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Cloud Functions Official Blog

Cloud Functions serverless platform is generally available - After 1.5 year since introduction, Cloud Functions is now generally available and ready for production use.

Cloud Functions NodeJS Official Blog

Introducing headless Chrome support in Cloud Functions and App Engine - The new Node.js runtime for App Engine allows to run headless Chrome without having to do any setup or configuration.

Articles, Tutorials

Infrastructure Official Blog

Building a hybrid render farm on GCP—new guide available - New Guide to learn how to securely extend your on-premises render farm to Google Cloud.

Compute Engine Official Blog

Performing VM mass migrations to Google Cloud with Velostrata - Using Velostrata for VM mass migrations to Google Cloud.

Machine Learning Official Blog

Cloud AI Solutions: helping more industries solve common challenges with AI - Range of solutions to help businesses take advantage of AI for common use cases.

Machine Learning Official Blog

A closer look at our newest Google Cloud AI capabilities for developers - At Next ‘18, Google announced a range of updates to AI and machine learning offerings.

Cloud ML Official Blog TPU

Hyperparameter tuning using TPUs in Cloud ML Engine - How to use hyperparameter tuning on TPUs on Cloud ML Engine.

BigQuery Official Blog

What’s happening in BigQuery: integrated machine learning, maps, and more - New features that make BigQuery more performant and more cost effective.


How to do online prediction with BigQuery ML - How to pull out the necessary weights and scaling parameters from the training output tables and compute the prediction with BigQuery ML.

BigQuery Machine Learning

Predicting Taxi Fare Price With BigQuery ML - How BigQuery ML can be used to build liner regression model for taxi fare predictions with training 55M rows of data in 30 minutes.

Kubernetes Official Blog

7 best practices for operating containers - Best practices for operating containers to make application easier to operate, monitor and debug and harder to break into.

Google Kubernetes Engine

Installing Helm in Google Kubernetes Engine - Learn how to install Helm in Google Kubernetes Engine.

Kubernetes NoSQL

Scaling MongoDB on Kubernetes - Running and scaling a MongoDB cluster on Kubernetes.

Cloud Build NodeJS

Continuous Deployment for Node.js on Google Cloud Platform - Using Cloud Build,a managed build service in GCP for Continuous Deployment for Node.js on Google Cloud Platform.

Cloud Datastore Dialogflow

Chapter 10: How to build a Google Home App with DialogFlow | Fulfillment via Cloud Datastore - Build Google Home App with DialogFlow - Using Cloud Datastore.

App Engine

Deploy Open Source WordPress/Drupal in Google App Engine Flexible Environment - Learn to deploy wordpress in google app engine flexible environment.

Cloud Dataproc Java Official Blog

Managing Java dependencies for Apache Spark applications on Cloud Dataproc - Include Java dependencies for Apache Spark applications on Cloud Dataproc.

Cloud Dataflow Python

Creating a Template for the Python Cloud Dataflow SDK - Creating a template for Google Cloud Dataflow, using python.

Cloud Dataflow

Using Cloud Dataflow to index documents into Elasticsearch - Setting up Elasticsearch for indexing documents using Cloud Dataflow.

Official Blog Security

Protecting against the new “L1TF” speculative vulnerabilities - Detail about L1TF vulnerabilities, how GCP mitigate guest-controlled entries not controlled by the host OS.

Slides, Videos, Audio

Google Cloud Platform

GCP Podcast - #142 Agones with Mark Mandel and Cyril Tovena. Discussion on dedicated game servers and their importance in game performance.


Kubernetes Podcast - #16 Descartes Labs, with Tim Kelton. Use of Kubernetes and Istio in geopolitics, machine learning and food supply.


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