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App Engine

App Engine users, now you can configure custom domains from the API or CLI - It's possible now to manage custom domains and certificates with Admin API and gcloud command line tool

Cloud Dataflow

Cloud Dataflow 2.0 SDK goes GA - In new release better handling of large BigQuery Sinks, the ability to write streaming data to text or Apache Avro files on Cloud Storage, allowing writing into multiple BigQuery tables based on incoming user data and more

Virtual Private Cloud

Getting started with Shared VPC - VPC stands for Virtual Private Cloud and it provides single shared network and corresponding networking resources for multiple GCP projects across Cloud Organization.


Spinnaker 1.0: a continuous delivery platform for cloud - Spinnaker is an open source, multi-cloud continuous delivery platform for releasing software changes with high velocity and confidence created by Netflix

Google Cloud Platform

Announcing Google Cloud Platform Cost Control with ParkMyCloud - ParkMyCloud is a simple, single-purpose SaaS tool that connects to Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and enables users to automatically schedule on/off times for their idle compute resources


Google + OpenAQ Team Up to Make Global Air Quality Data Easier to Access - Globally-aggregated data of air quality has now been added to the Google Cloud BigQuery Public Datasets program. For example, OpenAQ-aggregated data can be accessed, visualized and explored through Google Data Studio, or directly using Google

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Articles, Tutorials

Google Kubernetes Engine

Solutions guide: Preparing Container Engine environments for production - Steps to do when migrating to Google Container Engine

Google Kubernetes Engine

GKE startup time & the container problem - Few tips about how to speed up containers startup in Google Container Engine

Container Builder

Introduction to Google Container Builder - Step by step tutorial about how to build Docker images with Container Builder

Google Kubernetes Engine

Error syncing pod, skipping: timeout expired waiting for volumes to attach - This can happen when you don't format hard disks before attachment.

Google Kubernetes Engine Kubernetes

From Zero to Hero — Run parse-server on google cloud platform part 3— Automatically obtain lets encrypt certificate for google container engine deployment - another post in series, this time about how to automatically obtain a secure certificate for your parse-server instance via lets encrypt api and connect a custom domain (or sub-domain) to your parse-server API endpoint.

Google Kubernetes Engine Kubernetes

MooCow — Rancher on GCP - Overiew of how to deploy Rancher (container management platform) on Google Cloud Platform

BigQuery Cloud Pub/Sub

Infinite backup for Cloud Pub/Sub - Storing streaming data into BigQuery via Pub/Sub


Analyzing Django requirement files on Gi - Getting insights about how Django is used in open source projects by analyzing Github data with BigQuery


Analyzing Google Cloud Billing Data with Big Query - Step by step example with sample queries regarding costs analysis for Google Cloud Platform products and services with BigQuery


Google BigQuery, Large Table Joins and How Nested, Repeated Values and the Capacitor Storage Format (and Looker) Saves the Day - Example from BigQuery public data sets about how to structure data (by nesting) for efficient querying

Compute Engine

Baking with Packer in Google Cloud - Creating Packer images for Google Cloud Platform

Cloud Dataproc

Fastest track to Apache Hadoop and Spark success: using job-scoped clusters on cloud-native architecture

App Engine

AppScale: The Multicloud Solution - With Appscale it's possible to host Google App Engine applications outside of Google Cloud Platform

App Engine

Save 400$ and run/debug local App Engine w/ IntelliJ Community - How to debug Maven Java Google App Engine applications locally

App Engine

The Obligatory AppEngine Post-Mortem - Experience with using Google App Engine

Cloud Dataflow

Correlating Thousands of Financial Time Series Streams in Real Time - Build a near real-time analytics system that can scale from a few simultaneous data streams to thousands of simultaneous data streams of financial instruments with zero change, administration, or infrastructure work

Compute Engine Docker GPU TensorFlow

Jupyter + Tensorflow + Nvidia GPU + Docker + Google Compute Engine - Running Jupiter notebooks with GPUs and Docker

Cloud Vision API

Cloud Vision API — How we became 80% more efficient? - Detecting users licence with Cloud Vision API

BigQuery Business

Think Economics -- Not Features -- When Evaluating Big Data Value - Using BigQuery instead Hadoop should save $$$ in long term


Price and performance: Why Carousell chose Google Cloud over AWS - “We did a server to server comparison for both cost and performance and found that Google presented us with a more affordable offering overall"

AWS Business Google Cloud Platform

Google Cloud Platform Vs. Amazon Web Services - Some reasons why Bugfender moved from AWS to GCP

Slides, Videos, Audio

GCP Podcast - #80 Spinnaker with Steven Kim and Christopher Sanson


IoT at Google Cloud - Global IoT Devfest With The Best 2017


BigQuery, Looker And Big Data Analytics At Petabyte-Scale


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