Welcome to issue #30 April 24th, 2017

In this week's issue again bunch of articles regarding BigQuery and also lots of videos.



Cloud Speech API

Cloud Speech API is now generally available - Google Cloud Speech API converts audio to text for over 80 languages. Now generally available

Articles, Tutorials


Cloud Identity-Aware Proxy: Protect application access on the cloud - Cloud Identity-Aware Proxy controls access to cloud applications running on Google Cloud Platform by verifying a user's identity and determining whether that user is allowed to access the application


Getting started with Cloud Identity-Aware Proxy - More in depth explanation of how Cloud Identity-Aware Proxy works


Using Terraform to manage Google Cloud Platform infrastructure as code - Terraform is a tool for building, changing, and versioning infrastructure safely and efficiently

Go Stackdriver

Distributed tracing for Go - How Google is using distributed tracing and how Google Cloud Customers can use custom tracing in Go

App Engine

App Engine and the connection confusion problem. - Interesting article describing how connection speed affects Tracing logs


Why You Should Check Out BigQuery for Big Data - It's fast, it's easy, it's cheap, it's growing


Microservice Usage Logging with Openresty and Google BigQuery - Capturing number of transferred bytes in Nginx with Lua and storing data in BigQuery


BigQuery — one store to rule them all - Description of BigQuery experience.


DNA Sequencing of 1000 Cannabis Strains publicly available in Google BigQuery - Applying standard bioinformatics analyses to newly sequenced Cannabis strains via Google BigQuery

Cloud Natural Language API

How people talk about marijuana on Reddit: a natural language analysis - Analyzing Reddit's data from BigQuery with Natural Language API


Investigating Global Temperature Trends with BigQuery and Tableau - Digging through public database of climate observations with BigQuery and displaying with Tableau


Whispers from the other side of the globe with BigQuery - Analyzing radio data with BigQuery

Cloud Dataflow Machine Learning TensorFlow

How to use Google Cloud Dataflow with TensorFlow for batch predictive analysis - Code example in Python for complete processing pipeline for Tensorflow with Dataflow


Solutions guide: How to secure rendering workloads on GCP - In Videos section, there is video presentation included.

Compute Engine

220,000 cores and counting: MIT math professor breaks record for largest ever Compute Engine job - Biggest job (in terms of number of cores) done in the cloud

Google Kubernetes Engine Kubernetes

Supercharging container pipelines with Codefresh and Google Cloud - Codefresh is a Docker-native CI/CD platform, now adding possibility to deploy applications to Google Container Engine


Formatting Python Logs for Stackdriver - Tutorial about how to setup logging in Python code so it's pretty formatted in Stackdriver

Cloud Functions Firebase

Startups now Cronjob your Google Firebase functions securely and externally without paying for cloud servers - Using Cron with Firebase (and Cloud Functions)

Cloud Vision API

Zines vs. Google Vision API — Part 1: Process - Analyzing Zines with Google Cloud Vision API and checking result

Cloud SQL Google Kubernetes Engine Kubernetes

Wordpress application in GKE (kubernetes) using Cloud SQL as database - Tutorial about how to setup Worpress cluster running on Kubernetes and Google Cloud SQL

Slides, Videos, Audio

GCP Podcast - #73 Cloud Functions with Bret McGowen

Creating best-in-class storage solutions with Google Cloud

Compute Engine

Building high-performance, scalable VM environments with Google Compute Engine

App Engine

Developing apps that scale automatically with Google App Engine


Analyzing Big Data in less time with Google BigQuery

Machine Learning

Adding Machine Learning to your applications

App Engine

App Engine and the Connection Confusion Problem


Developing a Sentiment Analyser with TensorFlow and Google Cloud NLP


Debugging Java in Production on Google Cloud

Compute Engine

Supercharge performance using GPUs in the cloud


Securing Content in the Cloud


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