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What is your favorite announcement from Cloud Next '19? Based on content written, it's Cloud Run. Unfortunately, many articles are left out to keep this issue in a reasonable size. 



Google Cloud Platform Official Blog

News to build on: 122+ announcements from Google Cloud Next ‘19 - #1 article to read if you want quick overview of announcements from Cloud Next '19.

Google Cloud Platform

The 6 most important announcements from Google Cloud Next 2019 - Shorter version of most important announcements from Cloud Next '19.

Anthos Official Blog

Introducing Anthos: An entirely new platform for managing applications in today's multi-cloud world - Anthos, Google Cloud’s new open platform based on Cloud Services Platform lets you run an app anywhere—simply, flexibly and securely.

Google Cloud Platform Official Blog

Bringing the best of open source to Google Cloud customers - Strategic partnerships with leading open source-centric companies which will bring fully managed services, unified billing, support on GCP.

Official Blog Storage

What’s cooler than being cool? Ice cold archive storage - More detailed overview of storage news and improvements announced on Cloud Next 19.

Official Blog Security

Increasing trust in Google Cloud: visibility, control and automation - Variety of security tools introduced to further bolster trust in Google Cloud.

Cloud Run Official Blog Serverless

Announcing Cloud Run, the newest member of our serverless compute stack - News in serverless compute stack.

Microsoft Official Blog

Making Google Cloud the best place to run your Microsoft Windows applications - Google Cloud is becoming more approachable to Microsoft product users as well.

Cloud Code Official Blog

Announcing Cloud Code—accelerating cloud-native application development - Cloud Code comes with tools to help you write, deploy, and debug cloud-native applications quickly and easily.

Firebase Official Blog

What's new from Firebase at Cloud Next 2019! - Most important announcements on Cloud Next related to Firebase.


Announcing Knative v0.5 Release - Knative v0.5 delivers an exciting set of updates in eventing like Trigger and Broker objects.

Big Data BigQuery Cloud Dataflow

From data ingestion to insight prediction: Google Cloud smart analytics accelerates your business transformation - Cloud Next '19 news in more detail related to analytics products.

Articles, Tutorials

Google Kubernetes Engine

Ingress load balancing issues on Google’s GKE - Issue when you are running certain types of services behind a GCE class ingress on GKE you might be getting traffic even when your pods are unready.

Security Terraform VPC Service Controls

Protecting GCP Services with VPC Service Controls and Terraform - Demostrating common use case of VPC Service Control perimiters.

App Engine Cloud Functions Cloud Run Serverless

Overview of serverless compute products on Google Cloud Platform - Comparison of Cloud Run with other serverless products on GCP.

Cloud Run Knative

How Google Cloud Run Combines Serverless with Containers - A closer look at what's behind Knative and Cloud Run.

Cloud Run

The Good and the Bad of Google Cloud Run - A general critique of Cloud Run relative to FaaS and managed API services — and how this is different from AWS Lambda.

Cloud Run

Google Cloud Run Deploy and Elasticity Benchmark - Benchmark for Cloud Run auto scaling.

Cloud Run Cloud SQL Go

Connecting to Cloud SQL from Cloud Run - Using Cloud SQL proxy to connect from Cloud Run to Cloud SQL database.

Cloud Run Firebase

Firebase Hosting for Cloud Run - Firebase Hosting supports integration with Cloud Run.

Cloud Run Knative

Observability for Knative workloads: Introducing SignalFx integration with Google Cloud Run - SignalFX provides end-to-end visibility into the performance of Cloud Run.

Cloud Composer Machine Learning

Practical Guide: How to automatize your ML process with Airflow and Cloud Composer - Using Cloud Composer to build Machine Learning pipeline.

Compute Engine NoSQL

Measuring vertical scalability for time series databases in Google Cloud - Testing vertical scalability for 3 time series databases on Google Compute Engine,

Big Data Docker Tutorial

Deploy Spark on Google Cloud, (Docker+Swarm) - Deploying Spark cluster on Google Cloud using Docker containers and with Docker-compose.

AI AI Platform Notebooks

Using Google Cloud AI Platform Notebooks as a Web-Based Python IDE - instructions and advice on how to setup and use Google Cloud AI Platform Notebooks as a development environment.

CI Cloud Build

Continuous Integration For Your Jupyter Notebooks On GitHub With GCP - Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment system for Jupyter Notebooks.


List Of Useful Links About AI Platform Notebooks And/Or Deep Learning VMs - This article includes a collection of useful articles about AI Platform Notebooks and AI Platform Deep Learning VMs.

Data Science

How to get started with Google Colab and Kaggle - Example of using Colab for Kaggle competitions.

Google Cloud Platform

Google Cloud, meet StackBlitz. - StackBlitz is online IDE and now has integration with GCP.


At Google, women power the rise of Kubernetes - Showcasing the women leading the development and management of Kubernetes.

Google Cloud Platform

ProBeat: 37% of Google Cloud Next 2019 was fluff - View on Cloud Next keynotes.

Slides, Videos, Audio

GCP Podcast - #170 Next 2019 Day 1 as well as Day 2 & 3.

Google Cloud Platform

Cloud Next 2019 Videos - All sessions in playlists by tracks.


Kubernetes Podcast - #48 Anthos Migrate, with Issy Ben-Shaul.


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