Welcome to issue #83 April 30th, 2018

We have new database (Cloud Memorystore) and batch of articles about Cloud Functions and Kubernetes.



Google Cloud Bigtable Google Cloud Spanner Google Cloud SQL

Accelerating innovation for cloud-native managed databases - Cloud database improvements for Cloud Spanner, Bigtable, Redis and PostgreSQL.


Introducing Partner Interconnect, a fast, economical onramp to GCP - GCP introduced Partner Interconnect which offers private connectivity to GCP to organizations that don't require the full 10Gbps of a dedicated circuit.

Kubernetes Official Blog

Introducing Kubernetes Service Catalog and Google Cloud Platform Service Broker: find and connect services to your cloud-native apps - New services framework: Kubernetes Service Catalog, a collection of services available to Kubernetes running on GCP, and the Google Cloud Platform Service Broker, a hosted service that connects to a variety of GCP services.

Official Blog Stackdriver

Announcing variable substitution in Stackdriver alerting notifications - New features to make Stackdriver alerting notifications more descriptive, useful and actionable.

Google Cloud Platform

Announcing the Google Cloud Platform Research Credits Program - Google Cloud Platform offers credits for research projects.

Google Cloud Platform Official Blog

Registration for the Associate Cloud Engineer beta exam is now open - Registration for the Associate Cloud Engineer beta exam is now open. Associate Cloud Engineer is an entry point to professional-level cloud certifications such as Cloud Architect and Data Engineer.


Articles, Tutorials

Kubernetes Official Blog

Kubernetes Application Survey 2018 Results - Kubernetes Application Survey 2018 Results.

Kubernetes Official Blog

Exploring container security: Running a tight ship with Kubernetes Engine 1.10 - Best practices for hardening your Kubernetes Engine cluster.

Kubernetes Official Blog

Kubernetes best practices: Organizing with Namespaces - How Kubernetes Namespaces can make managing your Kubernetes resources easier.

Google Kubernetes Engine

Google’s Kubernetes Engine: Stop Dealing with Kubernetes and Just Use It - How GKE makes it easy to implement Kubernetes.


Scaling Dedicated Game Servers with Kubernetes: Part 4 - Scaling Down

Google Kubernetes Engine

Observing the Impact of Swapping Nodes in GKE with Chaos Engineering - Managing impact of Swapping Nodes in GKE.

Google Kubernetes Engine

A Guide to Deploy Elasticsearch Cluster on Google Kubernetes Engine - Deploy Elasticsearch cluster on Google Kubernetes Engine.

Google Kubernetes Engine

Use Helm to Install OpenVPN in Kubernetes to access pods and services - Using the Kubernetes package manager Helm to install OpenVPN inside our Kubernetes environment.

Docker Google Container Registry

Deploy a Container on GCP the Easy Way - Tutorial to deploy a Container on GCP.

Google Cloud Functions

Google Cloud Functions Tutorial : What is Google Cloud Functions? - Overview of Google Cloud Functions.

Google Cloud Platform

Google Cloud Functions Tutorial : Overview of Computing Options - High level overview of the Computing Options that are available in the cloud today.

Google Cloud Functions

Google Cloud Functions Tutorial : Writing our first Google Cloud Function - Write your first Google Cloud Function.

Google Cloud Functions

Google Cloud Functions Tutorial : Setting up a Local Development Environment - Setting up a local development environment for Google Cloud Functions.

Google Cloud Functions

Google Cloud Functions Tutorial : Debugging Local Functions - Debugging Google Cloud Functions.

Google Cloud Functions

Google Cloud Functions Tutorial : Using the Local Functions Emulator - Using the Google Cloud Functions Emulator.

Google Cloud Functions

Google Cloud Functions Tutorial : Using gcloud Tool - How to manage Google Cloud Functions via the gcloud beta functions command.

Google Cloud Functions

Google Cloud Functions Tutorial : Pricing - Understand pricing for Google Cloud Functions.

Google Cloud Functions

Google Cloud Functions Tutorial : Monitoring Cloud Functions - Monitor the performance of Google Cloud Functions.

Google Cloud Functions Google Cloud Pub/Sub Google Cloud Storage

Google Cloud Functions Tutorial : Writing Background Functions - Writing background functions for events associated to Cloud Pub/Sub and Google Cloud Storage.

Google Compute Engine

How Disruptive is Google Compute Engine *Live* Migration? - Google Compute Engine offers a really unique technology called “Live Migration” which keeps your instances running even when a host undergo downtime such as during software or hardware update.


Quickly Install CUDA and cuDNN on Google Cloud Compute - Install NVIDIA CUDA and cuDNN onto a Google Cloud Platform (GCP) instance.


Setup Google Cloud Compute Instance with GPU - Setting up Google Compute Platform with a GPU.

Google Cloud Spanner

Cloud Spanner — Maximizing data load throughput - Strategies for maximizing write throughput to Cloud Spanner.


Highlights from the TensorFlow Developer Summit, 2018 - Overview of most important things from this year's TensorFlow Developer Summit.

Machine Learning Official Blog TensorFlow

Now live in Tokyo: using TensorFlow to predict taxi demand

BigQuery Official Blog

Accessing external (federated) data sources with BigQuery’s data access layer - Description of how to use data access layer in BigQuery without moving your data to a BigQuery dataset.

BigQuery Business

Google’s BigQuery Gaining Steam As Cloud Warehouse Wars Heat Up - Overview of BigQuery in context of other cloud data warehouses.

Google Cloud Vision API

Google Vision Api — Image Matching Use Case using the Web Entities - How Google Vision Api is useful in Image Matching Use Case.

Go Stackdriver

Continuous Profiling of Go programs - Profiling of Go programs using Stackdriver Profiler.

Google Cloud Storage

GCS, KMS and wrapped secrets - Saving a secret in as a wrapped filed on GCS and which can only get decrypted by Cloud KMS.

Slides, Videos, Audio

Google Cloud Platform

GCP Podcast - #124 VP of Infrastructure Eric Brewer about Open source at Google Cloud, distributed systems, hybrid cloud, and more!

Google Cloud Spanner

Cloud OnAir: Cloud Spanner: How It Works - How Cloud Spanner operates and how it guarantees external consistency on reads and writes.


Organizing Kubernetes with Namespaces (Kubernetes Best Practices) - Kubernetes Best Practices.


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