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I'm adding section Releases, where will be reported weekly releases for GCP products and short summary. Full information is on the release page for every product. Based on the feedback, I am also splitting articles into several subsections to make it more structured and readable. Hope this will improve quality and readability. 



BigQuery Cloud SQL Official Blog

New GCP database options to power your enterprise workloads - Here’s what’s new in cloud databases at Google Cloud Next Tokyo ‘19, including SQL Server, Elasticsearch, and federated query updates.

Infrastructure Networking Official Blog

Driving enterprise modernization with Google Cloud infrastructure - Google Cloud has new features to help you migrate to Compute Engine. Plus, Traffic Director is GA, and Layer 7 Internal Load Balancer is in beta.

Official Blog

VMware Cloud Foundation comes to Google Cloud - Announcing Google Cloud VMware Solution by CloudSimple.

Official Blog

APIs take root as the path for healthcare interoperability - Google, alongside Amazon, IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, and Salesforce, supports efforts from ONC and CMS to champion greater interoperability and patient access.


Upgrade your Firebase project to our next generation of app analytics capabilities! - Integration of Firebase and Google Analytics.

Articles, Tutorials

Infrastructure, Networking, Security, Kubernetes

Kubernetes Security

Secrets Management in a Cloud Agnostic World - Overview of how to approach secret management in Kubernetes.


Confluent Kafka Kubernetes Operator — Setup and Playing! - Deploying clustered and secured Apache Kafka in Kubernetes.

Istio Knative Kubernetes Serverless

Migrating from Kubernetes Deployment to Knative Serving - Comparison of deployment files for Knative and Kubernetes Deployment.

Docker Knative Kubernetes Serverless

Serverless on Kubernetes - The top 6 frameworks you really need to know about

CI DevOps GCP Experience Kubernetes

Sailing Toward Continuous Deployment on Google Cloud with Spinnaker - Experience with using Spinnaker for Continous Integration.

Cloud Storage Docker Google Kubernetes Engine

CronJob to Backup MySQL on GKE. - Steps to create a CronJob in Google Kubernetes Engine to perform MySQL backup on Google Cloud Storage.

App Development, Serverless, Databases, DevOps

Cloud Functions Firebase Serverless

Understanding Firebase Cloud Functions and Triggers - Overview of Cloud Functions Firebase triggers.

Cloud Firestore

“Why is my Cloud Firestore query slow?” - Some of the most common reasons that Cloud Firestore might seem slow, and what you can do to fix them.

AWS Serverless

Serverless contact form handling for static websites - How to setup create contact form for static website without any server or cost.

Cloud Functions Cloud Run Serverless

Cloud Run VS Cloud Functions: What’s the lowest cost? - Comparing pricing between Cloud Run and Cloud Functions for different scenarios.

CI Cloud Run Knative

Continuous Delivery in Google Cloud Platform—Cloud Run with Kubernetes Engine - Setting a Continuous Delivery pipeline for Cloud Run app on GKE.

Cloud Functions Cloud Scheduler Compute Engine GCP Certification

Houston, we have a problem - Using Cloud Scheduler and Cloud Functions to check regularly for billing status.

Big Data, Analytics, ML&AI

Big Data BigQuery

Efficient Aggregation, Roll-ups with BigQuery HyperLogLog++ functions - Description of incremental count distinct processing using BigQuery’s HyperLogLog++ functions and how they provide fast, scalable, incremental processing properties.


Know Datajoins, Jump over Pitfalls! - Overview of QwikLabs for BigQuery focus on joining data.

BigQuery Machine Learning

Binary Logistic Regression with BigQuery ML - Using BigQuery ML to train and predict diabetes.

BigQuery Machine Learning

Getting Started with BigQuery Machine Learning (BQML) - Example of using BigQuery ML on Google Analytics open dataset.

BigQuery Cloud Functions Cloud Pub/Sub Dataflow Python

Copy data from Pub/Sub to BigQuery - Inserting data from PubSub to BigQuery with Cloud Functions.

AI Cloud Composer Machine Learning Python

Machine Learning Operations (MLOps) Pipeline using Google Cloud Composer - Example of setting a ML pipeline on GCP.

AI Platform Notebooks BigQuery Machine Learning TensorFlow

Predicting the publisher’s name from an article: A case study - Developing ML model on AI platform.

API Machine Learning

Analyzing the Mood of Chat Messages with Google Cloud NLP’s API - Analyzing a mood of chat messages using Cloud NLP API

AI Cloud ML

Using explainability frameworks to interpet financial models - Using What-if tool for analyzing ML model.

Slides, Videos, Audio

GCP Podcast - #188 Conversation AI with Priyanka Vergadia

Kubernetes Podcast - #64 Cloud Code, with Sarah D'Angelo and Patrick Flynn



Cloud Spanner - Cloud Spanner regional instances can now be created in São Paulo (southamerica-east1).

Cloud TPU - Cloud TPU now supports TensorFlow version 1.14.

Stackdriver - Cloud Run and Cloud Run on GKE: Stackdriver Debugger can now be used to debug applications on Cloud Run and Cloud Run on GKE that are written in Node.js, Python, and Java.

App Engine - The AppCfg tooling and the legacy standalone App Engine SDK, delivered through the GoogleAppEngineLauncher.dmg, GoogleAppEngine.msi, and google_appengine.zip files, are now deprecated. The functionalities of the App Engine SDK is delivered exclusively through Cloud SDK. Updated Python SDK to version 1.9.86.

Apache Beam 2.14.0


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