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From Alpha features to Generally Availability plus some acquisitions in previous week...



Compute Engine

96 vCPU Compute Engine instances are now generally available - General availability of Compute Engine machine types with 96 vCPUs and up to 624 GB of memory.

Machine Learning TPU

Cloud TPU machine learning accelerators now available in beta - Cloud TPUs are available in beta on Google Cloud Platform (GCP) to help machine learning (ML) experts train and run their ML models more quickly.

Google Kubernetes Engine

GPUs in Kubernetes Engine now available in beta - By packaging your CUDA workloads into containers, you can benefit from the massive processing power of Kubernetes Engine’s GPUs whenever you need it, without having to manage hardware or even VMs.

Google Kubernetes Engine

Get the most out of Google Kubernetes Engine with Priority and Preemption - Alpha feature called “priority and preemption” in Kubernetes 1.9 allows you to assign priorities to your workloads.

Business Cloud IoT

Google announces intent to acquire Xively - Xively (formerly known as Cosm and Pachube) is a division of LogMeIn Inc (LOGM), a global, public company that is a leading provider of essential remote services which handles over 255 million devices, users and customers across 7 datacenters worldwide.

Business Google Cloud Platform

Auth0 Joins the Google Cloud Partner Program - Auth0 has joined the Google Cloud Platform Partner Program as a technology partner, giving Google Cloud customers the ability to utilize Auth0’s feature-rich platform for all their identity and access management (IAM) needs.

Articles, Tutorials

Cloud Pub/Sub DevOps Google Kubernetes Engine

CI/CD with Less Fluff & More Awesome - Learn about building CI/CD pipeline using Keel, Cloud Builder, PubSub, Helm, GitHub, and Kubernetes.

Google Kubernetes Engine

Ingress with NGINX controller on Google Kubernetes Engine - Learn how to deploy the NGINX Ingress Controller on Google Kubernetes Engine.

Google Kubernetes Engine Kubernetes Stackdriver Tutorial

Autoscaling Deployments with Custom Metrics - This tutorial demonstrates how to automatically scale your Kubernetes Engine workloads based on custom metrics imported from Stackdriver.

Google Kubernetes Engine

Simplifying Microservices with Istio in Google Kubernetes Engine — Part III - Part 3 Of Series: Simplifying Microservices with Istio in Google Kubernetes Engine.

Java Kubernetes Tutorial

Migrating a Spring Boot service to Kubernetes in 5 steps - Step by step tutorial to migrate a Spring Boot service to Kubernetes.

Cloud Functions

Stop installing CLI tools on your build server — CLI-as-a-Function with OpenFaaS - Learn to setup CLI-as-a-Function with OpenFaaS.

BigQuery Firebase

From Firestore to BigQuery with Firebase Functions - Using Firebase functions to get data from Firestore into BigQuery.


Incremental MYSQL loads to BigQuery using Matillion - Using Matillion, an ETL to Incremental data sync from MYSQL to BigQuery.

App Engine Python

Using an in-memory hash vs. a MySQL table - Article explains resolved performance issues for message processing and MySQL server.

App Engine Cloud Datastore

Processing data in parallel from Cloud Datastore on Google Appengine - Learn about parallel processing on Cloud Datastore data from on Google Appengine.

App Engine Cloud Functions Firebase

Queued tasks on AppEngine for Firebase - Know about using Firebase Cloud Functions along with Queued tasks on AppEngine.

Cloud Functions Google Cloud Platform Serverless

Apollo GraphQL Server + Express + Google Cloud Function + Serverless Framework - Discover about deploying Apollo GraphQL and ExpressJS on Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Functions using the Serverless Framework.

Cloud Natural Language API Tutorial

Sentiment Analysis using Google Cloud Natural Language API - This tutorial walks you through Sentiment Analysis using Google Cloud Natural Language API using an analyzesentiment request, which performs sentiment analysis on text

Google Cloud Platform

Get up and running Zentral on Google Cloud Platform — Chapter 1 - Zentral is a centralized server solution to gather, process, and monitor system events to link them to an inventory. Tutorial series - Chapter 1: How to get up and running Zentral on Google Cloud.

Get up and running Zentral on Google Cloud Platform — Chapter 2 - Tutorial series - Chapter 2: How to get up and running Zentral on Google Cloud.

Google Cloud Platform

Google Cloud 101-The Gist of GCP for the Cloud Community - Google Cloud 101-The Gist of GCP for the Cloud Community.

Google Cloud Platform

Practice makes perfect: the Professional Data Engineer Practice Exam is now live - It's possible now to practice Data Engineer certification exam.

Slides, Videos, Audio

Machine Learning

GCP Podcast - #114 Machine Learning Bias and Fairness with Timnit Gebru and Margaret Mitchell


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