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Introducing Transfer Appliance: Sneakernet for the cloud era - Shipping data to Google by post is faster than to upload via internet to the Cloud Platform

Extending Redis Cloud support to new Google Cloud Platforms regions - Managed Redis (database-as-a-service) is now available in following GCP regions: Eastern US (us-east1), Central US (us-central1) and Northeast Asia (asia-northeast1)

Announcing Managed Google Cloud Platform by Rackspace - Rackspace is first official managed services support partner for Google Cloud Platform

How we’re collaborating with Citrix to deliver cloud-based desktop apps - In this cooperation, Google will bring highly scalable and reliable infrastructure, a global network to reach customers and employees wherever they may be, and a team of security engineers who work to keep Google Cloud customers secure. Citrix will bring the application management, backup and redundancy from XenApp, its desktop virtualization suite, and application delivery with Netscaler


TCP BBR congestion control comes to GCP – your Internet just got faster - Google (Cloud Platform) now features a cutting-edge new congestion control algorithm, TCP BBR, which achieves higher bandwidths and lower latencies for internet traffic.

Articles, Tutorials

Cloud Spanner

How to get started with Cloud Spanner in 5 minutes - How to create Google Cloud Spanner instance in few lines of shell


Help keep your Google Cloud service account keys safe - Tips about how to handle secrets / service accounts

GPU TensorFlow

Using a GPU & TensorFlow on Google Cloud Platform - Tutorial about how to setup GPU instances and run on them Tensorflow models

Machine Learning Python

How to run any ML package on GCP | The Models - Running Jupyter, Keras or PyTorch on Google Cloud Platform


Jupyter Notebook on GCP for Pythoners - Step by step tutorial about how to create Google Compute Engine VM and install and use Jupyter

Cloud Pub/Sub Java

Getting started with Google Cloud PubSub using java client — Non Google App Engine deployment - Setting PubSub and use it Java code

Compute Engine

Core count and the Egress problem - How number of virtual cores in Google Compute Engine VM affects network egress limit

Compute Engine

Compute Engine — identifying your disks - Quick tip how to use device-name field when attaching disk to VM to have clearer preview


Google Firebase Phone SMS Authentication API: Should you implement in your next mobile or web app, is it secured? - Phone authentication api which enables mobile and web application register/signup users via code sent on their mobile devices.


Updating and deleting from your Firebase Database - Basic examples how to use Firebase NoSQL Database

Cloud Vision API Firebase

Ionic 3 + Google Cloud Vision + Firebase - Creating Ionic 3 mobile app that will allow the user to take a photo of something, label it using Google Cloud Vision, and save the image and labels to a Firebase realtime database.


Once upon a time, there is a Firebase… - Hosting static webpages in Firebase


Real World App - Part 13: Elasticsearch on Google Cloud with Firebase functions - Setup ElasticSearch on Google Cloud Platform and using in Firebase

Google Kubernetes Engine Ruby

Deploying a Rails application to Google Container Engine with Kubernetes - Description of first time experience with deployment Ruby on Rails app on Google Container Engine

Cloud Vision API

Leveraging Google Cloud for building a serverless image tagging service — part 1 — Google Cloud Vision API - How to start with Google Cloud Vision API


Google Cloud Platform for Data Scientists: Using R with Google BigQuery, Part 2 (storing and retrieving data frames) - How to create an R data frame and stash it in BigQuery and then access that data frame later from the BigQuery web interface and RStudio.

Google Cloud Platform

Google Cloud Architect Exam Study Materials - List of web resources to use for Google Cloud Architect examination

Big Data

Moving Thumbtack’s data infrastructure to Google Cloud Platform - Moving data from PostgreSQL and MongoDB to Google Cloud Dataproc and BigQuery

Business Compute Engine

Using GCP for massive drug discovery virtual screening - Silicon Therapeutics is company, which is applying computational methods in the context of complex biochemical problems relevant in human biology on Google Cloud Platform

Business Google Cloud Platform

Google not Amazon. Make fantastic savings in a server-less world - Insights about Google Cloud Platform and what company can get when it moves it's infrastructure to cloud


Independent for two years, Kubernetes is at the center of the cloud — and now comes the hard part - Reflections on two years as Kubernetes is open sourced

App Engine

Let’s Encrypt and Google App Engine in 2017 - Setting LetsEncrypt for Google App Engine

Docker Kubernetes Python

Deploy Python Application to Google Cloud with Docker and Kubernetes - Deploying Python Flask web app on Google Container Engine

Slides, Videos, Audio


Kubernetes Best Practices

Google Cloud Platform

GCP Podcast - #86 Broad Institute and Platinum Customers with Lukas Karlsson and Mike Altarace discuss the Platinum Customer relationship with Google Cloud Platform.


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