes Stackdriver

GCP Goodies Part 6— Stackdriver Tracing - Using Stackdriver Tracing for microservice-based architecture.

Java Kubernetes Stackdriver

GCP Goodies Part 7— Stackdriver Profiler - How to install an agent and start up a profiler on any JVM based application running in Kubernetes. Profiling can help you discover new information about your applications.

Big Data, Analytics, ML&AI

BigQuery Data Analytics Official Blog

How to manage BigQuery flat-rate slots within a project - Learn how to manage slots when using BigQuery’s flat-rate pricing, so you can run queries specific to applications within the same project.


Data Warehouse storage or a data lake? Why not both? - Is BigQuery more data lake or data warehouse? This article explains concepts and properties.


BigQuery Table Comparison - Examples of queries to compare 2 tables in BigQuery.

Apache Beam Big Data BigQuery

Type safe BigQuery in Apache Beam with Spotify’s Scio - Using Scala's Beam library for type-safe queries in BigQuery.

BigQuery Data Analytics

Multi-Session & Multi-Channel Funnel Reporting in Google Analytics BigQuery - Using data from Google Analytics API in BigQuery.

BigQuery Data Studio

Implementing DataStudio Dashboards with Goal Markers - Visualizing data from BigQuery views in Data Studio.

AI Platform Docker Serverless

How to run serverless batch jobs on Google Cloud - Use AI Platform for functions that take longer than a couple of minutes.

Apache Beam Cloud Dataflow GCP Experience

Realtime data processing with Apache Beam and Google Dataflow at Dailymotion - How Dailymotion (video platform) is collecting, processing and redistributing billions of events across systems in realtime using Apache Beam framework and Google Cloud Dataflow.

BigQuery Cloud Composer Cloud Dataproc

Running Spark on Dataproc and loading to BigQuery using Apache Airflow - Example of Airflow data pipeline setup for Dataproc and BigQuery.

BigQuery Data Analytics Official Blog

What’s the weather like? Using Colab to get more out of BigQuery - Use BigQuery and Colab, plus Python, to explore weather datasets to make data science predictions.

AWS BigQuery Cloud Dataflow

Creating an Elasticsearch to BigQuery Data Pipeline - Connecting data resources through a pipeline across AWS and GCP.


AI Official Blog

Accelerating industry transformation with the power of AI - How enterprises across every industry are using the cloud to build highly customized solutions and apply AI to accelerate business transformation.


Google Cloud Worth $225 Billion, Deutsche Bank Says

GCP Certification

How to Become a Google Certified Associate Cloud Engineer in 4 Simple Steps - Tips for the Associate Cloud Engineer exam.

Slides, Videos, Audio

GCP Podcast - #197 Qubit with Matthew Tamsett and Ravi Upreti

Kubernetes Podcast - #73 CRDs, Extensibility and API Machinery, with Daniel Smith

Scaling Multiplayer Game Servers with Kubernetes - Mark Mandel, Google Cloud Platform



Interconnect - 100G ports for Dedicated Interconnect is Generally Available. 20G and 50G interconnect attachments for Dedicated Interconnect or Partner Interconnect are Generally Available.

Dialogflow - You can now create session entities with fulfillment. You can now disable automatic agent training.

Cloud Deployment Manager - You can now use the gcp-types/compute-v1:externalVpnGateways type to create Compute Engine v1 ExternalVpnGateway resources. You can now use the gcp-types/compute-v1:vpnGateways type to create Compute Engine v1 VpnGateway resources. The walkthrough of Deployment Manager's best practices has been updated, with an optional interactive version that runs in Cloud Shell.

Cloud Dataproc - Announcing the General Availability (GA) release of Cloud Dataproc Autoscaling.

Cloud NAT - The ability to Drain NAT IP addresses is available in General Availability.

BigQuery - The ability to use scripting, stored procedures, and temporary tables is now in Beta. Updated versions of Magnitude Simba JDBC and ODBC drivers have been released.


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