Welcome to issue #27 April 3rd, 2017

Even Google Cloud Platform is not immune for 1st April jokes. Besides that Cloud Functions and FIrebase looks like a great match based on articles written and lots of different things



Google Cloud Platform expands to Mars - First April Joke

App Engine

Google App Engine flexible environment now available from europe-west region - Following announcement in March of Google App Engine Flexible as Generally Available, GAE Flex is available in Europe


Kubernetes 1.6 is released - Many exciting features, in more detail explained in Five Days of Kubernetes 1.6

Articles, Tutorials


How release canaries can save your bacon - CRE life lessons - Description of release process using canary (gradual) release from Site Reliability Engineering team

Cloud Storage Windows

Solution guide: backing up Windows files using CloudBerry Backup with Google Cloud Storage - Backing up files from Windows server to Google Cloud Storage with CloudBerry

Cloud Storage

Solution guide: Archive your cold data to Google Cloud Storage with Komprise - Company Komprise provides software that analyzes data across NFS and SMB/CIFS storage to identify inactive/cold data, and moves the data transparently to Cloud Storage, which can help to cut costs significantly

Compute Engine

Optimizing costs for Google Cloud Platform — Part 1 - One possibility to reduce costs for VMs is to either use custom or preemptible machine types

Cloud Functions Firebase

Cloud Functions for Firebase - Overview of using Cloud Function in Firebase


Use Firebase Database Triggers to Delete Orphan Data - With Cloud Functions


Closer look at Firebase set versus update - Analyzing how set and update on object behaves


The 50 Top Kubernetes Influencers - List of Kubernetes influencers based on Twitter followers

Compute Engine TensorFlow

Containerized Jupyter notebooks on GPU on Google Cloud - Step by step tutorial about how to set up Jupyter on GPU / GCE instances using Docker

Cloud Functions

Getting Started with Google Cloud Functions - Using Cloud Functions to fetch data from Twitter

App Engine

Building a Serverless Go App on Google Cloud - Deploying Go app on Google App Engine Flexible

Evolution of a DBA in the cloud world - Google Cloud Platform from Database Administrator point of view

Cloud Dataflow

Cloud Dataflow and large beam windows - Does Dataflow handles windows lasting several days?


How to do time series prediction using RNNs and TensorFlow and Cloud ML Engine


Exploring 1.5 Billion NYC Taxi/Uber rides with LL Notebook and BigQuery - Nice visualizations of New York City taxi rides with BigQuery and LiquidLandscape


Using Google’s BigQuery to Better Understand the Python Ecosystem - Analyzing Github data about Python with BigQuery


How Ocado moved its databases to the cloud - "Since adopting the Google Cloud Platform, we’ve reduced storage costs to a tenth, increased our storage capacity over twenty times and improved performance by hundreds of times compared to our previous approach of hosting data on-premise" that's conclusion from Ocado

Analyzing customer feedback using machine learning - Wootric is a customer feedback management platform which analyses customer feedback via Natural Language API

Machine Learning TensorFlow

Using machine learning for insurance pricing optimization - AXA is using Tensorflow to better predict accidents with large payouts

Google Cloud Dataflow example project

Slides, Videos, Audio

GCP Podcast - #70 Drone CI with Brad Rydzewksi and Jessie Frazelle


How to set up Tensorflow and DeepDream on a free Google Cloud Instance

Cloud Spanner

Basic Cloud Spanner Setup for a Java App Engine Project


Resilient microservices with Kubernetes

Cloud Functions Firebase

IoT Google Cloud Functions with Firebase


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