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Trend of cutting of prices continues. To ease pre-Christmas stress you can enjoy solving crossword or look at small everyday tips regarding Google Cloud Platform.



Google Kubernetes Engine

Cutting cluster management fees on Google Kubernetes Engine - Master node for Google Kubernetes (Container) Engine is now for free (not matter the size).

Compute Engine Docker

Introducing an easy way to deploy containers on Google Compute Engine virtual machines - Easily deploying container on Google Compute Engine is currently in Beta.

Cloud Resource Manager

Folders: a powerful tool to manage cloud resources - Folders in Cloud Resource gives the flexibility to map resources to organizational structure and enable more granular access control and configuration for those resources.


Google Cloud brings in former Intel exec Diane Bryant as COO

Articles, Tutorials

Google Kubernetes Engine Kubernetes

Precious cargo: Securing containers with Kubernetes Engine 1.8 - Article describes steps to improve security for Kubernetes Engine cluster.

Google Kubernetes Engine Kubernetes

Google Kubernetes Engine: default deployment security problems - Improving security on Google Kubernetes Engine.


Run a cross cloud Kubernetes cluster of clusters - Tutorial on how to unite the benefits from what all cloud providers have to offer and create a global Kubernetes cluster that scales worldwide.

Kubernetes Tutorial

Globally available NGINX proxy using Kubernetes federation - Description of setting up load balancing to three reverse proxies in three different regions with Kubernetes.

Google Kubernetes Engine

Deploying Apache Camel to Google Kubernetes Engine - Why and how Apache Camel is deployed on Google Kubernetes Engine.

AWS Cloud Pub/Sub Google Kubernetes Engine Kubernetes

Using Microservices and Kubernetes Pods to hide Google Pub/Sub

Compute Engine

Saving money with Preemptive VMs - For specific use cases Preemptive VMs can save significant amount of $$$.

Machine Learning

Google Cloud provides a unified, streamlined way to execute your ML strategy - How Google Cloud Platform helps companies to implement successful machine learning strategies.

Cloud Natural Language API Data Studio Tutorial

Analyzing text in a Google Sheet using Cloud Natural Language API and Apps Script - Article describes process of importing data into Google Sheets and using Apps Script and Cloud Natural API and visualize results in Data Studio.


Using Apache Spark with TensorFlow on Google Cloud Platform - Two code samples: first example is using Spark to generate TFRecords, the recommended TensorFlow format, second examples is using Spark to preprocess the data and generate artifacts for the Tensorflow graph.

Machine Learning TensorFlow Tutorial

Getting Started with TensorFlow: A Machine Learning Tutorial - Article describes how to start with Tensorflow as well as code samples for some algorithms.


Separation of storage and compute in BigQuery - In depth description of how BigQuery works.


How to take control of your BigQuery costs - Tips and tricks how to control costs when using BigQuery.

Apache Beam BigQuery

Japanese tokenizer for BigQuery in Apache Beam - Approach to analyze Japanese text on BigQuery.

GCP Experience

Goodbye Google Cloud, Hello Digital Ocean! - Sometimes Google Cloud Platform is not the best option, based on individual needs. Description of situation and what led to migrating off Google Cloud Platform.


Hybrid Networking Options on Google Cloud - Comparison of various networking options Google Cloud Platform provides for connecting an Enterprise data center to Google Cloud Platform.

Cloud Functions

Building a REST API with Google Cloud Functions - Description of experience using Google Cloud Functions.


Fearless shared postmortems — CRE life lessons - Article discusses benefits and complications of external (outside of company) postmortems.


Bash hacks gcloud, kubectl, jq etc. - An emporium of bash tricks for optimizing these CLIs.


Google Cloud Architecture for the Impatient | Part III - Description of Google Cloud Platform container options for applications.


Artifact Repository Management at TA - Article describes how Travel Agency company does artifact repository management on top of Google Cloud Platform technologies.


Firebase: The Server-side Story - Deep dive into Firebase Admin SDK.


Picking Event Store for Merqio Store NG pt. 3— Google Firebase - Calculating expenses for Cloud Firestore in the process of selecting database option.

Firebase GCP Experience

Firebase — Review for Indie App Developers - Overview and experience using Firebase (in India).

Google Cloud Platform

GCP festive fun — a Crossword for xmas - Fun and original crossword with questions related to Google Cloud Platform.

Google Cloud Platform

Gcloud Tips - New website with daily tips regarding stuff about Google Cloud Platform products. Also on Twitter @gcptips.

Slides, Videos, Audio

Google Cloud Platform

Eficiency and Low Cost: Pro Tips for you to save 50% of your money with Google Cloud


GCP Podcast - #105 Node.js with Myles Borins


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