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Using BigQuery for blockchain, Big data processing using Dataproc and Dataflow, in other words, it's all about data, but there are interesting articles in other areas.



AI Platform Notebooks Official Blog R

AI Platform Notebooks now supports R in beta - Support for R on AI Platform Notebooks means you can now spin up a web-based development environment with JupyterLab, IRkernel, xgboost, ggplot2, caret, rpy2 and other key R libraries pre-installed.

Official Blog

Google Cloud named a leader in the Forrester Wave: Data Security Portfolio Vendors, Q2 2019 report - The Forrester Wave: Data Security Portfolio Vendors, Q2 2019 report evaluates a vendor’s portfolio of offerings specific to data security and includes both cloud and on-premise offerings.

Articles, Tutorials

Networking Official Blog

Google Cloud networking in depth: How Andromeda 2.2 enables high-throughput VMs - Learn how improvements in Andromeda 2.2 enable Compute Engine VMs with higher throughput.

DevOps Google Kubernetes Engine Kubernetes

Kubernetes Workers Autoscaling based on RabbitMQ queue size - Using Kubernetes Horizontal Pod Autoscalers (HPA) to scale based on custom metrics.

CI Cloud Build Google Kubernetes Engine

Building a CI/CD on GCP with Kubernetes - This post will walk you through how to create an automated end-to-end process to package a Go based web application in a Docker container image, and deploy that container image on a Google Kubernetes Engine cluster.

Cloud Deployment Manager

Automating Network Deployment on Google Cloud Platform Using Deployment Manager - Using Cloud Deployment Manager to create networks, firewalls, and VMs.

Cloud Bigtable IoT Machine Learning

Breathing Easy with Bigtable - Mapping and predicting historic and realtime air quality data with Cloud Bigtable.

Cloud Shell

GCP Dashboard Overview - Overview of Cloud Console UI and components.

Cloud Storage Security Tutorial

Tutorial on how to use ClamAV to scan files uploaded to Google Cloud Storage (GCS). - Using ClamAV (an open source antivirus engine for detecting trojans, viruses, malware & other malicious threats) to scan files uploaded to Cloud Storage.

Beginner Go

Using pure Golang for Google cloud - Examples for beginners to use Go and Google Cloud client libraries.

Docker Monitoring Stackdriver

Monitoring JVM within a Docker container using Stackdriver - The article describes how to monitor your Dockerized Java app running in GCE Instances.

Cloud Composer Cloud Functions Cloud Run Security

Calling Cloud Composer to Cloud Functions and back again, securely - Sample Cloud Composer (Apache Airflow) configuration to securely invoke Cloud Functions or Cloud Run.

Cloud Run Google Kubernetes Engine

Taking Google Cloud Run for a spin - Comparison of scaling of Cloud Run service scaling as managed and on GKE.

Knative Python

Building serverless event driven apps with Knative and Python - Using Event component (serverless event driven architecture which runs your container when an event is fired) of Knative.

Cloud IoT IoT Python

Connecting MicroPython devices to Google Cloud IoT Core - Tutorial on how to use your ESP32 device with Google IoT Core.

Cloud Dataproc Data Analytics Official Blog

7 best practices for running Cloud Dataproc in production - Best practices to develop reliant and stable production processes with Cloud Dataproc.

Cloud Dataproc Data Science

Scale out RAPIDS on Google Cloud Dataproc - Scaling GPU data jobs on Cloud Dataproc.

Cloud Dataflow Data Analytics Official Blog

How to efficiently process both real-time and aggregate data with Cloud Dataflow - How to use design pipeline for both streaming inserts and load jobs, with significant cost savings.

Apache Beam Cloud Dataflow Data Analytics Java

Creating a simple Cloud Dataflow with Kotlin - Simple Beam pipeline which subscribes to a Pub/Sub topic and creates Entities of Datastore for each message and runs on Cloud Dataflow, written in Kotlin.

Big Data BigQuery Official Blog

Building hybrid blockchain/cloud applications with Ethereum and Google Cloud - This post describes applications for making internet-hosted data available inside an immutable public blockchain by placing BigQuery data available on-chain using a Chainlink oracle smart contract.

BigQuery Blockchain

Qtum Analytics Using Google BigQuery - Utom (global smart contract platform based on a proof-of-stake consensus mechanism ) is using BigQuery to store data which are then used for visualization.

BigQuery Data Science GCP Experience

Analytics at lightspeed with Google BigQuery - The article describes how Aditya Birla Group created a digital platform on GCP to manage the travel of their employees.

Big Data BigQuery Data Analytics GCP Experience

A Song of Data and Fire: Building Bnext Wall (Data Lake) - Process of building data lake on Google Cloud Platform.

AI Machine Learning Official Blog

Jupyter Notebook Manifesto: Best practices that can improve the life of any developer using Jupyter notebooks - Best practices for Jupyter Notebooks based on Google experience.

Data Science

Setup Julia with Jupyter notebook on Google Cloud Platform - Tutorial on how to set up and use Julia on Jupyter notebooks hosted on GCP.

AI Official Blog

3 steps to gain business value from AI - Three steps based on best practices inside Google to help organizations to get the biggest return on their AI investments.

CI Cloud ML

Deploying an ML Model to Production using GCP and MLFlow - Deploying MLflow model to Cloud ML Engine and making predictions for Tweet analysis.

Cloud AutoML Cloud Natural Language API

Analyzing sentiment of text with domain-specific vocabulary and topics - Using AutoML Natural Language to create a model that provides domain-specific sentiment scores for feelings and attitudes expressed in a piece of text.

Cloud Vision API

ML Study Jam — Detect Labels, Faces, and Landmarks in Images with the Cloud Vision API - Overview of Google Vision API capabilities with examples.

Apigee GCP Experience Istio Official Blog

Leroy Merlin: Transforming the Russian home improvement market with APIs - Learn how Russian home improvement retailer Leroy Merlin is using APIs and API management to simplify how partners integrate with its services.

GCP Certification Official Blog

On a quest: Learn GKE security and monitoring best practices - Hands-on labs for GKE security and monitoring.

Slides, Videos, Audio

GCP Podcast - #181 Google Maps Platform with Angela Yu

Kubernetes Podcast - #57 Rancher Labs, with Darren Shepherd


Google Cloud's Anthos on Cisco HyperFlex - Solution Overview - This session introduces the recently announced Google Cloud’s Anthos, powered by Kubernetes and other industry-leading open-source technologies from Google.


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