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Improvements for Text to Speech and reverse, Ruby on App Engine Standard GA, Knative overviews and many other interesting articles.



App Engine Official Blog

Ruby support comes to App Engine standard environment - Support for Ruby is now generally available of App Engine standard environment.

Data Analytics Official Blog

New release of Cloud Storage Connector for Hadoop: Improving performance, throughput and more - The latest release of the Google Cloud Storage Connector for Hadoop makes it even easier to substitute your HDFS with Cloud Storage for high performance.

Official Blog

Now in beta: Managed Service for Microsoft Active Directory (AD) - Managed Service for Microsoft Active Directory (AD) is now available in public beta.

Monitoring Official Blog Stackdriver

Spot slow MySQL queries fast with Stackdriver Monitoring - Use Stackdriver Monitoring and Logging to quickly see why your MySQL or CloudSQL for MySQL queries are running slowly.

Cloud Speech API Official Blog

Using Google Cloud Speech-to-Text to transcribe your Twilio calls in real-time - It’s now easier than ever to integrate live call data with Google Cloud’s Speech-to-Text using Twilio’s Media Streams.

Official Blog

Cloud Text-to-Speech expands its number of voices by nearly 70%, now covering 32 languages and variants - With today’s updates, Cloud Text-to-Speech developers can now reach millions more people across numerous countries with their applications—with many more languages to come.

BigQuery Data Analytics Official Blog

What’s happening in BigQuery: Adding speed and flexibility with 10x streaming quota, Cloud SQL federation and more - The latest updates for Google Cloud’s BigQuery data warehouse include a streaming quota increase, automatic re-clustering, and lots more features.

GCP Certification Official Blog

Google Cloud and Pluralsight: Powering cloud skills at scale - With over 15 new Google Cloud courses on topics like cloud infrastructure, data engineering, and machine learning, our expanded curriculum on Pluralsight can increase tech skill development for businesses across the globe.

Cloud Security Command Center Official Blog

5 steps to improve your cloud security posture with Cloud Security Command Center - Learn how to get started using Cloud Security Command Center to protect your Google Cloud environment.

Articles, Tutorials

Infrastructure, Networking, Security, Kubernetes

Anthos Kubernetes Official Blog

Kubernetes security audit: What GKE and Anthos users need to know - Read about the implications of the first Kubernetes security audit on GKE and Anthos.

Compute Engine IAM Security

GCP Compute Engine & Resource Level Access Control - Article describes how to assign users to specific Compute Engine resources.

App Development, Serverless, Databases, DevOps

Cloud Run Kubernetes NodeJS

Cloud Run Using Pubsub Triggers - Demonstrating Cloud Run triggered by PubSub.

AWS Cloud Storage

Storage transfer from AWS S3 to GCS using API, Solution to insufficient permission error on the… - The article explains how to use Storage Transfer API with Python's client library to transfer data from S3 AWS to Cloud Storage.

Cloud Firestore Go Kubernetes

Using Google Firestore for a Golang backend application - Example of using Cloud Firestore with Golang client.


Deconstructing Chatbots: How to create FAQ Chatbot with Dialogflow - In this article, you'll learn how to use Dialogflow to convert a FAQ document into a conversational experience.

Cloud Storage

Easily parallelize very large scale gsutil operations (deletes, copies, rsync’s, moves) - Tips and tricks for Cloud Storage when dealing with large number of files.

Knative Kubernetes Serverless

Knative — Kubernetes-native PaaS with Serverless - Overview of Knative with the example of deploying to GKE.

Knative Kubernetes Serverless

Self-Serverless: Why Run Knative Functions on Your Kubernetes Cluster? - Explore six patterns of dev/ops requirements that are driving the adoption of Knative and FaaS on Kubernetes

Knative Kubernetes Serverless

Migrating from Knative Build to Tekton Pipelines - Tekton Pipelines as an alternative for deprecated Knative Build.

Cloud Firestore Cloud Run Python Tutorial

Building a Flask CRUD API with Cloud Firestore and Deploying on Cloud Run. - Deploying CRUD web app on Cloud Run which is using Cloud Firestore as database.

Cloud Run Firebase Python

Hosting Flask servers on Firebase from scratch - Demonstration of Firebase Hosting with Cloud Run.

Google Cloud Platform

Solution: Rate-limiting strategies and techniques - Solution guide explains why rate limiting is used, describes strategies and techniques for rate limiting, and explains where rate limiting is relevant for Google Cloud Platform products

Cloud Storage Firebase NodeJS

Using the new list API in Cloud Storage for Firebase - Demonstration of new "listing" feature for Firebase Cloud Storage.

Cloud Functions NodeJS

Express Routing with Google Cloud Functions - Using Functions Framework with Express routing.

Big Data, Analytics, ML&AI

Apache Beam Cloud Dataflow

Data engineering lessons from Google AdSense: using streaming joins in a recommendation system - The transition from batch to streaming processing for AdSense, applicable for Beam and Cloud Dataflow.

AI BigQuery Cloud ML Official Blog

How to quickly solve machine learning forecasting problems using Pandas and BigQuery - Learn how to quickly solve machine learning forecasting problems using Pandas, BigQuery, and Google Cloud AI Platform.

BigQuery Data Analytics Official Blog

Expanding your patent set with ML and BigQuery - You can use BigQuery and Python to perform faster patent landscaping.

Apache Beam Big Data BigQuery Cloud Dataflow

Trimming down over 95% of your BigQuery costs using File Loads - Using BigQuery load jobs in Beam instead of streaming to reduce costs.

BigQuery Data Science Python

Slow BigQuery results no more - How the use of BigQuery Storage API improves the speed of results retrieving from BigQuery.


Nearest neighbor in BigQuery GIS - Queries to find an item from some dataset nearest to each item in another dataset.


Podcast Analytics with BigQuery - Doing podcast analytics in BigQuery.

BigQuery Dialogflow

Deconstructing Chatbots: How to integrate Dialogflow with BigQuery - Writing data from Dialogflow fulfillment to BigQuery.


GCP Experience Google Kubernetes Engine Official Blog

Music to their ears: microservices on GKE, Preemptible VMs improved Musiio’s efficiency by 7000% - By using GKE and preemptible VMs on Google Cloud, Musiio was able to dramatically improve the efficiency of its microservices-based environment.

GCP Certification

How I passed GCP Professional Cloud Architect exam during this summer - With no prior GCP experience

Slides, Videos, Audio

GCP Podcast - #192 Cloud Bigtable with Billy Jacobson

Kubernetes Podcast - #68 Container Camp, with Angie Maguire



Cloud Billing - Set budget alerts on projects and products. Billing Navigation—Invoices renamed to Documents: The Invoices page in the GCP Billing Console has been renamed to Documents.

Google Cloud Composer - Cloud Composer is now available in Sydney (australia-southeast1) and Montreal (northamerica-northeast1). New versions of Cloud Composer images: composer-1.7.5-airflow-1.9.0, composer-1.7.5-airflow-1.10.1, and composer-1.7.5-airflow-1.10.2. Fixed unwanted error output from scheduler pod in Private IP Composer environments.


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