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Cloud Speech API

Cloud Speech API improves longform audio recognition and adds 30 new language variants - Exciting improvements for Cloud Speech API like transcribing up to 3 hours of single audio file, time stamps for each word

Articles, Tutorials

Cloud ML TensorFlow

Distributed TensorFlow and the hidden layers of engineering work - or why is better and more efficient to use Cloud ML Engine then setup on your own infrastructure to train TensforFlow models

BigQuery Cloud Storage

How to analyze Fastly real-time streaming logs with BigQuery - Fastly offers cloud, content delivery and now logs from Fastly can be streamed to Google Cloud Storage or BigQuery

Big Data Cloud Dataproc

Easier integration with Apache Spark and Hadoop via Google Cloud Dataproc Job IDs and Labels - Best practices to use Job IDs and labels

BigQuery Cloud Dataflow Cloud Pub/Sub

How we saved over $240K per year by replacing Mixpanel with BigQuery, Dataflow & Kubernetes - Description how to use Google Cloud Platform Products to replace Mixpanel (Analytics for web / mobile)


BigQuery: Required Reading List - Tino Tereshko from Google put list of articles regarding BigQuery


How was Game Of Thrones S07 E05? Tweet Analysis with Kafka, BigQuery and Tableau - Analyzing data from Twitter regarding Game of Thrones using Tableau and BigQuery

Cloud Functions

How to build a conversational app using Cloud Machine Learning APIs, Part 2

App Engine Cloud Storage

Uploading multiple files to Google Cloud Storage from Browser - Performing efficient upload from browser to Google Cloud Storage

App Engine

App Engine Search API Quotastrophe - Not everything on Google Cloud Platform is smooth. In this article issue with Search API on Google App Engine is described

GPU TensorFlow

Launch a GPU-backed Google Compute Engine instance and setup Tensorflow, Keras and Jupyter - Article goes through setting up GPUs on Compute Engine and use TensorFlow and Jupyter


Why I love Firebase️ (and what is Firebase) - Description on Firebase Services

Cloud SQL Java

Google Cloud SQL — 4 ways (Spring) - Accessing Google Cloud SQL databases with Spring

Cloud SQL Go

Google Cloud SQL — 6 ways (Golang) - Examples of how to connect to Cloud SQL databases with Golang


HTTPS with Let’s Encrypt and kube-lego - Setting Let'sEncrypt (SSL certificate) on Kubernetes

Business Cloud ML Machine Learning TensorFlow

How Aucnet leveraged TensorFlow to transform their IT engineers into machine learning engineers - KonPeki built real-time car image recognition system, using TensorFlow and Cloud Machine Learning Engine

Cloud Vision API

Bring image labeling and OCR capabilities to your apps with Box Platform - Box (File Sharing and Collaboration service) is using Google Cloud Vision API in their products

Business Cloud Storage Google Cloud Platform

Google Cloud Platform Gaining Data Storage Momentum - Google Cloud Platform storage offerings becomes key part for other companies products

AWS Business Google Cloud Platform

Going Multi-Cloud with AWS and GCP: Lessons Learned at Scale - Description of experience and comparison using both AWS and Google Cloud Platform products

AWS Google Cloud Platform

The cloud portfolio effect - Reflections on number of products/offerings from big 3 cloud vendors

Slides, Videos, Audio

GCP Podcast - #90 OCTO with Greg DeMichillie


Utah Kerbernets Meetup with Ray Tsang from Google

Cloud Deployment Manager

GCP Cloud Deployment Manager Walkthrough

Apache beam and google cloud dataflow - Pycon Israel 2017


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