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Improved security on GCP with Cloud Security Command Center which offers organization-level visibility into assets, vulnerabilities and threats. There are couple of articles about App Engine and different use cases.



Official Blog Security

Cloud Security Command Center is now in beta and ready to use - Cloud Security Command Center available in beta.

Cloud IoT Official Blog

Introducing Cloud IoT Core commands: increased flexibility to control your fleet of embedded devices - New device commands feature for our Cloud IoT Core managed service, providing high-frequency, low-latency, ephemeral messaging between the cloud and IoT devices.

Data Studio

Announcing Kaggle integration with Google Data Studio - Kaggle is officially integrated with Data Studio, so now it's possible to visualize Kaggle datasets in Data Studio

Business Google Cloud Platform

Hydrogen Partnership with Google Cloud - Hydrogen announce a partnership with Google Cloud which allows Hydrogen solutions to access Google Cloud’s Startup Program.


Snowplow for Google Cloud Platform is here - Snowplow Analytics supports loading data into BigQuery.

Articles, Tutorials

Google Cloud Platform Official Blog

The Google Cloud Adoption Framework: Helping you move to the cloud with confidence - Google Cloud Adoption Framework helps customers with cloud transformation journey.

Google Kubernetes Engine Official Blog

Kubernetes and GKE for developers: a year of Cloud Console - New features to give an easy, intuitive interface for managing your GKE environment.

Google Kubernetes Engine

Safely log full HTTP requests on Google Kubernetes Engine - Safe way to do a targeted TCP dump on a GKE node.

Cloud Marketplace Google Kubernetes Engine

5 Reasons why you should go to GCP marketplace & download magalix-agent today! - Magalix provides unique insights and recommendations about resources utilization inside Kubernetes.

Cloud Endpoints Google Kubernetes Engine

A Cloud-Native API Part 2: Google Endpoints - Deploying application backed by Google Endpoints on Kubernetes Engine.

Cloud SQL

Use Google Cloud Managed Postgres with Kong CE - Steps to install Kong CE edition connecting Google Cloud managed Postgres.

Cloud Storage Official Blog

How to connect Cloudera’s CDH to Cloud Storage - Get started deploying the Cloud Storage connector for your CDH clusters.

Cloud Memorystore

Migration to MemoryStore, for next immutable infrastructure - Migration story of a service using Redis

Cloud Functions

Cloud Functions for Firebase with Compiled Code - Compiling Cloud Function for Firebase.


Firebase: Introducing the project management API - Introducing the Firebase project management API which allows to implement backend services, serverless functions and other administrative tools to automate a number of management tasks related to Firebase projects.

App Engine

Understanding Google App Engine runtimes - Description and comparison of First, Second generations of Standard and Flexible Google App Engine.

App Engine Compute Engine

Saving thousands, shifting from App to Compute Engine - Saving cost by migrating app from App Engine to Compute Engine.

App Engine

Build a blog application on Google App Engine: Admin module (part 5) - Build Admin module as part of a blog application on Google App Engine.

App Engine

Build a blog application on Google App Engine: Image module (part 6)

App Engine PHP

How to deploy a Laravel web app on Google App Engine - Deploy Laravel web app in Google App Engine.

Compute Engine PHP

How to deploy Laravel on Google Compute Engine (on LINUX) - Steps to deploy Laravel on Google Compute Engine.

Cloud Build DevOps Docker

Developing With Containers Done Right - Setting process to automatically build and deploy containers using Cloud Build.

Cloud Build

Experimenting with Google Cloud Build and Bazel - Analysis of two tools: Google Cloud Build and Bazel

Official Blog Stackdriver

Stackdriver tips and tricks: Understanding metrics and building charts - Tips and tricks for using Stackdriver monitoring, including detailed explanations on how to effectively use the metrics model, how to build the right chart for a metric, how to aggregate and align metrics, how to create meaningful charts, and much more.


Alert policy metric thresholds with Stackdriver and OpenCensus - Using Stackdriver and OpenCensus for Alert Policy Metric.

Cloud Pub/Sub Official Blog

ClearDATA: Running Forseti the serverless way - ClearDATA developed a novel way to deploy Forseti using containers and Cloud Pub/Sub, for a lightweight, serverless alternative to the usual way of deploying Forseti in a dedicated VM.

Google Kubernetes Engine Machine Learning

How to deploy Jupyter notebooks as components of a Kubeflow ML pipeline (Part 2) - An easy way to run your Jupyter notebook on a Kubernetes cluster.

Data Studio

Serverless Chrome automation with GCP - Using Puppeteer for Serverless Chrome automation to update charts in Data Studio.

Cloud Composer

Meetup on Airflow and Cloud Composer - Schedule job in Airflow to fetch data from Meetup API and store in BigQuery.

CI DevOps

Continuous Integration and Deployment for Data Pipelines at 90 Seconds - Interesting challenges when applying CI/CD to data engineering.

BigQuery Data Studio

Data Studio with BigQuery: 2018's best practices - Tips based on experience working with Data Studio and BigQuery


Installation of NAT gateway for Web crawler using Google Cloud NAT - NAT gateway installation using Google Cloud NAT.

Slides, Videos, Audio

Google Cloud Platform

GCP Podcast - #158 - VP of Engineering - Melody Meckfessel


Kubernetes Podcast - #32 - MetalLB, with David Anderson


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