Welcome to issue #34 May 22nd, 2017

Last week annual Google IO conference for developers was held. Among many news, Tensor Processing Units for Cloud was introduced. Also in content more examples of how to use Google Cloud Functions and few videos from Google IO related to Google Cloud Platform



Machine Learning TPU

Build and train machine learning models on our new Google Cloud TPUs - Announced on Google IO 2017, Tensor Processing Units (TPUs) which is designed to be used for deep learning tasks, will be available as part of Google Cloud Platform

Cloud Spanner

Cloud Spanner is now production-ready; let the migrations begin!

Cloud IoT

Introducing Google Cloud IoT Core: for securely connecting and managing IoT devices at scale - Cloud IoT Core makes it easy for you to securely connect your globally distributed devices to GCP, centrally manage them and build rich applications by integrating with our data analytics services.

Cloud Dataflow

Apache Beam publishes the first stable release - Apache Beam (open source project for unified programming model to define and execute data processing pipelines, including ETL, batch and stream (continuous) processing based on Dataflow) made it's first stable release since incubating into Apache Organization

Google Cloud Platform

SAP + Google Cloud = Intelligent App Challenge - To spur innovation, SAP and Google Cloud invite members of the SAP and Google Cloud partner ecosystems to show the world how you use SAP HANA, express edition, on Google Cloud Platform to create the next generation of powerful, intelligent apps for the enterprise.

Articles, Tutorials

BigQuery Cloud Storage

How to do serverless pixel tracking with GCP - One way to understand user behavior is by using pixels, small 1x1 transparent images embedded into the web property. When loaded, the pixel calls a web server that records the request parameters passed in the URL that can be processed later.

Cloud SDK

Configuring Google Cloud SDK for multiple projects - How to setup and switch between multiple cloud projects with gcloud

Cloud Functions

Quickly deploy your same Google Cloud Functions to AWS using Serverless framework. - Comparison of Google Cloud Functions and AWS Lambda and how to migrate from Cloud Functions to Lambda


Firebase Costs Increased by 7,000%! - Unpleasant experience of big jump for Firebase costs, situation still being solved

Google Cloud Platform Kubernetes

From Zero to Hero — run parse-server on Google Cloud Platform Part 0 — Introduction - Three part of articles about how to setup and deploy Parse server with Mongo DB on Kubernetes

Google Cloud Platform

From Zero to Hero — run parse-server on Google Cloud Platform Part 1— Run parse-server and MongoDB locally with docker-compose

Google Cloud Platform

From Zero to Hero — Run parse-server on google cloud platform part 2 — Deploy and run parse-server on Google Container Engine

Cloud Functions

Creating a MongoDB CRUD backend on Google Cloud Functions. - Tutorial about how to setup and deploy Google Cloud Functions to work with MongoDB

Cloud Functions

Google Cloud Functions, follow up. - Follow up of previous article about Cloud Functions

Cloud Natural Language API Go

Using Google Cloud Spanner to measure social media influence over stock market - Simple application which takes data from Twitter, analyze through Cloud Natural Language API and stores in Cloud Spanner written in Golang

Compute Engine

Understanding and Profiling GCE cold-boot time - In depth explanation of Google Compute Engine instance boot time, what has effect and what not

Cloud Pub/Sub

Setup an MVP for google’s pub/sub in 2 mins - Walk through how to setup Pub/Sub, publish and receive messages


New healthcare and population datasets now available in Google BigQuery - RxNorm provides normalized names for clinical drugs and links its names to many of the drug vocabularies commonly used in pharmacy management and drug interaction software.

Google Cloud Platform

An open-source web platform for the new President of France - Web Platform for new French President run on Google Cloud Platform, in article is described technical overview


Kubernetes: a monitoring guide - In depth dive into Kubernetes monitoring


Kubernetes Your Tests! Automation With Docker on Google Cloud — GCP - How to build a large scale automated testing platform by leveraging containers orchestration over Google Cloud Platform, with the ability to scale out and provide fast feedback while maintaining a highly reliable test infrastructure.


What are Quality of Service (QoS) Classes in Kubernetes

Slides, Videos, Audio

Machine Learning

GCP Podcast - Basecamp Networks uses Machine Learning to diagnose easily what kind of sickness or parasite a crop might be suffering. They’re powered by Google Cloud Platform


Data Pipelines with Firebase and Google Cloud

Cloud Spanner

Cloud Spanner 101: Google's Mission-Critical Relational Database

Google Cloud Platform

Navigating Google Cloud Platform: A Guide for new GCP Users

Machine Learning

Machine Learning APIs by Example

Cloud Functions Firebase

Supercharging Firebase Apps with Machine Learning and Cloud Functions


Scaling TensorFlow Models for Training using multi-GPUs & Google Cloud ML

Google Kubernetes Engine

Container Engine: Storage Classes & Dynamic Provisioning in Kubernetes

Cloud IoT

What’s New in Google’s IoT Platform? Ubiquitous Computing at Google


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