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App Engine Official Blog

App Engine second generation runtimes now get double the memory; plus Go 1.12 and PHP 7.3 now generally available - App Engine second generation runtimes now run with 2X the memory, and PHP 7.3 and Go 1.12 runtimes are generally available.

App Engine Official Blog

Turn it up to eleven: Java 11 runtime comes to App Engine - You can now run Java 11 workloads on App Engine standard edition.


Migrating data from Amazon Redshift - Beta release of BigQuery Data Transfer Service with which you can copy data from Amazon Redshift to BigQuery.

Articles, Tutorials

Networking Official Blog

Google Cloud networking in depth: three defense-in-depth principles for securing your environment - Follow these network security principles to protect resources running on GCP.

Official Blog

5 principles for cloud-native architecture—what it is and how to master it - Learn to maximize your use of Google Cloud by adopting a cloud-native architecture.

Anthos Official Blog

5 frequently asked questions about Google Cloud Anthos - Five frequently asked questions (FAQs) about Google Cloud Anthos.

Kubernetes Tutorial

MicroK8S on Google Cloud Platform - Article describes how to setup Microk8s on Google Compute Engine and deploy docker image.

Google Kubernetes Engine IAM

Mapping Kubernetes Service Accounts to GCP IAMs using Workload Identity - Using Workload Identities on Kubernetes Engine to access Google's APIs.

Compute Engine

Migrating VM from On-Premises to Google Cloud Platform - Step by step tutorial on how to migrate VM from on-premises to GCP.

Networking Tutorial

Configuring GCP HA VPN with a pfSense firewall (BGP Dynamic Routing) - Tutorial on how to configure GCP Highly Available VPN with datacenter.

Cloud Run Official Blog

3 cool Cloud Run features that developers love - Top 3 Cloud Run features based on developers feedback.

Cloud Functions Serverless

Cloud Run and Cloud Function: What I use? And Why? - Comparison of Cloud Run and Cloud Functions.

Cloud Build Cloud Run Serverless

Continuous Deployment with Cloud Run and Cloud Build - Automatically deploying Cloud Run service with Cloud Build.

Cloud Run Docker

Run a Static Site on Google Cloud Run - Example of using Cloud Run to host a static website.

Cloud Functions Serverless

Connecting Cloud Functions with Compute Engine using Serverless VPC Access - Using Serverless VPC Access to connect Cloud Function with Compute Engine through internal GCP network.

BigQuery Python

Creating a Serverless Data Pipeline in GCP - Example of simple serverless data pipeline.

Container Registry Docker Kubernetes

Deleting unused images from Google Cloud Container Registry - Shell script to delete the old untagged and tagged images and leave a given number of images intact.

Cloud CDN Networking

CDN Configuration on Google Cloud - Configuring CDN for Compute Engine instance group


Manage Files in Google Cloud Storage With Python - Manage files in your Google Cloud Storage bucket using the google-cloud-storage Python library.

Data Loss Prevention API Official Blog

Scan your Cloud Storage buckets for sensitive data using Cloud DLP - Scan your Cloud Storage buckets to find and redact sensitive data like PII using Google Cloud Data Loss Prevention (DLP).


Using Google Apps Script with Cloud IoT Core - A simple example of how to get started with IoT Core and Apps Script as well as a demo.

Cloud Bigtable Cloud Dataflow Official Blog

Getting started with time-series trend predictions using GCP - The article goes through process of setting up and deploying architecture to predict financial trends by ingesting real-time, time-series data from various financial exchanges.

BigQuery Cloud Composer

Data Warehousing Made Easy with Google BigQuery and Apache Airflow - Example of using products on Google CLoud for BI, ETL, and DWH.

Big Data BigQuery

Optimising queries in BigQuery for Beginners - Learn what BigQuery contains under the hood and how to run efficient queries from a public session dataset in this step by step guide.


The subtle art of sharing “views” in BigQuery - Sharing BigQuery data between different group of users.


BigQuery View Analyzer - Command-line tool for visualizing dependencies and managing permissions between BigQuery views.


Create BigQuery tables with Google Sheets and Apps Script - Creating BigQuery tables using the GUI can be a hassle. This article describes an alternative way to create BigQuery tables using the BigQuery Table builder sheet. This Google Spreadsheet automates th

BigQuery Data Analytics Machine Learning Official Blog

Predictive marketing analytics using BigQuery ML machine learning templates - To make machine learning more accessible to data scientists, BigQuery ML is now generally available, and we’ve published three new templates in collaboration with SpringML for marketing analytics use cases.

AI Google Kubernetes Engine Official Blog

How to run evolution strategies on Google Kubernetes Engine - Running Evolution Strategies ML workloads on Kubernetes Engine.

BigQuery Data Science Data Studio

From College to the Pros with Google Cloud Platform (Part 1) - Getting together and analyzing NBA players stats.

Data Science R

From College to the Pros with Google Cloud Platform (Part 2) - The second part of NBA players analysis.

Cloud AutoML Machine Learning

Auto Text Classification using Google’s AutoML - Step by step process to create and use AutoML model for text classification.

Data Science GCP Certification

10 Days to Become a Google Cloud Certified Professional Data Engineer - Overview of resources used for Data Engineer exam preparation.

Slides, Videos, Audio

Kubernetes Podcast - #58 Istio 1.2, with Louis Ryan

GCP Podcast - #182 Derwen, Inc. with Paco Nathan


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