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Infrastructure, Networking, Security, Kubernetes

Network Connectivity Center Networking

Securing Applications in GCP with Palo Alto VM-Series Firewall - Integrating Palo Alto Network with Google Cloud Network Connectivity Center.

Infrastructure Networking VPC

Master GCP Networking and VPC: The Ultimate Guide for Cloud Engineers - Basic overview of Setting Virtual Private cloud on Google Cloud.

Networking Security

Optimizing Firewall rules with Firewall Insights - This article explains how to set and use Firewall insights.

Cloud CDN Terraform Tutorial

Create and serve HLS video content to your app with Google Cloud CDN - This tutorial explains how to create HLS video streams from raw media files and stream them to a Flutter mobile application.

App Development, Serverless, Databases, DevOps


Configuring mTLS for Apigee X Southbound Traffic Flow - This blog post will discuss how to configure mTLS for southbound requests in Apigee X.

Cloud Firestore Firebase

Part 1: 10 tips for optimizing your Firestore database - A well-designed data structure can improve performance, reduce the amount of data you need to store and retrieve.

Cloud Firestore Cloud Functions Firebase

Part 2: 10 tips for optimizing your Firestore database - Several tips for optimizing your Firestore database and improving the performance of your application.

Cloud Firestore Firebase

Firestore query limitations and how to work around them - In this blog post, you will have an overview of Firestore query capabilities and the importance of understanding query limitations.

Cloud Run Javascript Terraform

React Components to PDF API with Cloud Run and Terraform - Implementing React component that uploads file to Cloud Storage via Cloud Run.

Big Data, Analytics, ML&AI

BigQuery CI Cloud Build dbt

Simple CI/CD pipeline for running dbt on Google Cloud Platform - Step by step tutorial to set CI/CD pipeline for dbt on Google Cloud.


Data Governance with Dataplex — A sneak peak into the latest launches - Recent Dataplex improvements with examples.

Cloud Data Fusion

Google Cloud Data Fusion — Enterprise Configuration Part 1 - An overview of creating and setting Data Fusion instance.

Cloud Data Fusion

Google Cloud Data Fusion — Enterprise Configuration Part 2 - Improving security for Data Fusion instance.

BigQuery Cloud Healthcare Cloud Healthcare API

FHIR Data Ingestion using GCP’s Cloud Healthcare API(Part -1) - Exploring how FHIR data ingestion and analytics can be performed on GCP using Healthcare API and BigQuery.


Data Lineage in BigQuery - BigQuery now introduces a Lineage tab in the console (as a preview feature) which lets you how your data moves and transforms through BigQuery.


Data pipelines with BigQuery routines - How using routines and procedural language to build data pipelines in BigQuery.


How to do RFM Segmentation With SQL and Google BigQuery - An introduction to the Basics of Customer Segmentation Analysis.

BigQuery Data Science

Random Sampling Tips for Google BigQuery - Examples of how to get data samples in BigQuery.

BigQuery Python

Auto-Generate BigQuery Schema from a Pandas DataFrame - Save yourself time and headaches creating BigQuery schemas from your DataFrame with this one simple function.

BigQuery Machine Learning

Targeting High Value Customers with BQML and Functions in 20 Minutes - Analyzing e-commerce data from Google Merchandise Stores' Analytics property.


GCP Certification

Passing and Failing Google Cloud Certification Exams - Sharing experience of taking 18 Google Cloud certification exams.

GCP Certification

Google Cloud Professional Database Engineer prep sheet - Google Cloud Professional Cloud Database Engineer prep sheet.

GCP Certification

Best of 2022! - Top Qwiklabs in 2022.


Google Cloud Armor - The rule signature 942550-sqli, which covers the vulnerability in which malicious attackers can bypass WAF by appending JSON syntax to SQL injection payloads, is now available.

Cloud Build - Users can now customize email, BigQuery, and webhook-based notifications using notifier templates.

Dataflow - Starting with Beam SDK version 2.44.0, Dataflow will not support running Dataflow jobs with workers in a region that is different from the Dataflow regional endpoint.

Dialogflow - Dialogflow CX now supports the MATCH system function.

Cloud Data Loss Prevention - The current default PERSON_NAME infoType detection model, which is accessible when InfoType.version is set to latest or stable, is now also used when InfoType.version is set to legacy.

Cloud SQL MySQL - The changes listed in the December 20 release notes entry for the lower_case_table_names flag for MySQL 8.0 have been postponed.


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