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When it comes to $$$, every tool or service that helps understand cloud costs or predict them is very useful.  



Docker Java Official Blog

Introducing Jib — build Java Docker images better - Jib, an open-source Java containerizer from Google that lets Java developers build containers using the Java tools developers know.


Predict your future costs with Google Cloud Billing cost forecast - Availability of a new cost forecast feature for Google Cloud Billing to know costs trends and how much you are projected to spend.

API Google Cloud Platform Official Blog

Introducing new Apigee capabilities to deliver business impact with APIs - It is now easier for API developers to access Google Cloud services via the Apigee Edge platform with new Apigee capabilities.

Articles, Tutorials

Cloud Dataproc Official Blog

Using instance metadata in Cloud Dataproc initialization actions - How to use instance metadata in Cloud Dataproc initialization actions.

Cloud SQL Official Blog

Verifying PostgreSQL backups made easier with new open-source tool - PostgreSQL Page Verification tool is a command-line tool to calculate and verify checksums for each data page. The tool is now available as open source code.

.NET Dialogflow Official Blog

Google Home meets .NET containers using Dialogflow - Build a voice-driven app using Dialogflow and Google Cloud .NET libraries.

App Engine Docker

Deploy a Dockerized React app on GCloud App Engine - How to create a simple setup to deploy a Dockerized React App on Google App Engine.

Google Kubernetes Engine Kubernetes

Setting up Google Cloud with Kubernetes, Nginx Ingress and Let’s Encrypt (Certmanager) - Setting up Google Cloud with Kubernetes, Nginx Ingress.


Kubernetes: Routing Internal Services Through FQDN - How to make custom routes within Kubernetes cluster to simplify inter cluster communication.

Google Kubernetes Engine Kubernetes

Secure your Kubernetes Cluster running on Google cloud (features : out of the box) - How to secure your Kubernetes Cluster running on Google cloud.

Compute Engine

Google Cloud Platform: Creating an Instance and Configuring DNS - Creating a standard Linux instance and walking through the steps to configure DNS.

Machine Learning TensorFlow TPU

Training and serving a realtime mobile object detector in 30 minutes with Cloud TPUs - Example of training an object detection model on Cloud TPUs with Tensorflow.

Cloud ML Official Blog TPU

How to train a ResNet image classifier from scratch on TPUs on Cloud ML Engine - How to train a state-of-the-art image classification model on your own data using Google’s Cloud TPUs.

Apache Beam BigQuery Cloud Dataflow Official Blog

Measuring patent claim breadth using Google Patents Public Datasets - Analysing Patent public dataset and building machine learning model using GCP products.

Compute Engine Machine Learning

Provisioning a Docker based Deep Learning workspace on Google Compute Engine - How to set-up a Docker based Deep Learning workspace on Google Compute Engine


Firestore Sub-Collections - Know about Firestore sub-collections.


Replicating Data from Firebase to Firestore with Cloud Function Triggers - Using Cloud Function Triggers to replicate data from Firebase to Firestore.

Cloud Datastore

Search on Google Cloud Platform — Cloud Datastore - Implementation of search functionality on Google Cloud Platform along with Cloud Datastore as storage.

Cloud Identity Aware Proxy Security

Envoy for Google Cloud Identity Aware Proxy - Setting up sample Envoy Proxy config to validate JWT authentication headers used by GCP Identity Aware Proxy.


Encrypting Stackdriver Logging sinks using Customer-Managed Encryption Keys for GCS - Set-up a Stackdriver Logging export to GCS using CMEK.

Compute Engine Stackdriver

How to push serial console output logs to Stackdriver and set alerts in GCP - How to set alerts in GCP by pushing serial console output logs to Stackdriver.

Go Stackdriver

Monitoring HTTP Latency with OpenCensus and Stackdriver - How to implement your own probe for monitoring HTTP Latency with OpenCensus by writing code in Go.


Breaking down Google Cloud costs by location (or anything else!) - Article explains tools to use to label GCP resources so their use can be collected and visualised.

GCP Experience

Google Cloud Platform - The Good, Bad, and Ugly (It's Mostly Good) - Sharing personal experience using different aspects and products of Google Cloud Platform.

Google Cloud Platform

Google Cloud Platform Console Shortcuts - Google Cloud Platform Console Shortcuts to make easy navigation.

Slides, Videos, Audio

Google Cloud Platform

Cloud OnAir - Data analytics & machine learning - Cloud OnAir - Data analytics & machine learning

Google Cloud Platform

Cloud OnAir - IT infrastructure webinars - Cloud OnAir - IT infrastructure webinars


GCP Podcast - #135 VirusTotal with Emi Martínez. Learn more about how VirusTotal is helping to create a safer internet by providing tools and building a community for security researchers.


Kubernetes Podcast - Helm and its Charts to manage Kubernetes applications.


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