Welcome to issue #104 September 24th, 2018

This week, some products got Alpha, some Beta, some Generally Available status. You can see in News section which status relates to which product.



Cloud Memorystore Official Blog

Announcing general availability of Cloud Memorystore for Redis - Cloud Memorystore for Redis is now general availabile. This is a fully managed in-memory data store service built on Google’s highly scalable and reliable infrastructure.

Cloud Dataprep Data Studio Official Blog

Unlock insights with ease: Data Studio and Cloud Dataprep are now generally available - General availability of both Google Data Studio, our free modern business intelligence product, and Cloud Dataprep, our fully-managed data preparation product.

Cloud Source Repositories Official Blog

Introducing new Cloud Source Repositories - Newly revamped Cloud Source Repositories in beta availability.

Cloud Inference API Official Blog

Introducing Cloud Inference API: uncover insights from large scale, typed time-series data - Announcement of the Cloud Inference API which helps uncover insights from large scale, typed time-series data.

Container Registry Official Blog

Guard against security vulnerabilities in your software supply chain with Container Registry vulnerability scanning - Announcement of Container Registry vulnerability scanning in beta, helping to automatically detect known security vulnerabilities during the early stages of the CI/CD process and prevent the deployment of vulnerable images.

Business Official Blog

Google Cloud completes BSI C5 audit - Google Cloud has completed a third party audit against the German Federal Office for Information Security’s Cloud Computing Compliance Controls Catalogue (commonly referred to as BSI C5).

Articles, Tutorials


LoadBalancing gRPC for Kubernetes Cluster Services - Build sample application demonstrating RoundRobin gRPC loadbalancing on Kubernetes for internal cluster services.

Cloud Pub/Sub Cloud SQL

Kubernetes: Customized Cron job with GCP Pub/sub, Cloud SQL, and Batch Jobs. - Build POC to achieve a flow wherein messages are being published to a message queue (Cloud Pub/Sub) every 15 mins based on the data fetched from Database (Cloud SQL).

Google Kubernetes Engine

Deploying Spinnaker on GKE - Steps for getting a production ready Spinnaker installation on Google’s Kubernetes Engine.

Google Kubernetes Engine

Helidon MP on Google Kubernetes Engine - Helidon Framework on Google Kubernetes Engine.

Cloud Build

Checking JavaScript with Cloud Builder - Using of Google Cloud Build to do style checking with the JavaScript linter eslint.


How to migrate PostgreSQL databases to Google Cloud SQL? - Migration guide for PostgreSQL databases to Google Cloud SQL.

Cloud Functions Cloud ML Machine Learning Official Blog

Simplifying ML predictions with Google Cloud Functions - Build an app for predicting the genres of a movie from its description using a text classification model.

Cloud Functions

Create a multiregional http monitor in less than five minutes with google cloud function - Using google cloud function to build multiregional http monitor.

Cloud Functions

Easy Configuration GraphQL Server with Apollo Server 2 and FireBase Cloud Functions (Google Cloud Functions) - How to configure GraphQL Server with Apollo Server 2 and FireBase Cloud Functions .

BigQuery Official Blog Python

Ibis and BigQuery: scalable analytics with the comfort of Python - How Ibis works with BigQuery to provide an elegant and flexible Python interface for composing SQL queries.

Cloud Inference API

Peering Into The Visual Landscape Of Half A Billion News Images With Google’s Cloud Inference API - How GDELT project is using newly introduced Cloud Inference API to get insight into various image labels.

Apache Beam BigQuery Cloud Dataflow

Micro-batching with Apache Beam and BigQuery - Explore option for overcoming BigQuery limit whilst still being able to import your data in a timely fashion.

BigQuery Google Kubernetes Engine

Data Lake API on Microservice Architecture using BigQuery - How Traveloka created solution to deliver data for business (Data Lake API) using GCP.

GCP Experience Google Cloud Platform

Analyzing fMRI images on Google Cloud Platform - Leverage GCP for MRI and fMRI analytics with large datasets.

Cloud Functions Serverless

How We Do Serverless ETL with Google Cloud Function - Serverless ETL with Google Cloud Function.

Cloud Functions Firebase GCP Experience Serverless

Shipping Serverless AI to Production - Lessons learnt from integrating and deploying Serverless AI models on Google Cloud Platform and Firebase.

Slides, Videos, Audio

Google Cloud Platform

GCP Podcast - #147 Dr. Vukosi Marivate, Andrea Bohmert and Yasin(i) Musa Ayami talk about the burgeoning machine learning community, research, companies and AI investment landscape in Africa.


Kubernetes Podcast - #21 Kubernetes SIG-PM, with Ihor Dvoretskyi.


Google Home meets .NET containers on Google Cloud - In this talk, we will create a Dialogflow app to get a Google Home device to talk to a container managed by Kubernetes/App Engine.


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