Welcome to issue #82 April 23rd, 2018

In this issue: how to get most out of Kubernetes or Google Cloud SDK and of course more interesting news and articles.



Cloud SQL

Cloud SQL for PostgreSQL now generally available and ready for your production workloads - PostgreSQL is now generally available and fully supported for all customers on our Cloud SQL fully-managed database service.


BigQuery arrives in the Tokyo region - Roll out for regional availability for BigQuery in Google Cloud’s Tokyo region.

Container Builder Kubernetes

Introducing kaniko: Build container images in Kubernetes and Google Container Builder without privileges - Kaniko, an open-source tool for building container images from a Docker file even without privileged root access.


Dialogflow Enterprise Edition is now generally available - Dialogflow Enterprise Edition is now general available with other new features added since beta.


What’s new in Firebase Authentication? - New functionalities in Firebase Authentication that makes registering and signing in users easier.


Appranix Site Reliability PaaS is now on the Google Cloud Marketplace - Appranix’s site reliability platform is now officially on the Google Cloud marketplace.

Articles, Tutorials

Official Blog

Improving the Google Cloud Storage backend for HashiCorp Vault - Improvements to the existing Google Cloud Storage backend for HashiCorp Vault, including high availability.

Google Kubernetes Engine Kubernetes Official Blog

Exploring container security: Protecting and defending your Kubernetes Engine network - Container networking security of Kubernetes Engine.

Google Kubernetes Engine Official Blog

Kubernetes best practices: How and why to build small container images - How to create production-ready container images using Alpine Linux and the Docker builder pattern.


Kubernetes Best Practices - Best Practices for Kubernetes.

Google Kubernetes Engine

Kubernetes 110: Your First Deployment - Deploy Gitea, an open-source git hosting service using Google Kubernetes Engine.

Google Kubernetes Engine

Debugging TCP socket leak in a Kubernetes cluster - Debugging TCP socket leak in a Hasura’s Kubernetes cluster which power 35 microservices, the Hasura website, Hasura Hub, and APIs.

Beginner Google Kubernetes Engine Tutorial

Helm on GKE cluster — quick hands-on guide - This quick guide helps with some practicalities on getting helm running on Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) cluster.

Container Builder Tutorial

Using Google Container Builder Service from Gitlab CE - Tutorial on using Google Container Builder Service from Gitlab CE.

Cloud SDK Windows

Using the Google Cloud SDK with Powershell - Using Google Cloud SDK's command line tool called gcloud with Powershell.

Cloud SDK

Getting Started with GCloud SDK: Part 1 - Understand using Google Cloud SDK with examples.

Cloud SDK

Getting Started with GCloud SDK: Part 2 - Using Google Cloud SDK Tools with examples.

Compute Engine DevOps

Creating GCE Instances with Knife - How to Create GCE Instances with Chef's Knife-Google plug-in.

Cloud IoT

Google Cloud IoT Core & Golang - Connecting an Omega running MQTT to Google Cloud Platform IoT Core.

App Engine

Android and App Engine with Kotlin - Developing Client and Server with Kotlin.

App Engine Java

Three tricks for working with Google App Engine - Short tips for working with Google App Engine.

App Engine

How to deploy a React application to Google Cloud using Bitbucket Pipelines - Deploying a React application to Google App Engine using Bitbucket Pipelines.

Cloud Functions Firebase Tutorial

Cloud Functions — Create, Test, Deploy - Setup, test, and continuously deploy Firebase Cloud Function.

Cloud Functions Tutorial

Deploying a Functions (serverless) app on Google Cloud - How to deploy a Functions app to Google Cloud.


BigQuery lazy data loading: DDL, DML, partitions, and half a trillion Wikipedia pageviews - Analyze a 4 terabyte dataset of Wikipedia pageviews with BigQuery.

Beginner BigQuery

What BigQuery is and isn’t? - Explore basics of BigQuery.

BigQuery Data Studio

Harnessing the power of Phish.AI, PhishTank, Google Big Query and Google Data Studio to analyze Phishing Trends - Using Big Query and Google Data Studio to analyze Phishing Trends from PhishTank which is community website collecting phishing data.

BigQuery Cloud Dataflow Dataflow GCP Experience

Traveloka’s journey to stream analytics on Google Cloud Platform - Traveloka recently migrated streaming data processing pipeline from a legacy architecture to a multi-cloud solution that includes the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) data analytics platform.

Cloud Storage Ruby

Google Cloud Storage and CORS - Dealing with CORs issue associated with Google Storage uploads.


Netflix, Long an AWS Customer, Tests Waters on Google Cloud

Slides, Videos, Audio

GCP Podcast - #123 Post-Quantum Cryptography with Nick Sullivan and Adam Langley - Pragmatic view on post-quantum cryptography and what it means to research security for the potential of quantum computing.


Building Small Containers (Kubernetes Best Practices) - How you can build small containers to make your Kubernetes deployments faster and more secure.


Google Cloud Security Forum NYC 2018


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