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Google Kubernetes Engine Official Blog

Introducing GKE Advanced— enhanced reliability, simplicity and scale for enterprise workloads - GKE Advanced provides advanced automation and security features, lets you run serverless containers—all backed by an SLA.

Compute Engine Official Blog Security

Shielded VM: Your ticket to guarding against rootkits and exfiltration - Learn how Shielded VM helps to protect Compute Engine VMs from rootkits, malware, and malicious insiders.

NoSQL Official Blog

Deploy and run the Couchbase database on Kubernetes through the GCP Marketplace - It's possible now to deploy Couchbase on GKE quickly through the GCP Marketplace for Kubernetes.

Networking Official Blog

Traffic Director: global traffic management for open service mesh - Google Cloud’s new Traffic Director control-plane management tool brings load balancing a resiliency to environments running on a service mesh.

Cloud Dataproc Official Blog

New open-source tools in Cloud Dataproc process data at cloud scale - Overview of the most recent Cloud Dataproc features announced on Next '19.

Official Blog

Improve enterprise IT procurement with Private Catalog, now in beta - With Private Catalog, developers and cloud admins can make their solutions discoverable to their internal enterprise users. Cloud admins can manage their solutions and ensure their users are always launching the latest versions.

Cloud Scheduler Firebase Official Blog

Scheduling Cloud Functions for Firebase (cron) - Firebase now supports a new type of Pub/Sub function, built on top of Cloud Scheduler, that automatically configures Cloud Scheduler, along with a Pub/Sub topic, that invokes a function that you define using the Cloud Functions for Firebase SDK.

Business Google Cloud Platform Official Blog

Welcome Robert Enslin to Google Cloud - GCP has a new President of Global Customer Operations.

Articles, Tutorials

Google Kubernetes Engine Kubernetes Official Blog

Using advanced Kubernetes autoscaling with Vertical Pod Autoscaler and Node Auto Provisioning - In-depth overview of Vertical Pod Autoscaler and Node Auto Provisioning, feature of Cluster Autoscaler that automatically adds new node pools in addition to managing their size on the user's behalf.

Official Blog Security

Getting started with Cloud Security Command Center - Gain visibility and control of your environment with Google’s Cloud Security Command Center.

Istio Networking

Google Cloud’s Traffic Director — What is it and how is it related to the Istio service-mesh? - The post goes over what Traffic Director is and how it is related to the Istio service-mesh.

App Engine Cloud Functions Cloud Run Google Kubernetes Engine

Where should I run my Code on Google Cloud Platform? - Practical information about the use of compute GCP products.

App Engine Cloud Functions Compute Engine Google Kubernetes Engine

Making Sense of the Google Cloud Compute Products - A brief overview of compute products on GCP.

Cloud Scheduler Firebase

Cron & Cloud Functions for Firebase - Overview of new Cloud Functions Firebase scheduling.

Google Kubernetes Engine

Running a LTO Network node on Google Cloud - Example of simple deployment of LTO (blockchain) Network node on GKE.

App Engine Cloud Build NodeJS

How to deploy Vue.js app to Google Cloud with Cloud Build - Example of deploying Vue.js application to App Engine via Cloud Build.

Cloud Run

Curated unofficial FAQ for the new Google Cloud Run - Github repository of coominity-maintained knowledge base related to Cloud Run.

IAM Official Blog

Understanding GCP service accounts: three common use-cases - Overview of how to use Google Cloud service accounts for several common use-cases.

IAM Security

Local/Remote Authentication with Google Cloud Platform - Different ways to authenticate to Google Cloud.

BigQuery Cloud Dataflow Cloud Pub/Sub

New Updates on Pub/Sub to BigQuery Dataflow Templates from GCP - Description of the new features for the Cloud Pub/Sub to BigQuery Templates.

AWS BigQuery

Ingest Data from RDS MySQL to Google BigQuery - Example of Data pipeline which exports data from AWS RDS to BigQuery.

Cloud Data Fusion

No-Code Data Pipelines: A first impression of Cloud Data Fusion - Short overview of Cloud Data Fusion.


AI novelties at Google Next 2019 - Short recap of AI related products introduced at Next '19.

Cloud Run Machine Learning Python

Deploy Machine Learning Model in Google Cloud using Cloud Run - Deploying PyTorch model in Cloud Run.

Google Kubernetes Engine Kubernetes Machine Learning

CATS vs DOGS + FLASK + DOCKER + KUBERNETES - Example of containerizing ML web app and deploying on GKE.


Google Cloud Platform: Event Threat Detection - A high-level overview of Event Threat Detection service.

GCP Experience Official Blog Storage

Evaporating a data lake: Otto Group’s lessons learned migrating a Hadoop infrastructure to GCP - How retail company OttoGroup moved their on-premises Hadoop data lake to Google Cloud Platform to save money and improve performance.

Slides, Videos, Audio

Cloud Run

GCP Podcast - #173 Cloud Run with Steren Giannini and Ryan Gregg


Kubernetes Podcast - #49 Live from Google Cloud Next '19, with Eric Brewer.


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