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Google Cloud Platform

Google Cloud Platform expands to Australia with new Sydney region - open now

The SAP-Google data custodian partnership

Articles, Tutorials

Big Data BigQuery

GCE BigQuery vs AWS Redshift vs AWS Athena - Basic comparison on data loading and simple queries between Google BigQuery and Amazon Redshift and its cousin Athena.

App Engine Stackdriver

Custom tracing in Profiling GAE using the Stackdriver API - Implementing Stackdriver tracer in Google App Engine application

.NET App Engine

Adding Social Login to your .NET App Engine Application - Using Facebook login with Flexible Google App Engine in .NET application

Business Compute Engine

Google Compute Engine ranked #1 in price-performance by Cloud Spectator - Cloud Spectator, an independent benchmarking and consulting agency, has released a new comparative benchmarking study that ranks Google Cloud #1 for price-performance and block storage performance against AWS, Microsoft Azure and IBM SoftLayer.


Google Cloud Platform: Reducing operation costs of an IoT application - Improving architecture of existing IoT application on Google Cloud Platform

Big Data BigQuery

The Google Data WareCity - Interesting and unique aspects of BigQuery’s data sharing capability

Cloud Functions

Hot URL mapping using cloud functions - Connecting custom urls with cloud functions


Why should your app get SRE support? - CRE life lessons - Practical tips how to organize Site Reliability Engineering team

Google Cloud Platform

Google Cloud Next 2017 Amsterdam - Report from Cloud Next in Amsterdam

Cloud Spanner

Cloud database technology can no longer be ignored in financial services - Article about how Google Cloud Platform offers products and services which can be used by financial institutions

Business Google Cloud Platform

Story of a successful migration to Google Cloud Platform - MeilleursAgents is a real estate platform which provides high quality information on the french real estate market, recently migrated to Google Cloud Platform


5 Strong reasons about why we moved on to GCP


Go Big or Go Home - Chip manufacturing and it's impact on Cloud business

Slides, Videos, Audio

GCP Podcast - Prometheus with Julius Volz

Using BOSH to Deploy Concourse onto Google Cloud Platform

Cloud Spanner

Build an Application at Google Scale with Spanner, Cloud Foundry, and Google Cloud Platform


Firebase and Beyond: Mobile backends on Google Cloud Platform


Deploying Kubernetes with Cloud Foundry and BOSH


RedisConf17 - Redis Flash in Google Cloud with Kubernetes


Enhance your ASP.NET Application with Google Cloud


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