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We have new database (Cloud Memorystore) and batch of articles about Cloud Functions and Kubernetes.



Cloud Bigtable Cloud Spanner Cloud SQL

Accelerating innovation for cloud-native managed databases - Cloud database improvements for Cloud Spanner, Bigtable, Redis and PostgreSQL.


Introducing Partner Interconnect, a fast, economical onramp to GCP - GCP introduced Partner Interconnect which offers private connectivity to GCP to organizations that don't require the full 10Gbps of a dedicated circuit.

Kubernetes Official Blog

Introducing Kubernetes Service Catalog and Google Cloud Platform Service Broker: find and connect services to your cloud-native apps - New services framework: Kubernetes Service Catalog, a collection of services available to Kubernetes running on GCP, and the Google Cloud Platform Service Broker, a hosted service that connects to a variety of GCP services.

Official Blog Stackdriver

Announcing variable substitution in Stackdriver alerting notifications - New features to make Stackdriver alerting notifications more descriptive, useful and actionable.

Google Cloud Platform

Announcing the Google Cloud Platform Research Credits Program - Google Cloud Platform offers credits for research projects.

Google Cloud Platform Official Blog

Registration for the Associate Cloud Engineer beta exam is now open - Registration for the Associate Cloud Engineer beta exam is now open. Associate Cloud Engineer is an entry point to professional-level cloud certifications such as Cloud Architect and Data Engineer.

Articles, Tutorials

Kubernetes Official Blog

Kubernetes Application Survey 2018 Results - Kubernetes Application Survey 2018 Results.

Kubernetes Official Blog

Exploring container security: Running a tight ship with Kubernetes Engine 1.10 - Best practices for hardening your Kubernetes Engine cluster.

Kubernetes Official Blog

Kubernetes best practices: Organizing with Namespaces - How Kubernetes Namespaces can make managing your Kubernetes resources easier.

Google Kubernetes Engine

Google’s Kubernetes Engine: Stop Dealing with Kubernetes and Just Use It - How GKE makes it easy to implement Kubernetes.


Scaling Dedicated Game Servers with Kubernetes: Part 4 - Scaling Down

Google Kubernetes Engine

Observing the Impact of Swapping Nodes in GKE with Chaos Engineering - Managing impact of Swapping Nodes in GKE.

Google Kubernetes Engine

A Guide to Deploy Elasticsearch Cluster on Google Kubernetes Engine - Deploy Elasticsearch cluster on Google Kubernetes Engine.

Google Kubernetes Engine

Use Helm to Install OpenVPN in Kubernetes to access pods and services - Using the Kubernetes package manager Helm to install OpenVPN inside our Kubernetes environment.

Container Registry Docker

Deploy a Container on GCP the Easy Way - Tutorial to deploy a Container on GCP.

Cloud Functions

Google Cloud Functions Tutorial : What is Google Cloud Functions? - Overview of Google Cloud Functions.

Google Cloud Platform

Google Cloud Functions Tutorial : Overview of Computing Options - High level overview of the Computing Options that are available in the cloud today.

Cloud Functions

Google Cloud Functions Tutorial : Writing our first Google Cloud Function - Write your first Google Cloud Function.

Cloud Functions

Google Cloud Functions Tutorial : Setting up a Local Development Environment - Setting up a local development environment for Google Cloud Functions.

Cloud Functions

Google Cloud Functions Tutorial : Debugging Local Functions - Debugging Google Cloud Functions.

Cloud Functions

Google Cloud Functions Tutorial : Using the Local Functions Emulator - Using the Google Cloud Functions Emulator.

Cloud Functions

Google Cloud Functions Tutorial : Using gcloud Tool - How to manage Google Cloud Functions via the gcloud beta functions command.

Cloud Functions

Google Cloud Functions Tutorial : Pricing - Understand pricing for Google Cloud Functions.

Cloud Functions

Google Cloud Functions Tutorial : Monitoring Cloud Functions - Monitor the performance of Google Cloud Functions.

Cloud Functions Cloud Pub/Sub Cloud Storage

Google Cloud Functions Tutorial : Writing Background Functions - Writing background functions for events associated to Cloud Pub/Sub and Google Cloud Storage.

Compute Engine

How Disruptive is Google Compute Engine *Live* Migration? - Google Compute Engine offers a really unique technology called “Live Migration” which keeps your instances running even when a host undergo downtime such as during software or hardware update.


Quickly Install CUDA and cuDNN on Google Cloud Compute - Install NVIDIA CUDA and cuDNN onto a Google Cloud Platform (GCP) instance.


Setup Google Cloud Compute Instance with GPU - Setting up Google Compute Platform with a GPU.

Cloud Spanner

Cloud Spanner — Maximizing data load throughput - Strategies for maximizing write throughput to Cloud Spanner.


Highlights from the TensorFlow Developer Summit, 2018 - Overview of most important things from this year's TensorFlow Developer Summit.

Machine Learning Official Blog TensorFlow

Now live in Tokyo: using TensorFlow to predict taxi demand

BigQuery Official Blog

Accessing external (federated) data sources with BigQuery’s data access layer - Description of how to use data access layer in BigQuery without moving your data to a BigQuery dataset.

BigQuery Business

Google’s BigQuery Gaining Steam As Cloud Warehouse Wars Heat Up - Overview of BigQuery in context of other cloud data warehouses.

Cloud Vision API

Google Vision Api — Image Matching Use Case using the Web Entities - How Google Vision Api is useful in Image Matching Use Case.

Go Stackdriver

Continuous Profiling of Go programs - Profiling of Go programs using Stackdriver Profiler.

Cloud Storage

GCS, KMS and wrapped secrets - Saving a secret in as a wrapped filed on GCS and which can only get decrypted by Cloud KMS.

Slides, Videos, Audio

Google Cloud Platform

GCP Podcast - #124 VP of Infrastructure Eric Brewer about Open source at Google Cloud, distributed systems, hybrid cloud, and more!

Cloud Spanner

Cloud OnAir: Cloud Spanner: How It Works - How Cloud Spanner operates and how it guarantees external consistency on reads and writes.


Organizing Kubernetes with Namespaces (Kubernetes Best Practices) - Kubernetes Best Practices.


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