Welcome to issue #41 July 10th, 2017

In this issue no special news but still there are interesting articles.


Articles, Tutorials

App Engine Compute Engine Google Kubernetes Engine

Choosing the right compute option in GCP: a decision tree - Using decision tree to choose right compute product on Google Cloud Platform

Virtual Private Cloud

Reimagining virtual private clouds - Some aspects of Virtual Private Clouds (VPN) on Google Cloud Platform


Making the most of an SRE service takeover - CRE life lessons - In Part 2 of this blog post we explained what an SRE team would want to learn about a service angling for SRE support, and what kind of improvements they want to see in the service before considering it for take-over. And in Part 1, we looked at why an SRE team would or wouldn’t choose to onboard a new application. Now, let’s look at what happens once the SREs agree to take on the pager.

Cloud Bigtable

How we moved our Historical Stats from MySQL to Bigtable with zero downtime

Cloud Spanner

Google's Cloud Spanner: how does it stack up?


Counting uniques faster in BigQuery with HyperLogLog++

Cloud Dataflow

After Lambda: Exactly-once processing in Cloud Dataflow, Part 3 (sources and sinks)

Google Cloud Platform

A First Look at Google Cloud Platform

Compute Engine GPU TensorFlow

Jupyter + Tensorflow + Nvidia GPU + Docker + Google Compute Engine

Google Cloud Load Balancer Setup Tweaking and Observations

Cloud Bigtable

You probably shouldn’t use DynamoDB - ... but Bigtable

Google Cloud Platform

You have $700 GCP Credit … Now What?

Cloud ML TensorFlow

How to do text classification with CNNs, TensorFlow and word embedding


Tools to profile networking performance

Slides, Videos, Audio

Automating crowdsourced video creation with Google Cloud Platform and Machine Learning APIs

Getting Started Quickly with Machine Learning on Google Cloud Platform - Hotdog or No Hotdog?


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